Christmas Party Pre-lewd

by The Jaded Entity

artwork by callmeplisskin

Mistletoe tradition does not specify kiss placement…

My good friend Jaded Entity surprised me on my birthday with a lovely story of Millie and Alynnya springing a little suprise on Evie before their Christmas party…then he partnered with CallMePlissken to pair some artwork with it!

Enjoy it here: Christmas Pre-lewd

And remember: Mistletoe tradition does not specify kiss placement…

Howling at the Moon – Chapter 5: Induction

artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynnya submits herself to a long and arduous initiation process to join The Order of the Red Rose

Here’s the latest chapter from the latest collaboration between me and CallMePlissken!

Chapter 5: Induction is here!

In chapter 5, Alynnya submits herself to Marcus and the senior council of The Order, and wears a symbol of her pledge of obedience.

Chapter 1: A Noble Mission is here!

Chapter 2: Infiltrating The Order is here!

Chapter 3: The Interview is here!

Chapter 4: Introductions is here!

Two page plot teaser is here:


Etched in Memory

NOTE:  This is ‘part 2’ of a tale started by my good friend Wyland, strongly recommend you read PART 1 HERE first!

The pub remained quiet for a moment as the ranger and her two gnome friends fell face-first onto their table.  Then the place exploded with applause and laughter.  The bartender turned to a chalkboard and added three new hash-marks to the twenty-some that were already there.

A few moments later, three curious young locals stood and wandered over to their table, looks on their faces that indicated nefarious thoughts were overpowering whatever self-restraint they had in their feeble minds.  Each moved behind one of the slumped figures, prepared to grab or grope or whatever other ill-intentioned impulses they were following.

Suddenly a throwing knife sailed between two of them and embedded itself in the tabletop between the heads of the comatose cuties.

The three turned in the direction of its origin, to see a beautiful curvy blonde with another throwing knife in a lifted arm, poised to be launched.  Beside her was an equally beautiful yet somehow curvier blonde with a nocked arrow drawn and ready to let fly.

“The way you’re aiming that arrow,” the first blonde said to the other, loudly enough for the men to hear, “you’re going to miss his heart and hit him in the crotch.”

“Is there a reason you’re stating the obvious?” the second replied.

The three men, their courage coming more from their drinks than their nature, slowly backed away and sat down.  They chose to remain focused on studying the insides of their ale mugs.

The two blonde women made their way to their friends’ table.  “This was an utterly predictable outcome,”  sighed the archer as she slung her bow.

“And yet, would any of them have acted differently if we had warned them?” the other grinned.

“You get the gnomes, I’ll get Aly.”

“I got the gnomes last time.  And Tia snarls in her sleep.”

“Ok, but if Aly pukes down your back, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Upstairs, in a rented room of the inn, the blonde women looked down on the sleeping trio.  They had gently laid them side by side in the double bed so they could sleep off what was sure to be a very painful morning.

“They look so cute and peaceful like that, don’t they?” the archer asked.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That they needlessly put themselves in danger without backup, and yet, other than an epic hangover, they’ll not learn anything from it?” replied her blue-eyed companion.

“Not in so many words,” the green-eyed beauty replied.  “Seriously, why so many words?  Who the hell writes your dialogue?”

Her companion only stuck out her tongue by way of response.  Then the two of them got to work preparing a lesson the three sleeping cuties would not soon forget.  

They doubted it would do anything to change their ways, but at least they’d not soon forget.


The window was high on the wall, so it was very late morning before the rays of sun reached the faces of the sleeping trio.  

The flame-haired gnome stirred first, opening one eye painfully, only to notice her face pressed against a generous naked breast.  “Who..?”  she began.

Her green-haired friend, positioned toward her but with her face pressed into a matching generous breast, replied, “What..?”

The owner of said breasts, lying on her back, also stirred.  Looking past the shocks of green and red hair partially covering her naked chest, she looked about the unfamiliar room.  “Where..?”  If she wasn’t mistaken, she was completely naked–as were the two lean bodies pressed against hers.  “When did…”

The flame-haired gnome tried to sit up, but found that her arms were wrapped around the abdomen of the blonde ranger she was lying upon…and her wrists were bound on the opposite side of the girl’s body!  “How..?”

Squirming hands against her own chest told her that her friend’s hands were bound on her side of the ranger’s body…which meant her own hands were…

“Why, Prim, stop that!”  Tia cried.  “This is neither the time nor the place!”

“Frightfully sorry, Hot-Tits,” she replied sweetly.  “I had no idea whatsoever where my hands had gone to. Most unfortunate.”

Further wriggling led them to realize that not only were their hands bound around the ranger’s body, but Aly’s arms were similarly bound–holding her arms in place while she gave both gnomes a tight hug.  All three of their bodies were held tightly together by the others’ encircling limbs.

Even further squirming led them to discover their legs similarly entangled, with each’s ankles bound to at least two others!

“Prim!  Would you stop moving your hands like that!”

“So extremely sorry, Hot-Tits…I am merely trying to accomplish our escape.”

“Right.  That explains why it is taking three times as long as usual.”

“Well, it is most certainly not my fault if your delightful form is interfering with my hands’ ability to–”

“Ummm…”  Aly said.  “I’m not sure how or why we ended up like this…but we must have had some crazy kinky fun??  Hopefully?”  Her cheeks flushed brightly.  “But I do have one question…”

“What?” Tia grumped.

“Do tell, Starlet Slut!” Prim piped in.

Biting her lip, Aly asked, “Did you happen to leave a blank panel on that goblet?”

Island Vacation

artwork by callmeplisskin

ALY, AYA, ELSPETH and EVIE have a rather ‘climactic’ ending to their vacation on Goblin Isle.

Full image and story here:

‘Messy version’ of the artwork here:

A tale of sexy shenanigans with Alynnya, Evie, Elspeth, and Aya, by We’re All Mad Here and KatieD

Here’s an excerpt:


Aya laid uncomfortably on the towel.  She kept staring back at the treeline.

“Will you relax?” Elspeth scolded.

“We’re supposed to just lie here and be captured?” she grumbled.  “What if they get harsh or… grabby?”

“Grabby?” Elspeth arched an eyebrow.  “Seriously? We’ve all dealt with goblins.  Grabby is a given.  I mean, c’mon.”

“It won’t be that bad, Aya,” Alynnya assured.  “It’s… oh wait.  I hear something.  Get in position, girls!”

The three lay back on their towels.  Aya’s posture was the least relaxed of the three.  And then the shadows of the goblins loomed over them.

“Get ‘em!” growled the lead goblin.

“Eek!” Alynnya cried out.

“Oh no!” Elspeth cried.  “Goblins!  Oh, with us practically naked and without weapons!  What shall we do?”

“Oh what will become of us?” Aly cried out as goblins tied her arms.

“Oh please don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything.” Elspeth added as she was subjected to the same.

“Oh yes, you’ll do everything,” the goblin leader growled.

“Seriously?” Aya grumbled as a pair of goblins started to bind her.

Elspeth and Alynnya glared at her.  Aya rolled her eyes.

“Oh. Eek. Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.  Oh goodness me. I am afraid for my virtue from you terrible goblins.”

Elspeth shook her head.  

“It’s a good thing goblins are dumber than shit,” she muttered.

“What was that?” the goblin leader snarled.

“I said it’s a terrible problem that we are caught by such virile and studly goblins who obviously have access to Lust Totems,” Elspeth said loudly.  “Oh what shall become of us?”

“You’ll find out, girly-girl!” the goblin leader leered.

The trio were stripped, assembled into a coffle and led through the jungle like leashed pets.

“This is so humiliating!” Aya grumbled.

“If you don’t relax, I swear I will take you over my knee!” Elspeth hissed.

“I’d love to see you try,” Aya retorted.

“Seriously?” Aly said.  “You two are going to do this now?”

“Hush!” the two both snapped back at the Rithian girl.

“Boss!” one of the goblins hefted Aly’s basket and moved to the leader.  “Take a look.”

“What the hell?” the goblin leader stared.  “Are these chains?  What the hell?”

He stared at Aly.  “Why did you bring chains to the beach?”

“We’re… uh… bounty… hunters?” Aly replied, smiling.

“Well, now you’re our bounty, blondie!” the leader sneered. “Thanks for the chains!  Hope you like ‘em ‘cause you’ll be wearin’ ‘em for some time!”

The goblin smirked and strutted forward, missing Aly’s triumphant smile.


Full image and story on my site:

‘Messy version’ of the artwork here:

Howling at the Moon – Chapter 4: Introductions

artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynnya submits herself to a long and arduous initiation process to join The Order of the Red Rose

Here’s the latest chapter from the latest collaboration between me and CallMePlissken!

Chapter 4: Introductions is here!

In chapter 4, Alynnya meets the other leadership council members and makes a memorable impression upon them.

Chapter 1: A Noble Mission is here!

Chapter 2: Infiltrating The Order is here!

Chapter 3: The Interview is here!

Two page plot teaser is here:


Bride of the Mummy King

artwork by callmeplisskin

A spooky story of Evie by KatieD is here:

This is story #2 of our Naughty Nights and Kinky Tales story and art collaboration


I still couldn’t see what was making the noise behind me, but I had a pretty good idea.  I just didn’t know HOW.  How could they have raised the king from the dead, even accidentally?  And Holy Ones, what did he think of what I was offering him at the moment??

A loud ‘Hrrh??’ from behind me answered that.  I heard him shuffling closer behind me across the stone floor.  A massive hand landed on my left hip.  And then what must have been a cloth-covered thumb began rubbing between my legs!

I gasped in spite of my best efforts to be calm.  What the hell was this monster behind me, what else was he going to do to me, and most importantly, why did it have to feel so damn good??

Naughty Nights and Kinky Tales

artwork by callmeplisskin



The best part of Halloween for me is the blending of sexy, spooky, scary, creepy and saucy. Since it was such an odd Halloween this year (and there was enough NOT-sexy scary stuff happening in real life, the awesome author friends that hang out in the discord server of callmeplisskin all decided to undertake a big collaboration of spooky stories. We weren’t quite able to share them in time for Halloween, but their sexy and scary nature still make for a lot of fun.

We actually have 10 stories that are all stitched together by a common thread, where all of our Original Characters visit a creepy old inn together and end up telling spooky stories by firelight.

Then we decided to take it one step further and commission callmeplisskin to sketch each of our OCs in a scene from their story. This resulted in one amazing and fun live art-stream where he cranked out all 5 images in one marathon session.

The main thread of the story at the link is the place to start; throughout the main story you will find links to the individual stories.

My friends and I all hope you enjoy reading the spooky stories as much as we did trading ideas and writing!

Naughty Nights and Kinky Tales


A Private Affair

artwork by menchimenagerie

Here’s a new one-off art and prose combination from my friend “Menchi” and me. The artwork and story together, including the full uncensored piece with TWO captive blondes can be found here: A Private Affair

Menchi is an artist and writer who seems to get better and better with each piece he posts.

Recently Menchi included my Evie in his “kinktober 2020” series, along with We Are All Mad Here’s character Elspeth. Evie and Elspeth have developed a fun ‘frenemies’ relationship and Menchi decided to capitalize on it, showing them restrained ‘together’ in the same artwork.

As a ‘thank you’ for including Evie, I set out to write a quick little story which cast his Laressa as the friendly dominatrix who put Evie and Elspeth in the situation. The artwork and story together including the full uncensored piece with TWO captive blondes can be found here: A Private Affair

Menchi has his own DeviantArt page.

Howling at the Moon – Chapter 3: The Interview

artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynnya submits herself to a long and arduous initiation process to join The Order of the Red Rose

Are you ready for another multi-chapter story and collaboration between me and CallMePlissken??

I hope so, because Chapter 3: The Interview is here!

The intrigue builds in this chapter and finally leads to a little sexy and saucy at the chapter end.

Chapter 2: Infiltrating The Order is here!

Chapter 1: A Noble Mission is here!

Two page plot teaser is here: