Evie: Mesmerized

Artwork by Katsiika

Something a little different and new from me!

My good friend Rebelcommander6 was ordering a ‘Your Character Here’ commission for himself, and decided to surprise me with a second commission including Evie! Wow!

I’d never seen the work of the artist, Katsiika, before, and I am really enjoying it.

Then, as I often am, I was inspired to put together a ‘little vignette’ for it.

Then, as literally EVERYONE but me could have predicted—SIX pages later…

Enjoy the wonderful image (GIF) and the story below!

“Ugh, trekking through this jungle is miserable,” I muttered to myself.  “It’s hot, wet, and sticky…and not the good kind of ‘hot, wet and sticky,’ either.”  The good kind of ‘hot, wet and sticky’ would require a companion, and I was out here in the jungle alone.

Having grown up in a more northern climate, I preferred moderate temperatures and humidity, even if it meant a little more snow and cold in the winter.  Extreme heat was a challenge for me, and humidity?  Well, ask any woman with long straight thick hair what they thought of humidity.  

Besides, most of my forays into jungles hadn’t had great outcomes so far.  One time I ended up half-mummified in a Mayab temple as the Bride of the Mummy King.  Another time I was chained to a pillar and offered to a Dark Beast.  And then there was the time I was captured by an entire tribe of fierce female warriors…but that’s a story for another day.

Just once, I’d like a jungle adventure to include a leisurely river Jungle Cruise sipping a frozen cocktail.  Really, just once!  I could almost imagine a cool breeze and the sound of rippling waters calming me…

Then I realized the rippling water sound was real!  I followed the sound to the banks of a small stream.  It cascaded over rocks as it fell from a hillside far above, and it looked cold, refreshing and clear.  I could see the bottom of the stream bed through the fast-moving water.

Looking about, I saw no creatures, predatory or otherwise.  And certainly no other humans, I hadn’t seen one for days.  So why settle for dipping my toes or splashing my face in the clear stream when I could peel off all these sticky clothes and really refresh myself?

The water was, as I suspected, brisk and invigorating, but no colder than Lake Gitche Gumee in summertime.  The only downside to the little stream was that it was very shallow…far too shallow to fully immerse myself in it and feel the cool water over my entire body at once.

I ended up kneeling and sitting back on my heels so I could splash water over my chest and over my shoulders.  Then I leaned forward so I could wash my face and the back of my neck.  I was tempted to wash my hair, too, but decided it was frizzy enough already from the humidity.

Wiping the splashes of water from my eyes, I opened them to find the face of an enormous snake dangling right before me!  I gasped, and recoiled, but had the presence of mind to not make any other sudden moves.

Without moving my head, I glanced over at the bank where I’d left my gear.  My blades were quite out of reach.  I was going to have to remain very still and hope the snake wasn’t the kind to strike with venomous fangs.  

Of course, the other kind of jungle snake was the one that liked to give ‘friendly’ hugs, so staying still might be just as dangerous.  I would have to wait for it to make the first move.

The snake flicked its tongue several times, ‘tasting’ the air around me, its bright eyes watching me closely.  It, too, seemed content to wait for me to make the first move.  We were at an impasse, both of us warily observing and assessing the other.

Finally, I decided to try and slowly make my way back to the bank of the stream toward my gear.  I placed one hand several inches to the side, and began to lean my upper body slowly that way.  I had only moved a few inches when I felt a pressure on my side.  

Glancing down, I saw the tail of the serpent laid across my upper arm while he pushed me back upright.  Once I was centered before him again, the pressure stopped, but the tail remained gently against me.

A little unnerved, I leaned slightly the other way.  This time the tail wound beneath me, gliding across the bare flesh just under my breasts, and coiled up around my other side.  With slightly more pressure, he pushed me back to center again.  This time the tail remained wrapped halfway around me, gently gripping me.

Clearly the serpent didn’t want me to move away from him.  But what did it want?  I was about to find out, but in the last way I would have expected…when the snake actually spoke to me!

“Sssenssual human…” the serpent spoke softly.  “Why would you wisssh to leave my ssside?”

“You…you can speak?” I stammered, stunned.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised.  After all, I’d ‘met’ orcs and goblins and dragons that all could speak.  I’d always thought of snakes as a lesser species though.  ‘How very species-ist of me,’ I thought.

“I asssked you a quessstion, sssenssual human,” the snake hissed, pulling my thoughts back.  There was a chiding impatience to his tone, one I found condescending, yet commanding—and somehow beguiling.

“Leave?  Your side?”  I replied.  “I…well, I don’t know what you’re going to do to me…are you going to bite me?  Or eat me?”

“That remainsss to be ssseen,” he lisped in his low, suggestive tone.  “It dependsssss.”

“Depends on what?” I asked softly.  Somehow I already knew the answer, the same answer a highwayman, or orc or dragon, or goblin squad would say: ’depends how well you please me.’

“Dependsss on how pleassing I find you,” he replied.  “I am called Kelerix…and I wisssh to find you mosst pleasssurable…”

‘Yup, guessed right,’ I murmured.  But I was confused.  I knew how to be ‘pleasing’ to all those other creatures…but how do I make myself pleasing to a snake??  ‘Ok, enough of this nonsense,’ I thought.  ‘Time to get myself out of this situation.’ 

I’d heard that snakes, such as cobras, could be hypnotized into becoming motionless.  My seductive gaze, which worked so well at bending men to my suggestions, followed similar techniques as hypnosis:  soften one’s gaze, speak softly and slowly, smile slyly, and…well, I can’t reveal all of my tricks!

I lowered my chin and looked up at the snake through my eyelashes and the few stray hairs that had fallen over my face.  I matched the tone and pace of his speech.  “It hass been a pleasssure already, to make your acquaintance, Kelerixsss…but I musst be going…perhapss another time, another placssse…”

The snake’s eyes twinkled and flickered in a way I’d not seen in anyone upon whom I’d used my seductive gaze before…’it must be working,’ I thought—I was hypnotizing the snake!

“You mussst be going…going…with me…” Kelerix replied.  

“I mussst be going…with you?”  I responded.  

I meant it as a question but it came out as more of a statement.  At least I was getting the snake to listen to me and follow my lead.  And I loved that flicker in his eyes, surely it meant he was becoming mesmerized by me!  I shook my head to focus again on my words, not his.

“I’m sorry…I mussst be going now…you cannot come with me…” I said, softly but insistently.

“You mussst be going…with me..” he repeated.  “With me…you mussst be cumming…”

“Yessss…”  I could tell my persuasion was working on him, because he was so amiable.  One more time repeating the words should do it.  “I mussst be cumming…with you…” I intoned.

‘Wait…did I say that right?  Gosh, he has beautiful eyes!’

“Yesss, sssensual human…” Kelerix continued.  “Let us go…and cummm…”

“Go…yessss…and cummm…” I replied, nodding.  I was so excited that my skills were able to persuade him to be so agreeable and give me what I wanted.  Wait until Elle heard about this!

Kelerix’s tail wound itself the rest of the way around my body, then around again, and lifted me up until I was standing in the stream bed.  Then he began leading me to one side of the stream.  I noticed it was the side opposite my gear, and so I said, “oh, I forgot my clothes!”

“You have no need of your clothess, sssensual human.”  He showed me that twinkle in his eyes again to go along with his broad grin.  Wait…was he winking at me?  Was he flirting with me??

“Yesss,” I agreed, grinning happily.  “No clothesss.”

Back on dry ground, Kelerix’s coiled tail kept me upright and held me fast.  “Ressst, sssensual human, I will hold you,” he said in his silky smooth tone.  “Resst, and let me find pleasssure in you.”  I was feeling fatigued all of a sudden, so it seemed like a reasonable suggestion.

I watched him unwind himself from the tree branches above and ‘stand’ before me, keeping his face—and those dreamy eyes—close to mine at all times.  He laid the midsection of his body laterally across mine, just below my breasts.  His tail coils then lowered my body over his midsection and let go, so I was draped over him, resting on the smooth scales of his back.

I hung over him lazily, content to hold his calming gaze.  Never had I felt such a connection with a recipient of my seductive gaze.  Kelerix seemed to be staring as intently into my eyes as I was staring into his—almost as if he was matching my gaze with one of his own.

It was perhaps a little unusual, I thought, that the direction I was leading him with my persuasive gaze seemed to be where he already wanted to go.  Strange, perhaps, but not all surprising.

Not even big dumb orcs had been as pliable as this snake seemed to be…he was doing everything I wished him to and I had him right where I wanted. I wasn’t entirely sure how…my seductive gaze worked in mysterious ways.  Perhaps Elle could explain it when I got home. 

While I rested there in his grasp, I felt his tail winding itself between and around my legs.  working his way up.  The scales of Kelerix’s body felt smooth and cool and moist.  They slipped effortlessly around each thigh and then glided along between my legs in a suggestive way.

It wasn’t long before I felt the tip of his tail teasing at me between my legs, nudging against the folds of my sex until I began to open up to him.  Kelerix gave a breathy hiss and probed inside.

He began moving his body again, winding his midsection around my waist and against the small of my back.  Kelerix’s tail stopped probing me and I gave a soft sigh at its absence.  But it was only momentary; he was tilting me backwards to recline upon him, his head looming close over me while mine retreated, until I let myself settle into his grip.

With my head tilted back, the weight of my body was resting in his coils, it was much easier for him to spread my legs apart again.  Soon Kelerix’s tail was stroking and probing between my legs again, just like I wanted.  Somehow he knew to touch me perfectly, right th—ohhhhhhhh.

And with my arms hanging limply behind me now, my chest was exposed before him, too.  I saw his long tongue slither out and taste the flesh of my breasts before flicking at my nipple.  When I gasped in pleasure, he curled his tongue around the base of a nipple, squeezing and tugging.

I couldn’t wait to return back to Cryptae Headquarters and tell Elle all about my success using my persuasive gaze on a serpent.  Kelerix was everything I needed at the moment…somehow I must be communicating it all silently with my seductive gaze…how else could he be doing exactly what I believed I wanted?

As if to answer my unspoken question, he spoke again, looking me directly in the eyes:  “Sssenssual human…I am taking much pleasssure from the sssenssationsss of your body…I ssseek to give you many passsionsss in return.”  His lower body was winding around me again, the sleek scales gliding over my warm and needy flesh.

“Yessss…” I responded.  “Many passsionsss…much pleasure…must pleassse Kelerixsss…”

It was then that I felt a bump along the underside of his body that pressed insistently between my legs.  Two bumps, actually…

That was when I learned how a serpent finds pleasure. And how I could find pleasure in Kelerix, too.  I wasn’t quite sure how long Kelerix and I connected in that way, I’d never held someone so intimately with my persuasive gaze for so long before.  I guess I didn’t know my own power…


Kneeling in the stream, a sudden splash of cold water stirred me from my reverie.  Goodness, I said, noting how far the sun had moved through the canopy of leaves above.  “I must have been daydreaming while cooling off and washing up.  I really must be going.”  

‘Yesss, you mussst,’ said the lingering echo of a familiar voice in my head.

I dressed quickly, packed my gear, and resumed my journey.  As I left my pleasant little resting place behind, that same familiar voice told me to stay close to the stream on my journey.


As the beautiful blonde woman disappeared into the low foliage of the jungle, a contented hissing sound came from a branch high above the little stream.

“Yesss, sssensual human, I will ssseee you again, ssssoon…”


If you enjoyed, go give Katsiika a look on her DA page.

And thank you again, Rebelcommander6!


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