Betting on Gold

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie and Laressa make a bet who can put the other in more intense kinky distress.

Laressa went first…and had Evie in quite the intense and kinky situation.

Now it’s Evie’s turn…and Evie’s not one to shy away from a challenge!

Part 1:  Betting on Red is Laressa’s attempt, written by @MenchiMenagerie 

You can read the story (AND see the full uncropped image) on his page HERE:

Laressa is the OC of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


Clad in black from head to toe, I was concealed in shadow in Laressa’s darkened bedroom.  I had a clear view of the two women on the bed; the slender young woman wth the chestnut hair was lying on her back, with the elegant redhead kneeling over her.  Both were oblivious to my presence.

That was likely because of how focused upon each other they were.  Elle, the dark haired beauty, was staring up at the more dominant crimson-haired Laressa with desire and trepidation in her eyes…partially because there was little else she could do.  Her wrists were stretched out to the corners of the headboard, her ankles were similarly stretched out wide, and she wore a stiff collar that kept her chin up and eyes forward.

The look on Laressa’s face was more sultry, seductive and in control.  Which was also appropriate, as she was kneeling over Elle in a commanding pose and tracing a teasing finger over the trembling flesh of the younger woman.

The scene was so sensual and hot that I couldn’t resist letting my own fingers trace softly over the sheer fabric of my black skinsuit, lingering over the hard raised shape of a hardened nipple, or stroking over the warm dampness between my legs.

I had to stifle a sigh of pleasure.  If I revealed my presence too soon, my gambit would be over and the bet would be lost.  Laressa had already completed her move by fiendishly coaxing me into the most wanton sensual distress.  Tonight was finally my turn.


It had started out as a simple bet:  who could place the other in more intense kinky distress?

Laressa had gone first.  I’d presented myself to her at the appointed time, and offered my submission to whatever she had planned—to refuse anything would be to forfeit the bet. 

She’d kept me in ‘distress’ for nearly two days, a willing captive lost in sensual bliss.  Even after she released me–or, rather, the plant released me—it took a few days for me to recover.  Once I recovered, I took my time planning my turn.  I was in no hurry.

Because Laressa had set an appointment for my submission to her, she expected the same from me, and was patiently waiting for me to schedule it.  So I think she truly wasn’t suspicious when I asked her for a meeting to introduce Elle.

Elle is the director of the Research and Development division of the Codex Cryptae–the intelligence gathering arm of the Rangers.  I’d told Elle (during a particularly intense testing session for a new truth serum) about Laressa’s fine silks and fabrics, and how I thought she might have a good material that Elle could use for a new skinsuit in development.

Elle had heard only rumors about the mysterious seamstress on Silk Road, until—under intense questioning and under the influence of the serum—I maaaay have divulged a couple details about Laressa’s seductive dominating nature and my personal attachment to her.

So Elle was suddenly very interested in meeting Laressa—for the purpose of evaluating the quality of her fabrics and potential Cryptae use, of course.  Laressa graciously received us in her store and led us back to the VIP fitting area, where she happily showed off her fabrics.

I’d never thought of Elle as one to appreciate high fashion, as her wardrobe mainly consisted of starched white lab coats over fitted blouses and sleek skirts.  She took an immediate interest in Laressa’s fashions, however—or was it Laressa she was taking interest in?

Elle admired a blue dress on the mannequin that bore a striking resemblance to my size and shape, and commented that the dress would look delightful on me.  I nodded and smiled graciously; little did she know that the dress was actually designed and crafted on my naked body while I held that pose on the fitting platform just a few weeks ago.

As it was Elle’s first visit, she also wouldn’t have realized that the mannequin itself was created from a cast of my body.  On a previous visit, Laressa had crafted a hardened silken webbing cocoon around me.  ‘Webbier-mâché,’ Laressa called it.

The way that Laressa and Elle were flirting with each other, though, it might not be long before Elle found herself with her own casted mannequin…and custom made dresses.

My plan was working perfectly so far.


While the two of them examined swatch after swatch of fabrics, discussing things like denier counts, breathability, and moisture wicking, my mind drifted.  It was in this very room I’d presented myself to Laressa for the bet.  

On that same fitting platform, Laressa had fitted me with the latex bodysuit with the open chest area that exposed my breasts.  After placing my usual collar around my neck and fitting a ball gag between my teeth, she had drawn a latex hood over my head.  

From there, she’d clipped a leash to my collar and led me out the front door and right down the street, anonymous due to the hood but otherwise exposed and displayed.  Then I was taken to the remote garden, and taken by the garden, held tightly by roots and webs while the Daedrina Dulicent plant’s bulb and fronds took possession and had their way with me.

I reminded myself that I’d willingly given in to the pleasure, I’d allowed the plant to draw me deeper into kinky distress.  Laressa had given me an out, had reminded me that any momentary capitulation was a commitment to submission until the plant decided it had had its fill of me—however long that took.  By then I couldn’t forfeit; I needed to see it through.  

The plant possessed me, owned me and tamed me; it kept me prisoner and indulged its insatiable lusts for hours. I fully gave myself over to the pleasure.  It was only when the plant had taken all I had that it finally released me, and I collapsed drained into Laressa’s arms.

I had to admit, it was not going to be easy to top that.  


When I broke from my reverie, Elle was still standing close to Laressa, hands clasped before her, hanging on Laressa’s every word with eyes wide, and nodding along with everything the elegant seamstress said—clearly interested in more than just the fabrics.

Laressa, meanwhile, was more animated and excited to show off than I’d seen her in a while.  She leaned in close to Elle when demonstrating a feature, adding tactfully tactile touches to command Elle’s attention and build their connection.

I knew I’d given them enough time to develop their mutual interest…now it was time to separate them, to leave them wanting for more, to ensure they would meet up again, soon.

“Elle, it’s getting late…I think we must be going.”  I nodded toward the door and the fading light beyond.

“Goodness, where has the time gone?” Elle said, blushing.  “Miss Silverspun, it has been an absolute pleasure meeting you.  I am certain the Cryptae can make use of your silk, and I look forward to…negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement.”

“The pleasure has been, and will be, mine,” replied Laressa with a subtle yet sultry glance.  She took Elle’s hands in hers to bid her farewell, and when she thought I wasn’t paying attention, she slipped a note into Elle’s palm.  “Come back to visit any time.”

‘Yesss,’ I thought to myself.  My plan was fully in motion.


Barely 48 hours later, here I was, hidden in the dark of Laressa’s room, watching Laressa’s smooth moves of sultry seduction–and Elle’s quiet and contented submission.

Laressa was now focusing more of her attention on Elle’s upper thighs, lower tummy and everywhere in between.  I knew Laressa’s moves well enough to know she was ramping up the pleasure for Elle, moving in on her most sensitive and vulnerable places.  

And I knew it was time for me to make my move.  

I drifted across the room and directly behind Laressa.  To her credit she stiffened, sensing my presence just a moment before I reached her, but her reaction time was dulled by the tempting view of Elle before her…a temptation I knew all too well.

Subduing Laressa was risky and usually ill-advised; I wouldn’t have even attempted it if I hadn’t ‘misappropriated’ some concentrated wasp extract from the Cryptae labs.  I knew it would immobilze her swifty, but still I worked quickly to apply it and lower her to the bed.  

Elle looked up at me, a surprised—and quite guilty—look on her face.  “Evie!  What are you doing here…”  She paused, face flushing red.  “Ummm…this isn’t what it looks like.”  

“Oh, you’re not vulnerably bound to a bed and being seduced by a sultry spider-lady?”

“Uhhh…ok….I guess this is what it looks like,” she replied sheepishly.

“That’s good, because the other thing it looked like was the head of a government agency trading sexual favors for lucrative contracts,” I said in mock seriousness.

“No!  It’s not that at all!”  Elle sounded panicked.  “I wouldn’t…you wouldn’t…”

“No, you’re right, I wouldn’t, I’d never.  I’m just teasing you,” I reassured her.  “But I am going to require something from you.”

“Yes, anything,” she agreed hastily.  She tugged at her bound wrists.  “Just untie me, please.”

“I will, for now,” I conceded, reaching for her arm.  “But I need you to help me carry Laressa downstairs before she wakes up.  I have a little surprise planned for her.”


Once Elle had helped me get Laressa down to her own playroom and secured in a compromising position, I informed Elle that I’d need her to be restrained again as part of Laressa’s kinky distress.  Unsurprisingly, Elle nodded eagerly and allowed me to put her in a similarly compromising position.  She never even asked me why I was doing all this!

I wasn’t quite sure if Elle agreed out of a sense of guilt, or out of curiosity and the spirit of trying out a new kinky adventure.  Either way, she cooperated as I strapped her to a vertical surface positioned directly in front of Laressa.  She seemed impressed with the restraints.  

Laressa was also in a vertical position, but inverted.  By that, I meant she was hanging from the ceiling of her playroom by her ankles.  Her wrists, bound in front with rope, dangled below her head with her long crimson hair swirling around them, just above the floor.

I’d left her dressed in the same lingerie she wore upstairs in her bedroom:  her signature scarlet red bodysuit corset with the gold spider emblazoned on it, and matching long gloves and stockings.  Her position in that alluring dominatrix outfit left the lovely curve of her rear directly in my line of vision and her bare breasts tantalizingly right before my hands.

I began a gentle caressing of both her rear and her breasts, in order to stir Laressa from her slumber.  When I sensed slight reactions from her, it was time to move Elle into place.  

Elle had been patiently waiting and wondering what my plan was, and about her role in it.  She was about to find out.  The vertical surface to which she was strapped was actually an adjustable table, and I slowly tilted her back into a more reclined position.

As the bottom of the table rose, it came in contact with Laressa’s hair first, and then her hands.  This was enough to make the crimson-haired seductress wake and realize her predicament.  To her credit, though, she didn’t panic or struggle; she barely reacted at all.

Instead, she turned her head slowly to look at me, giving me a confident look that seemed to say, ‘well played, but is this all you’ve got?’

‘No, Laressa,’ I thought, and gave her a smile and a wink.  ‘I’m just getting started.’

Elle, however, was considerably less stoic.  She gasped as she realized how her body was now being presented before Laressa.  As the bottom of the table rose, Laressa’s face was becoming more obviously positioned between Elle’s legs!

I grasped Laressa’s bound wrists and pulled them up before her, above Elle’s trembling body.  I took the loose end of the rope and affixed it to Elle’s collar.  That left Laressa’s hands practically resting on top of Elle’s bare breasts.  

It also held Laressa’s mouth that much further up between Elle’s legs…she would actually have to push away from Elle’s body with her hands to keep her face from pressing against Elle’s most intimate bits.  Every time Laressa moved, her hair brushed Elle’s inner thighs.

Now Elle was whimpering and squirming anxiously, which was perfect, because that was having more effect upon Laressa’s rising desires than I had hoped.  The more Elle writhed, the more I could see temptation crossing Laressa’s face.  I could see Laressa’s breathing quickening, and noticed that she was squeezing her thighs together up above us.

I grinned with pride.  I’d only seen Laressa lose her composure once before (which actually resulted in a punishment for me), and now she was fighting valiantly to keep it from happening again.  It was time for me to lay out the real dilemma for Laressa that would hopefully win me the bet.  I placed my open hand softly on her rear to get her attention.

“Now then, Laressa, you certainly were very successful in the opening gambit of our bet.  After deviously raising my arousal with the hooded stroll through town, and using the plants and webs to bind me, you made it my choice whether or not to give in to my lusts and accept being ravaged by the Daedrina Dulicent plant.”

Elle was now wide-eyed, looking incredulously back and forth between Laressa and me.  She hadn’t heard any of this story!  I got the impression she wished she’d been there to see it—after all, Elle also enjoyed experimenting with putting me in kinky distress in her lab.

“Even when,” I continued, giving Laressa’s rear a caress, “even when I was at the moment of surrendering myself to the overwhelming sensations, knowing it would drag me deeper and deeper, you gave me a choice–knowing full well I would succumb.”

“Well, you do have a bit of a tendency…and history…in making such choices,” Laressa replied with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“Perhaps,” I said, laughing softly.  “But the point is, you made sure the choice was mine to make…so I had no one to blame but myself if it was more than I could take.”  I removed my hand from Laressa and moved closer to Elle for this next part.

“So I’m giving you a choice now,” I told Laressa, while looking down at Elle. “You can choose not to touch Elle at all…”  I reached out and laid a hand on Elle’s breast, feeling her chest rising and falling rapidly.  

“Choose to have no contact with these firm creamy breasts or their delightful rosy buds…”  I tweaked one of Elle’s nipples softly, just enough to produce a squeak and squirm from the bewildered woman.  I winked at Elle and gave her a deep lingering kiss.

Then I traced my hand down Elle’s middle, down to where Laressa’s lips hovered just barely above Elle’s cleanshaven mound.  “You could choose not to lick these sweet lips right before your mouth, or the pleasures hidden within…”  I traced my fingers over Elle carefully, separating her folds.  “Or choose not to nibble on this little rosebud right here in front of you.”

I could see Laressa becoming visibly flustered now.  Her cheeks were flushing rosy, she was clenching her teeth, and I could see her flexing her fingers just above Elle’s chest.

“Wait a minute!”  Elle cried out, between heavy breaths.  “This is all about a bet?”  She stared at me questioningly.  “You’re using me…you set all this up just to win a bet?”

“Oh don’t sound so indignant, my friend,” I teased Elle.  “You’re far from innocent in this.  From the minute you two met, it was obvious you’d end up in that bedroom upstairs.”  I pretended to pout.  “Didn’t either of you worry about how jealous I would get?”

For her part, Elle’s reactions were perfect…she was wriggling under my practiced touch, making soft mewling sounds, and tugging against her restraints.  I’d interrupted Laressa upstairs before she got to explore Elle, and seeing Elle’s light resistance was triggering her instinct to hunt, capture, and conquer.  She desperately wanted to be the one touching Elle.

“I can see this is dfficult for you, Laressa,” I continued taunting her.  “If you can resist…I will concede the bet to you.  If, however, you succumb, we’ll have to either call it a draw…or perhaps we’ll have to debate which of us was in more kinky distress.”

“I don’t think you can draw a comparison, Evie,” Laressa retorted.  “I watched that plant have its way with you for hours, feeding off your energy, and you submissively going along for the ride.  If I’d allowed it, you would have let that plan drain you completely.  You can’t get more kinky distress than that.”

“Oh, but Laressa,” I cooed back at her.  “I’m far from finished with your distress…”

“I think you underestimate my willpower, Evie,” was Laressa’s only response.

“No, Mistress Laressa…I—more that most—know the strength of your willpower.  But you underestimate my desire to win this bet…or the amount of distress I’m willing to put you in.”  

I glanced down at Elle.  “To put you both in, actually.”


To her credit, Laressa held out for much, much longer than I thought she would.  Had it been just me teasing Laressa, she might have prevailed.  But Elle was the trump card in my hand.  The more frantic Elle’s moaning and pleading became, the higher Laressa’s fires were stoked, and the more she was losing her composure.

I was very careful with my Mistress Laressa.  I didn’t want to do anything to undermine her dominance or make her feel that her control was being taken from her.  So I didn’t spank, whip, or flog her, and didn’t even squeeze her nipples.  Instead, I focused on sensual touching.  And teasing.  And talking…lots of verbal goading toward the edge.  But l let it remain her decision to step over it!

Fortunately, I’d ‘liberated’ many different potions and lotions from the Cryptae labs.  Warming lotions, aphrodisiac potions, and flavored gels that made everything slippery and tasty.

I saved more ‘firm’ treatment for Elle, doing to her things that I knew Laressa wanted to do herself.  I felt less bad about usurping Elle’s usual dominance over me…I figured I owed her a little torment and a few forced orgasms.

Finally Laressa couldn’t resist any longer, and plunged her tongue directly into Elle.  Elle squealed in pleasure and her whole body tensed.  And once Elle started reacting, Laressa couldn’t stop.  Soon she was fully engaged with giving Elle pleasure with hands and mouth.  

Which meant it was time for my final, somewhat cruel move.  I grasped Laressa’s waist with both hands and pulled her away from Elle, breaking all contact between them.  Elle wailed.  Laressa actually hissed, and seethed in frustration.

“Now Mistress Laressa,” I said coyly.  “Would you say that you’re in kinky distress?”

“Yesss,” she hissed.  “You know I am.”

“Excellent!” I replied, easing her back into contact with Elle.  “Now that that’s settled, I think I should let the two of you enjoy yourselves without my meddling.”


After Elle and I helped Laressa down from the ceiling of her playroom, the three of us adjoined to the bedroom area in the far end of the playroom.  There we lounged with glasses of red wine and chatted about our favorite moments in our shared experience.

Suddenly Elle sat up straight and asked, “so wait…what were the stakes in this bet?”

Laressa and I looked at each other and shrugged. “I don’t know,” I said.  We never really decided…bragging rights, I suppose?”

Laressa glanced back at me with a glint in her eye.  “There really should be some sort of reward or prize after all this…”

We both turned to Elle.  She got a wide-eyed look on her face as we both grinned at her.

“Ummm…uhh…” Elle stammered, flushing beet red.  “But ummm…who won?”

“I’m willing to call it a draw if you are, Mistress Laressa,” I said, setting down my wine glass.

Laressa did the same. “You didn’t have any plans for the weekend, did you, Elle?”

~~~the end?  Oh, we all hope not!~~~


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