Lysette: The Eye of Kanaloa

Artwork by WareWolfBarmitzvah

Another adventure for my character Lysette!

Lysette is cursed to endure peril after peril by the pervy wizard Devirod, only to reappear elsewhere and have to start all over again.

This time, she reappears on an exotic Polynesian island.  She seeks out the most powerful practitioner of arcane magic, the High Chiefess Hualani. 

Hualani promises to help Lysette get back home and get her revenge on Devirod, by way of a ritual.  She tells Lysette that she must travel through ‘The Eye of Kanaloa.’

Lysette isn’t sure what that means, until the hooded acolytes who prepare her for the ritual explain to her that Kanaloa is the octopus god of the Huna religion.  And that ‘eye’ is a figurative way of saying ‘open maw.’

Shout out to WareWolfBarmitzvah for the amazing community he’s built on his discord server. Everyone there is awesome about coaching and mentoring in a really collaborative environment where egos are put aside, art is freely shared, and feedback is welcomed.

Great news: There are already 2 more Lysette mini-comics in my queue and one epic longer series. My goal will be two per month until I’m caught up with WWBM’s incredible productivity.


If you enjoyed, go give WareWolfBarmitzvah a look on his DA page or Twitter, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Pixiv and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Lysette soon!


Lysette’s other adventures are here:

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