A Private Affair

artwork by menchimenagerie

“I’ll be back to check on you in a while.”

Window shopping wasn’t something Evie normally did, and certainly not in this high-end fashion district of Gryphonmark.  But she would see Will next week, so the thought of buying something special–perhaps bedroom-only special–was on her mind.  

The last time she surprised him with lingerie, he tore it off her with his teeth, so now she had a benchmark level of ‘sexy’ to shoot for.  AND a need for new lingerie. 

That wasn’t her main purpose for being in the area, though.  She’d received a special invitation to meet up with a friend and was on her way there now.  Making her way up the street, she saw a familiar figure approaching the same intersection from a side street.

“Elspeth Witchbow!”  she called out, and the statuesque blonde gave her a slight smile and half-hearted wave.  It wasn’t the warm greeting she expected.  Elspeth didn’t seem surprised to see her, either.

“Elspeth, this doesn’t seem like the kind of neighborhood I’d see you in.  Are you lost?”

“I am never lost.” she retorted crossly.  “In fact, I spied you a half hour ago and went out of my way to avoid you.  I just didn’t imagine you’d move so damn slowly.”

“Oh, Els, tell me you’re not still cross about that little practical joke.  Besides, that was payback for you playing ‘shoot the apple off Evie’s head while she’s tied to a tree.’  Aly could have killed me, you know.  And I still don’t understand why I needed to be naked for it.  Or why Aly was.”

“Practical joke?  That ‘experimental living restraint,’ as you called that creature, kept me imprisoned for six hours!  One of its tentacles got slime in my hair!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get slime out of a braid?  And another tentacle left slime in my mouth!”

“Oooh, the mouth part wasn’t slime. Or a tentacle.  But I’m sorry, I’ll tell the boys in the Cryptae lab ‘less slime’ in the next batch.  I’m curious, for research, how many orgasms did it give you?”

“ARRRRGH!”  Ellspeth growled.  Her fingers clenched and unclenched.

“Look, Els, I’d say let’s go get drinks until we can laugh about it all, but I’m on my way to an appointment.”

“As am I,” replied Eslpeth.  “Wait…”  The two women looked questioningly at each other.  Elspeth showed Evie a notecard.  “This appointment?”

Evie produced an identical note card.  “7pm also?  It appears our friend has summoned both of us.  I suppose for her sake, we should call a truce.”

“Agreed,” Elpseth nodded.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Laressa has something more in mind than just fitting us for some new dresses?”

“At 7pm on a Saturday?”  Evie grinned.  “Let’s just say I cleared my schedule for tomorrow, as I doubt I’ll be going home before Sunday night.”

“Yeah, me too.  And after last time, I guess I’m not surprised she invited us both.”

Both girls had a momentary faraway look as they recalled their escape from the Totally Not Wizard’s lair.  That was the first time ‘Mistress’ Laressa had established her influence over them, and it wasn’t just their desire to escape that made them her willing attendants.  Or why, hungry for more, they continued to serve her well into the night in that roadside inn…

Elspeth was the first to break their reverie.  “Yes…I expect Mistress Laressa has a demanding evening planned for us.”  

Evie gave her a broad smile and slipped her hand around the buxom girl’s narrow waist.  “Then come, my friend, let’s not keep our mistress waiting.”


The two girls entered Laressa’s shop and a little bell on the door jingled above their heads.

“Welcome, ladies,”  Laressa’s sultry voice came from the back room.  “Go ahead and look around, I’ll be out to grab you in a few minutes.  I’m just preparing a few things for you.”

“Do you think she’s being literal?”  Elspeth whispered.

Evie’s eyes twinkled.  “Ohhh, I hope so.”

They set about browsing the shop.  If Evie was going to find some new lingerie to show Will, this would be the place for it.  She watched Elspeth run her fingers over the fine silk of an emerald colored negligee, a grin forming on her lips.  Evie would have bet two gold she was thinking of Lawrence.  The color was perfect for Elspeth, so Evie wouldn’t mind seeing it on her either.

Soon Laressa came out and welcomed them with warm hugs.  “So lovely to see you both, thank you for coming.  For once, you two seem to be getting along, so let’s head to the back, shall we?”

As Evie and Elspeth fell in step behind her, Evie stuck out her tongue at Elspeth, who had to stifle a laugh.  She was glad to see Elspeth in a forgiving mood.  For now.

The spacious room behind the showroom was a combination sitting room and fitting area, with mirror stations and dressing booths off to the sides.  The focal point of the sitting area was a tall wing-backed chair, with sofas and smaller chairs in a semi-circle around it. 

Laressa gestured to the table within the sitting area with flutes of champagne and trays of meats and cheeses.  The girls’ attentions were stolen, however, by identical racks of clothing on opposite sides of the room that were marked with their names.

Elspeth’s rack of dresses, blouses and lingerie displayed a range of lush green colors, with some off-white, taupe, and purple mixed in.  Evie’s rack was mainly rich blues, with some splashes of red, black, and pure white.

“Shall we have a toast, first, before you girls get to trying on everything?”  While the girls were distracted, Laressa had taken her seat in the tall chair and was enjoying watching their excited faces.

“Yes, mi…”  Evie cut herself short.  She glanced over at Elspeth, who gave her a grin and a slight nod.  “Yes, Mistress Laressa,” she finished.

“Of course, Mistress Laressa,” Elspeth added.  The two took seats together on the sofa facing Laressa and picked up flutes of champagne.  

“I thought, what better way to spend a Saturday evening than with two of my favorite girls,” Laressa said in a polite, formal tone.  Then she slipped into a slightly more seductive tone.  “I do so enjoy spoiling you girls and seeing you happy.”

“Thank you, Mistress Laressa.  This is most generous of you.”

The three of them sipped their wine and nibbled at the food before them while Laressa directed them to tell her what they had been up to since they had last met.  Laressa commanded their attention for the most part, but they both shot furtive glances toward their garment racks.

Finally, Laressa relented.  “All right, you may go try some things on.”  She flicked her fingers at them.  “Shoo!  Go on.”  While the girls jumped up and headed for their racks, Laressa settled into the chair to watch.  She crossed her legs and made a tent of her fingertips that only partially covered her satisfied smile.  Her eyes flared in delight as she noted their first choices.

Elspeth stripped down to her bra and panties first, then was surprised to see a fully naked Evie hanging her casual clothes on the end of the rack.  “What, no panties, you hussy?” she sneered.  “Weren’t you wearing a skirt?”

Evie shrugged.  “Who would have thought I’d be less inhibited than the girl with fae blood?”

Laressa cut in with a stern warning:  “Girls!  There will be no bickering this evening, or there will be harsh consequences for you both.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Evie responded quickly.

“I am sorry, Mistress,” Elespeth added, with true contrition in her voice.

The next hour passed with the girls excitedly trying on every garment on their racks.  Periodically they would come back to take a sip of their champagne or pause to show off their look to Laressa, or to each other.  As time went on, their playfulness increased and any thought of bickering or nastiness was long gone.

After a while, Laressa got up and moved about with them, checking the fit of the garment they were wearing–seeing how it would snug in under their busts, or how the fabric would drape across their rears.  Occasionally she would make chalk marks where she wanted to take in a seam, or scribble notes to herself.  Overall the girls were impressed with how well she managed to fit them on her first try.

Laressa directed them to pull their favorites to one end of the rack and arrange the rest in the order the garments appealed to them.  While they did, Laressa observed carefully, knowing she would learn much more about them by their selections.  It was no surprise that Evie’s favorite dress was a rich royal blue–a close second was a cardinal red–while Elspeth’s was a lush emerald green.

The girls were back on the sofa, comfortably naked shoulder to shoulder, laughing at their own tipsiness, while Laressa sat in her chair smiling proudly for a while.  Then she raised her glass.

“To my two favorite badass women,” she toasted, and they all clinked glasses.  “May you enjoy each and every one of your new garments.”

The two women froze.  “Uhh…Mistress Laressa,” Evie began, while looking toward her purse.  “I only have seven gold coins with me, but I can get more…”  Elspeth had a similar look of concern while contemplating her own purse, which had only a few more than Evie’s.

“No, no, girls, you misunderstand!”  Laressa reassured them.  “I consider you friends, and friends do not trifle over things so crass as money.  I am giving them all to you.”

“Mistress, that’s too much!”  Elspeth protested, while Evie nodded vigorously.  

Laressa held up her hand to silence them. “The ladies of this city compensate me generously, not only for dressing them, but also for other–services–I provide.  I have all the money I desire.”

“Mistress, you are too generous,” Evie said with a honeyed voice.  “Perhaps we can show our gratitude in some other way?”

Laressa smiled broadly.  “There is something I rather enjoy doing with girls such as yourselves.”

Evie nudged Elspeth, and the two slid forward off the sofa and scooted forward on their knees.

Laressa laughed.  “My goodness, you two are so eager!  You take all the fun out of a true seduction.”  She stood before them and lifted their chins to look them in the eyes.  “If all I wanted was your submission, I could have demanded that as soon as you walked in the door.”

She reached out for both them, tracing her fingers across the shoulders and collarbones of each.  “I’m speaking of something much more special and intimate than that.”

Elspeth shot Evie a furtive glance.  “Whatever it is you desire, Mistress.”

Evie nodded.  “Anything you wish, Mistress.”


Moments later, Laressa had moved Elspeth and Evie to the middle of the room.  They remained naked, but each now stood on one of the round platforms used to measure for alterations.  Each was blindfolded with a long strip of silk ribbon wrapped several times around their heads.

“For this, you must be blindfolded, as there are certain elements of my dressmaking technique that are so secret, not even the two of you may see them.  Please do not attempt to remove your blindfold, or I will be forced to stop immediately.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the girls said in unison.

“Please extend your hands out before you, wrists together.”  Both girls complied immediately.

“Good, now hold still.”  One at a time, each woman felt her wrists being wrapped together with a gauze-like material that was soft, yet slightly sticky.  The wraps went around and around, several times, until no amount of wriggling would set them free.  Then their hands were hoisted up and raised until their arms were straight overhead, nearly pulling them to their toes.  

“Getting your arms up and out of the way allows me to ensure the best possible fit around your bosoms…and both of you have quite generous bosoms to be fitted.”

“Some more than others,” Evie said softly, with a chuckle that was met with a protest by Elspeth.

“Evie!”  Laressa said sharply, punctuating it with a slap across Evie’s rear.  “What did I say about ‘no bickering?’  I can do this just as easily with you gagged.”

“I am sorry, Mistress,” Evie exclaimed.  “It won’t happen again.”


Laressa began her special treatment with Elspeth first, placing a thin layer of fine silk across the top of her breasts and wrapping it around her back. She then crisscrossed it and wrapped it back around her chest again.  Elspeth had the sensation that Laressa was crafting a new garment directly onto her body.  

‘This must be how she creates such a perfect fit,’ she thought.  ‘It’s as if the fibers are clinging directly to my body.’

When the silky material reached her nipples, the sheer surface glided across them before settling over and around them. Elspeth felt them respond, hardening and pressing back against the smooth fibers.

“Oh, hello,” Laressa said, addressing Elspeth’s nipples directly.  “I had better allow for some extra room for you, or you’ll get sore from the fibers caressing you all the time.”

“Oh, noes, we can’t have that,” Evie said in a sarcastic tone.  “She has enough trouble keeping them covered up.”

Elspeth was feeling entirely too flushed and distracted by the fibers clinging to her nipples to respond.  Laressa did not hold back, however.

“Evie, I warned you.  It seems a gag will be necessary to fill that naughty mouth of yours.”  Evie did not even have time to apologize before Laressa popped a wad of silky material into Evie’s mouth and covered it with a few wraps of the sticky gauzy material. 

Elspeth tried to keep her face impassive, but failed miserably.  “And you, Elspeth Witchbow, wipe that smile from your face or you’ll be wearing one, too.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied in as serious a tone as she could manage. 

The rest of Elspeth’s treatment continued without interruption, Laressa slowly crafting her garment down Elspeth’s abdomen, over her hips and rear,  gradually encasing her in a slinky sheer dress that clung to her statuesque body like a second skin.

Laressa left Elspeth in the curve-hugging dress while she went to work on Evie. She began the same process of layering sheer thin silks over her breasts and around her back.  But when the caressing fibers and Laressa’s fingertips crossed her underarms right where her breasts met her sides, Evie jolted and squealed into her gag.

Laressa paused while Evie took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. As soon as she resumed, however, Evie squealed even louder and squirmed away from Laressa’s fingers. 

“Well, then, what have we here?” Laressa asked with wonder in her voice.  “Is it possible that my lovely Evie is actually secretly ticklish?  Laressa took just her fingernails and drew them lightly up Evie’s ribs. 

“Neeeeeeee!  Nee!  Nee!  Neeeeeeeeeee!!!”  Evie thrashed on her tiptoes and her hands flailed helplessly in the wraps above her.  As soon as she started to calm and recover, Laressa did it again…and again…and again…until Evie’s squeals became more desperate sounding and tears began rolling out from beneath her blindfold.  She was panting from the exertion and her skin had become slick with perspiration. 

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”  Elspeth could not contain herself any longer. “Are you telling me that the badass Cryptae spy can be reduced to tears by a little tickling?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!   Oh joy, I can’t wait to tell Aya about this!  Does Will know—OWWWWW!”

Espeth’s gleeful taunting was cut short by the sharp crack of Laressa’s palm across her buttock.  The silky dress did nothing to diminish the blow or the sound.

“Elspeth!”  Laressa scolded.  “I was beginning to think you were the good girl.  Now I see you’re just as naughty as your friend.  I’m disappointed in both of you.”

“Sorry, Mis—“  Elspeth’s apology was cut off by her own wad of silk packed in her mouth and a strict wrapping over it.

“Now perhaps I can continue my work in silence,” Laressa sighed.  


Laressa continued working on encasing Evie in her own garment, this time taking care not to brush against the sensitive flesh under her arms or over her ribs.  Along the way, Laressa silently noted a few other areas that gave Evie a ticklish twitch—across her lower tummy and behind her knees.  

She was gracious and didn’t allow Elspeth to hear any reactions from Evie that would give away these additional vulnerabilities.  She also noticed, however—and noted for future use—that Evie was in a much higher state of arousal that she had been just moments before.  ‘Very interesting, indeed.’

Finally, Laressa was finished and removed the garments from both women.  She fussed around for another moment, and then removed their blindfolds and gags.

The girls’ eyes lit up with amazement as they saw their personalized garments completed and hanging before them.  Not only were they in their favorite colors that suited them both, but Laressa had incorporated all the design details from their other favorited garments on their racks.  The dresses were, in every way, beautifully crafted especially for them. 

“Mistress…I don’t know what to say,” Evie breathed in genuine astonishment.

Elspeth stopped herself from saying, ‘that’s a first,’ and instead said, “Mistress, I can honestly say, we are not worthy of these gifts.”

“You are absolutely correct about that, neither of you are,” Laressa said sternly.  Then her voice softened.  “These are gifts, and they are free.  But your behavior, you will pay for.”

Evie and Elspeth exchanged glances. 

“I hope neither of you made any plans for tomorrow,” she continued.  “You’ll be spending it in my playroom beneath the shop.”

Laressa had to give the girls credit.  Elspeth and Evie both almost completely suppressed their smiles.


Hours had gone by since Laressa had brought the girls down to her playroom, and their stretched and straining bodies were slick with perspiration.  Their rear ends were bright red and warm to the touch from repeated spankings; their nipples were a rosy pink from being tugged and nibbled upon; and Laressa’s exploring fingertips had left trails of the girls’ own arousal traced across their writhing abs and thighs.

And yet, the expressions on their faces told a story only of prolonged pleasure and excitement.


On the way down the stairs earlier, Evie had commented that she didn’t realize there was a basement beneath the shop.  She and Elspeth had to navigate the steps carefully with their hands cuffed in leather behind their backs, while trying to see in the dim light.

“Yes, and there is a very luxurious apartment above the shop,” Laressa responded.  “But only good girls get to go up there.  Naughty sluts like you go into the basement.”

Once downstairs, Elspeth looked around the well-appointed playroom.  It had more equipment, toys, tools, and racks of costumes than Elspeth had ever seen in one place.

“Wow, Mistress Laressa,” Evie exclaimed.  “This is almost as well outfitted as the Blackfire club over in Macaw.”  Elspeth just turned and stared at her partner.  The what, in where?

What Evie didn’t voice aloud was her surprise at the number of spider webs and strands hanging from most of the equipment and filling the dark corners.  Laressa had such an impeccably neat shop above, it seemed odd the playroom would be so covered in webs.  ‘It must be Laressa’s effort to create atmosphere,’ she thought.  ‘Even those cocoons back there look real.’  For a moment she wondered if one of them moved, but dismissed the thought.

Meanwhile, Elspeth was noticing a series of framed art pieces on the wall nearest the stairs.  They pictured Laressa with a variety of women in a variety of poses and a variety of stages of distress and/or pleasure.  There were about a dozen on the wall, but it looked like there were room for about thirty.  Oddly, there was a gap after the fourth one, before the row continued with what would be the sixth one.

Something caught Elspeth’s eye in the eighth one, and she looked a little closer.  ‘Is that Millie?  All roped up like Aya tells me that Eastern girls like?  When was she…and is that Prim and Tia?’

“Ahh, you’ve noticed the artwork done for me by a dear…colleague.  He is quite brilliant, and exceptionally hard working.  And do you see that open fifth spot?  That will be for your artwork, dears.”


Laressa’s latest torment for the girls was perhaps her most devious–and was clearly bringing her the most joy.  Elspeth was stretched out and strictly bound to an inclined rack, on her back.  Evie was bound equally severely and suspended above her, facing down.  Both were gagged.

Periodically, Laress would lower Evie until their breasts were touching, each girls’ nipples crushing against the flesh of the other.  Their faces were held only inches apart, and with a minor adjustment, Laressa caused their thighs and bellies to barely brush against each other.

The first time she lowered Evie down onto Elspeth, she grinned and spoke in her familiar seductive tone:  “I’m told by a little brunette friend of yours that you girls enjoy what she called ‘smooshing.’  Is that true?  Let’s see how you like my version of that.”

She then began tickling Evie’s unprotected ribs and underarms until the Rithian girl was writhing and squealing into her ballgag.  Laressa did this repeatedly, while below her, Elspeth could do nothing but watch and absorb the feeling of Evie’s breasts crushing and crashing against hers, feel their thighs and bellies rubbing against each other, and feel mutual rising fires of passion that would barely cool before Laressa would begin again.  

With their faces so close together, staring into each others’ eyes while they endured their shared torment, it was inevitable that they would try to bring their ball gagged lips together.  That, then, would be the moment Laressa would raise Evie back off of Elspeth and leave them both panting and moaning for more.

Evie and Elspeth both tried to remain resilient while Laressa teased and taunted them, but they were clearly losing their composure, each craving the touch of the other…looking each other in the eyes, trying to be strong but wanting each other desperately.

Finally, Laressa relented–somewhat.  She removed their ball gags and wiped the saliva from their mouths, then asked: “do you two think you can at least try to get along for the rest of the night…”  She paused and corrected herself.  “Day.  Rest of the day?”

“Yes, Mistress!”  “Absolutely, Mistress!”

“Very well, let’s see.”  She lowered Evie down on Elspeth again, this time just a little further, allowing their bodies to touch from foreheads to knees.  Laressa moved Evie to one side, just enough for her thigh to move between Elspeth’s thighs…and vice versa.  It was a mixed blessing, considering neither had use of her hands…but at least their mouths would be free while they writhed against each other.

“You two kiss and make up, and I’ll be back to check on you in a while.”

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