Aurora Rush: Dominated by my Droid

Aurora Rush logo by CallMePlissken

This Aurora Rush logo was the work of CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 44:  Dominated by my Droid


As pleasure-droids go, my RU-69 unit was proving the best investment ever.  Oh, technically, it was my ‘Assistant-Bot,’ since ‘relations’ with droids are frowned upon in most civilized systems.  

But it gets lonely in space. So the use of Alternate Persona cards to modify standard-issue droids on interstellar missions was an open secret at Space Adventuress Command.  For a dozen credits and a kiss, one of the IT boys would slip me an AP card with a custom personality.  

Some techs would even offer one for free as long as they could download the recorded memory later.  For ‘personal use only,’ of course, I’m sure.  Some of those guys were real pervs, but they were the ones with the best programs.  And honestly?  It was kinky to know they watched me.

During a weekend of ‘personal time’ on Caligulus 5, I had some ‘realistic enhancements’ done to my RU-69, which made the ‘Handsome Stranger’ AP even more pleasurable.  But ever since my encounter with the Synthetic Seductresses, I’d kept thinking about how intensely erotic it was for a human female like me to be helpless and at the mercy of a heartless, cold machine.

Of course, it is quite taboo for a human to submit to a ‘mechanical.’  The Earth history of 1997 to 2029 warned of what happens when machines become self-aware masters.  And yet, somehow that taboo made it all the more…alluring…to me.  What can I say, decadent and naughty is sexy!

So when the tech who did the RU-69 enhancements offered me a black market “Mr. Dominator” AP card, I didn’t hesitate.  I gave him a generous tip for his work and didn’t ask any questions.

“Be careful,” the tech warned.  “Mr. Dominator…’He’ can be unpredictable.”  

‘Yessss…perfect’  I thought to myself as I nodded and thanked him.  

The first two times I plugged in the ‘Mr. Dominator’ Alternate Persona were pleasant enough.  I got a thrill from its commands to “call me your Metal Master,” and “kneel before me, human slave,” and even the more esoteric “tell me you rescind the 3 Laws.”  And I didn’t have to worry about premature articulation, if you know what I mean.

Still, having it follow a routine of pre-programmed lines just wasn’t as satisfying as someone who could make their own decisions…or take control of me and make all of my decisions for me.  Where was this unpredictability the tech warned me about?

I plugged RU-69’s data cable into my console and used the ship’s computer to see if there were more options on the AP card.  While RU-69 sat behind me, I scrolled through the expected user settings such as ‘bondage,’ ‘humiliation,’ and ‘consensual non-consent.’  I stopped when I saw a file named ‘Dominus Maximus.’  I was…’mildly intrigued’…to say the least.  I opened it.

I scrolled through a lengthy user agreement.   ‘Yada, yada, yada, no one actually reads this drivel, do they?’ I muttered.  ‘Let’s get to the juicy bits.’  I clicked ‘acquiesce’ and then ‘initiate.’

The installation began with another message on-screen.  “Unzipping in progress…firmwear primed…in 6 minutes, 9 seconds…

“Oh, just enough time!” I cried happily.  “I’ll be in my bunk, getting ready.”


Several minutes later, I emerged from my bunk wearing nothing but a sexy sheer nightie and panties and bedroom slippers with kitten heels.  I leaned against the doorway seductively and waited for RU-69 to turn and acknowledge me.  It didn’t move.  I pouted.  So like a real man!

“OH NO!”  I cried out in a dramatic worried voice.  “There’s a an evil bad robot in my ship!  Whatever will I do??”

RU-89 still didn’t respond.

I continued in a coquettish voice: “Oh, Mr. Bad Robot, what are you going to do now that you’ve captured me and taken control of my ship?”

“I am sooo helpless in my flimsy nightie!”

“I’m so embarrassed you can see right through it…I’m so exposed…and vulnerable!”

Frustratingly, still nothing happened.

That’s when I noticed that its data cable was still glowing and plugged into the console.  “Oh, silly me!” I said aloud.  “I didn’t click OK after the download finished.”  

The screen read: ‘Click ‘I SUBMIT’ if you wish to…submit.’

“Heavens, yes, I submit!”  I clicked the ‘I SUBMIT’ button as I bent over the keyboard.  “I didn’t make sure you were ready, did I, Mr. Dominator?”  I cooed at it.  “That was so naughty of me!”

Instantly, strong mechanical hands seized my waist from behind and a deep vibrato voice filled the room.  “Yes…Human Female…you have been extremely naughty.”  It pulled me back into its lap and against its metallic chest.  “You will be punished.”

“Whoa!  Whoa there, big boy!” I cried out in surprise.  “Let me get back in character!”

“Human Female.”  It repeated in the same deep calm voice.  “You will address me as Mr. Dominator.  Human Female is being insubordinate.  You will be punished.”

“Oh, Mr. Dominator!” I cried out in my coquettish voice, trying to get back into my role.  “I’m intrepid Space Adventuress Aurora!  What are you going to do now that you’ve captured me?”  I leaned back against it, running my fingertips against the metal skin of its legs.

“Your name is Slave Aurora.  You are mine to control, Slave Female.  You will be punished.”

“Geez, does every line end with being punished?  Ok, well, if you say so, big guy.”  

“You will address me as Mr. Dominator.  All Human Females are to be servile to Robot Masters.  Slave Aurora is impudent and disobedient.  Slave Aurora will be punished.”

It seized my wrists and pulled at them, laying my arms across the small of my back.  It transferred both wrists to one massive grip and turned me onto my tummy across its thighs.  My breasts lay over the top of one cool metallic thigh, with my legs dangling free off of the other. 

“Oh my goodness…wait…what are you…oh my!”  I cried out.  “You’re not going to…you can’t!”

Metal fingers hooked inside the elastic waist of my panties and I felt them being pulled over my rear and halfway down my thighs.  “Silence, Slave Aurora!  I decide what I do with my human females.  You will be punished.”

Somewhere behind me I heard a hiss of static and the communications monitor on my wall came to life.  I heard a familiar voice crackle through the speakers behind me.  RU-69 paused.

“Well, well, Miss Aurora Rush, Space Adventuress of Space.  I could have guessed I would find you in a compromising position.  And such a lovely view!”

“Danica!  Is that you?”  I turned to look over my shoulder at the monitor, but Mr. Dominator was holding me firmly down in his lap.

“That’s ‘Mistress Danica, the Deep Space Dominatrix’ to you, ‘Slave Aurora.’

“Danica, you psychotic witch!  What have you done? I should have known you’d be behind this.”

“And I should have known your behind would be stuck in the air, and bare, as usual!  Oh, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist using the ‘Dominus Maximus’ program.  Now I have control of your RU unit, control of your ship, and control of you!”

I squirmed in RU-69’s grip and managed to slip one hand free.  I began reaching for the glowing data table.  “You’ll never get…away with this…Danica!” I muttered while straining and stretching.

“Oh, I already have, my little Slave Adventuress. I’ve accessed your RU-69’s programming, deleted your safewords, and removed all failsafes.  It’s delivering you right into my clutches.”

“I’ll never be your slave, Danica,” I said, hoping I sounded more confident and defiant than I felt.  Danica and I had a history, and it seemed she hadn’t quite forgiven me for her banishment yet.

“Teaching you to call me Mistress Danica will be your first of many lessons, Slave Aurora,” she hissed.  “In three days you’ll reach my dungeon in the Gomorrah system, far beyond the reach of Space Adventuress Command.  Soon, I’ll have you collared on your knees at my feet!”

“Soon, I’ll have you in shackles on your way back to prison, Danica!” I retorted. 

“Ooh, Aurora!  Promise?  I didn’t know you were a switch!”  She laughed maniacally.  Then she changed her tone, to address my RU-69 unit instead.  

“Now, Mr. Dominator, you may return to punishing your insolent human slave girl.  Perhaps by the time you reach me out here beyond the outer rim, your slave will be a little more humbled and pliant.  Feel free to go beyond her outer rim.”

“Prepare to be punished, Slave Aurora,” my Robot Master said in a menacing voice.

I squealed as I felt a powerful slap on my upturned rear, accompanied by the sharp crack of fine leather on soft flesh and a hot flush of arousal.  Mr. Dominator seemed to know exactly where to aim.  I was glad I paid extra for cowhide palms on RU-69; they made a lovely cracking sound.  

“I’ll see you in three days, Slave Aurora,” Danica called out.  “It will be so delightful to see you humiliated before me after all the trouble you’ve caused me over the years.  Have fun!”  

As soon as Danica closed the channel I began reaching out to unplug the data cable again.  I just about had it in my grasp when Danica’s words echoed in my head: ‘see you in three days…’  

Three days, hmm?  Perhaps I should let Mr. Dominator have ‘his’ way with me for a day or so…

~~~the end??~~~

Keep an eye on my site for the next exciting novella from Fannda Flames!

Aurora Rush:  Deep Space Dominatrix


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