Stories in the Candlelight pt.2

artwork by menchimenagerie

Laressa drops in on Evie and Millie’s evening with a reminder and warning for Evie

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity and Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

Part 1 can be found here:


Part 2

It was about the time I was finishing wrapping up Millie’s chest and arms that I first sensed the presence in the room.  I looked about, but didn’t see anyone in my small room.  And I was facing the door…I would have seen someone come in.

I felt it again, even stronger, as I put Millie’s blindfold on.  This time I was sure there was someone…or something…there in the room with me.  After a glance behind me, I slid off Millie and off the bed, keeping my eyes trained on the doorway.  

“Just lay here and enjoy for a little while, sweetie, and I’ll be back for you,” I whispered and patted Millie on the shoulder.  A happy ‘mmmmmm’ was her only response.

I had only taken half a step toward the door when the presence was upon me.  I sensed it coming at me from behind, and above. In my small bedroom, it hadn’t dawned on me to look up.

At first I just felt a hand on my neck, sliding around to my throat, under my chin, tilting my head back and slipping fingers up and over my lips.  Then another hand, slipping around my opposite side, under my arm and across my middle.

I had a brief sense of a few other hands gripping me in other places to keep me still, but the fleeting sensation disappeared with the scent and sound of breath beside my face.

“Shhhh, now…let’s not disturb your playmate.  Come with me now, and I’ll leave her in peace.”

The voice had a hypnotic quality, as did the scents that flooded my senses.  I felt myself helplessly entering a trance-like state–one in which I felt safe and completely unconcerned, and ready to do whatever the voice commanded me.

“To the door,” the voice whispered in my ear, in a vibrato tone that seemed to echo around me.  It compelled me to obey.  A nudge in my back was all I needed, and I moved silently to the door.  

I gave one last thought to Millie left bound and blindfolded on the bed, but I believed the voice when it told me she would be unharmed.

In the outer room, the voice commanded me to my knees, and a hand gently pressed down on my shoulder while the other maintained it’s soft grip under my chin.  I complied immediately, sinking down to the floor while the presence behind me moved in unison as if we were one.

I don’t actually recall if the voice commanded me to cross my wrists behind my back, or if it was just an instinctual move.  I felt soft fabric being wrapped around and around them until they were firmly–yet comfortably–secured together.

Almost in concert, wrapping pulled my knees together as well, gripping my legs snugly and pressing my thighs together.  Again, I had this sense of many hands working over me at once, but it was difficult to focus on all the different sensations with the whispering voice in my ear and the heady fragrance around me.

I stopped worrying about anything at all when I felt the hand sliding up my leg, drawing the hem of my dress upward, and tracing fingertips on the inside of my thigh.


In the candlelit bedroom, behind the darkness of her blindfold, Millie felt like she was drifting.  It was such an odd sensation, to be so completely restrained and helpless, and yet to feel so safe and secure.  

The entire time Evie had been binding her, Millie’s attention had been torn between the graceful touch of Evie’s fingertips and the constricting strands of rope being applied to her limbs.  She longed for Evie to touch her more, but she had promised herself she would follow Evie’s lead, do exactly as she said.

If Evie chose to touch her more, she would enjoy it, of course.  But something told her to just trust Evie to guide her and teach her.  She just hoped Evie would be impressed enough to invite her back again…


I had to bite my lip to stifle a moan as the fingertips traced ever so slowly between my thighs, tantalizing as they moved further under my dress.  The touch was delicate but deliberate, leaving no doubt that its owner was in control–that I was under their control.

My mind told me that the touch was familiar, that I knew who this was behind me.  The whispers had stopped, and my head was clearing as I realized my chin was no longer in their grip.

Instead, those fingertips were tracing down my neck, over my collarbone, and down my chest.  They deftly slipped under the fabric of my dress and traced across my upper breast.  They danced teasingly around, brushing close enough to my areolas to make my nipples respond, without making any satisfying connection.

My trance was fully broken when the voice in my ear became clear and familiar.   “You are such a naughty girl, tying up Millie like that.”  As if to emphasize the source of my roguish behavior, the fingertips pressed firmly against their target between my legs.  I felt her body press against me from behind, pinning me between her and her skilled fingertips.

I clenched my thighs together as a crescendo of pleasure rushed through me.  “Mistress Laressa,” I gasped.  “She..she…Millie wanted me to, Mistress!”

“Oh really?  And are you sure you weren’t taking advantage of that sweet innocent girl?”  The teasing in her voice was matched by the deliberate probing of her fingers over and into me.

“Mistress…I was careful…I…I kept myself in control…”  The words rushed out, pleading my case, desperate to convince Laressa I hadn’t done anything wrong.  Perhaps desperate to tell myself I hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Are you going to be able to control yourself enough to send her home with her innocence, and wait until she’s ready for more?”  Her fingertips maintained their dance within me, as if testing my resolve to remain in control of myself, while I felt her sensual curves pressing behind me.

“Yes Mistress! I promise!”  I would have shouted it if I weren’t worried about disturbing Millie in the other room.  

“I’m trusting you, Evie,” Laressa whispered.  “But I think it best if you have a reminder of that promise.”  Her left hand came into view beside me, holding the red leather collar she’d placed upon my neck before.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it, fearing it as much as I craved it.  I knew once she put it on me, I’d be absolutely under her command and accepting of everything she wanted from me.

“Go be with your friend,” she whispered.  “But behave yourself.  And once Millie’s gone home, I’ll expect you kneeling in your place by my hearth, above the store.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered back.  “I won’t let you down.”


Back in the bedroom, I was removing the last of the ropes from Millie’s ankles while she studied the faint marks around her wrists.

“It’s so strange…the ropes were so tight, I couldn’t move, but they didn’t hurt at all,” she said.

“I told you, sweetie, I was taught by the best of the best.”  I gave her a bright smile.  “But what’s even more strange is that sometimes it feels good when they hurt, too.”

“Can we try that sometime?” she said hopefully.

“Of course, dear girl.  But I think we’ve had enough lessons for one night.  Let’s get under the covers and get some sleep.  You can be the little spoon.”

Millie blushed and grinned.  Then she got a quizzical look on her face.  “Why are you wearing a collar, Evie?  Aren’t collars for the one who’s being controlled?”

“Smart girl,” I said as I pulled the covers up over us.  “But being in control means being in control of yourself, too.  And you’re too special for me to mess that up.”

Millie looked at me as if still slightly puzzled, but willing to take my word for it.  “Thank you for taking good care of me, Evie.”

“Of course, sweetie.  Trust me, you’re worth it.”

I blew out the bedside candle, snuggled in behind her, and enjoyed a very deep and peaceful sleep.


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