The Silken Trap, pt.2

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie dangles herself as bait for a mysterious predator and finds herself dangling in Laressa’s grip

Long before Evie ever called Laressa ‘Mistress,’ they had a more adversarial relationship…that of hunter and prey. But just who was the hunter, and who was the prey?

Read part 1 first here: The Silken Trap, pt. 1

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Part 2

The beautiful redhead pushed, pulled, and prodded me deeper into the alleyway.  Walking on uneven ground is difficult in high heels in the best of conditions.  In the dark–with my thighs wrapped together, tugged along and groped by my seductive captor–was nearly impossible. 

“We’re almost there little fly, do you think you’ll enjoy your new home?” she breathed softly into my ear.  When I didn’t answer immediately, she gave my earlobe a light and playful nibble.  “I might find it hard to resist your taste.”  I shivered–and not just from the cool night air cutting through my wispy pink cocktail dress. 

Her teasing and taunting while she toyed with me kept me on edge and heightened my curiosity–and anticipation.  The temptation to give in and let her do as she wished was strong.

“Where are you taking me?  What are you going to do with me?”  I put a little tremble into my voice, trying to play to her predatory instincts.  I knew she no longer believed I was simply a helpless and scared damsel, but I was getting a sense of what she was and what she wanted.  

“You’ll know soon enough, little fly,” she replied. “Why would I spoil the third act?  I’m enjoying our little dance of uncertainty too much.”  She paused.  “I’m going to enjoy making you dance.”

It was a challenge to pay attention to where she was taking me.  I could tell we were in the alley behind the buildings on Silk Street with all the high-end shops.  It was between two of these buildings that she pushed me, then abruptly pulled me through a side door into a shop.

She guided me across the storeroom of an elegant dress boutique and through a hidden door on the other side.  The dark hallway beyond had what appeared to be criss-crossing sheets of spider webbing, hanging at angles from the ceilings to the walls along both sides.  My captor nimbly navigated us between, around and through them to the open room beyond.

The large room was lit only by a pair of candelabras flanking an ornate chair along one side wall.  In one far corner was a large bed covered with rich fabrics; in the other was a leather covered table with cuffs and chains at the corners.  On the wall directly across from the chair was an X-frame with matching restraints.  A short pedestal stood in the very center of the room.

It was to this pedestal that my captor led me, and helped me upon it.  She produced a strip of fine silk, wrapped it over my eyes, and tied it off behind my head.  When I wobbled on the pedestal, she gripped my hips in both her hands to steady me.

“Be very still, little fly,” she whispered.  “I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself before I get a chance to do it.”

I let out a soft moan as she pulled back slightly on my hips, pulling me into her, and feeling the heat of her body against my flesh, right through my flimsy dress.

When she was satisfied I was stable on my feet again, she drew my hands downward in front of me so my arms were straight.  My upper arms framed my breasts while my bound wrists rested at my waist.  “Stand straight and be still,” she said in a seductive and commanding voice.

I felt a cool band of silky material laid across my upper breasts and around my shoulders.  After joining them on my upper back, she brought one end of the wrap around to my front and across my chest again.  She continued around and laid the next wrap under my breasts, pulling my elbows into my sides and cinching them in with a tug on the silk.

Through the blindfold I could sense her circling around me, laying the bands upon me one after another, tucking them in around my curves and pulling them taut.  She would give a soft laugh when a tug on the wrap would make me teeter on my heels.  “I so love seeing you squirm.”

 After a dozen or so wraps around my upper body from my elbows to my shoulders, and a few more around my upper thighs, I heard her heels on the floor as she stepped away from me.  While she walked, I felt a tug at the wraps just below my breasts.  She must have been holding the other end of the wrap as she moved away.

A few moments of silence followed, where I could not tell where she was.  I could only feel the slight tension of my wrapping from the tether she had taken with her.  I resisted the urge to call out or question her, staying silent and listening for any clues instead.


Oh, such a wonderful delight such as this woman was such a rare treat, One that should be enjoyed over many, many hours.  A delicious treat to nibble and tease until she would be nothing more than a squirming, moaning mess like the others… no, not quite like the others I had taken recently.  Only one other had shown the spirit and drive this beauty has.

Taking a step back to admire my handiwork – always so elegantly woven and draped in silk, no work could be compared to mine if I do say so myself.  Sauntering to my chair, I had arranged my little den so I could properly admire such toys I found.  It was a delight to enjoy their reactions – to see them be drawn into a bliss that they would not expect.  This one though.. There was no fear, more of an anticipation about her.  She wanted to learn more, but was it solely just to learn about what I am, what danger I pose?  Taking a deep sip from the glass of wine I had ready, I couldn’t resist a smirk crossing my lips.

That is just so, so adorable.


“You may remove your blindfold now,” I heard her say from somewhere in front of me.  When she saw me struggling to move my wrapped arms, she called out, “Lift only your hands to your face, you can reach it.”

When my eyes became accustomed to the dim candlelight, I saw the woman seated in the high-backed chair, her back straight and her long legs crossed.  In one hand she held a glass of red liquid.  With the other, she casually twirled the end of my tether between her fingers.

It was the first good look I’d been able to take, the first time I could study her.  She looked absolutely beautiful, elegant, seductive…and dangerous.  I felt a thrill ripple through me.

“Aren’t you just the most delicious morsel,” she called out.  “Ordinarily I would indulge myself in a little taste of my trembling little prey now.  But you’re not a trembling little damsel, are you, little fly?”  She took a sip from her glass and smiled at my non-answer.  “No, I can tell that you are something more.  And something more deserves more special treatment than that.”

“What exactly are your plans for me then, Miss…?”  I let the question trail off, hoping to draw her out.  As much as I was enjoying the binding and handling, part of me remembered I still had a reason to be here–besides being this mysterious woman’s latest plaything.

The tug on my tether was firm and abrupt, and threatened to pull me forward off the pedestal.  Her verbal response was just as firm and direct.  

“Mistress,” she replied, her eyes narrowing and her voice becoming serious.  “Mistress Laressa, to those who’ve earned the right.  For you, though, Mistress will suffice for now.”

‘Mistress,’ I thought.  ‘Now the pieces are falling into place.  A sultry and seductive spideress, dominating and satisfying her desires with innocent girls from the city.’  The woman certainly looked the part and knew how to play the role.  No wonder the missing girls all came back with a vague sense of pleasant experiences.  No wonder Aly had such a visceral response to her!

I realized the woman was still waiting for a response.

“My apologies, Mistress,” I replied with sincerity.  “May I ask what your plans are for me?”

She was silent for a moment, looking me slowly up and down.  “That little party dress hardly does you justice,” she mused.  “One such as you should be wearing only the finest garments…as well as other…accessories.”  

She stood and approached me again, letting the tether fall to the floor.  “Now, don’t go anywhere,” she said with a soft laugh.  “I’m going to gather some things I’ve been saving for someone special.”  

The mysterious woman headed to the far wall, where an enormous wardrobe dominated the wall between the bed and the padded table.  She opened it to reveal racks of fine-looking dresses, gowns, lingerie and more.  On the insides of the doors hung crops, floggers, collars and leashes.  She busied herself collecting items with her back to me.

I’d decided I’d heard and learned enough about what was going on here.  I also decided that taking her on alone wasn’t the most prudent strategy, especially if she had the ability to cloud one’s memory of their time with her.  Better to escape, get some assistance, return with a posse of rangers to deal with her.  Let higher authorities decide how to handle her from that point on.

I stepped carefully off the pedestal, my heels making a soft click on the floor below.  I didn’t even look to see if she heard me; with my knees bound I needed every second to get as far ahead of her as possible.  I turned to the door and skittered across the floor as fast as my wrapped legs would allow.


Oh, just what did I want for this beautiful treat?  There was something that just made it so hard for me to decide.  A pretty gown more suitable for a lady of her stature, or perhaps she would look best in something showing far more skin?  No, there was no delight in simply showing off a beauty like her so shamelessly.  What reason is there to wrap a present after all, if not so it can be slowly unwrapped.  She knew how to follow word and direction, that was a good start.  She would be a delight to train, to teach her how good a girl she can be for a Mistress – for Me.

I was just finishing arranging a few things, a few choice garments that would suit her, a few little accessories that would frame her beauty well.  Polished chains, almost delicate in appearance but surprisingly sturdy – clearly made from some uncommon metal.  Cuffs of smooth leather, dyed a deep crimson colour, just perfect for what would be a plaything of Mine.  

Oh, it was getting so hard to decide what I wanted to use on her, I was getting positively giddy in anticipation!  I just could not show it that easily after all, not in the middle of a performance.  This show must go on, and it was certainly far from over.

Especially in how this little one seemed to think stepping off the pedestal in a completely empty room wouldn’t attract my attention.  Maybe I had to rethink her ability to follow directions.. It was fine, a woman of this calibre would not be so quick to surrender herself.  It just made the game that much more fun.

Turning around, raising my voice as I spoke.  “Oh no, she was just here a moment ago!” oh I just couldn’t help how I felt, eager to see just how far this one could go.  How could I resist a game when the prize is just too tempting, even for me.  I could still hear her struggling to get through the darkened corridor draped with silk, wondering just how she must be feeling right now.  

“Poor little thing, she should just come back, get on her knees like a good little treat and receive My blessing.  It would make it so much easier.” unable to hold back a laugh, letting it echo down the corridor.  Would this darling be able to keep her nerve, or would she crumble?  Only one way to find out.


When I made it all the way across the floor to the hallway without a reaction from the mysterious woman, I was starting to think I might slip away.  When I heard her sing-song voice saying “Oh no,” I knew better.  She was simply taunting and toying with me.  Again.

I continued into the hallway, trying to brush aside the criss-crossing webs.  I underestimated how sticky and clingy they would be, and after the first two, I was thrashing about trying to navigate between them.  By the time I hit the third and fourth webs, I was blundering haphazardly into them and was now trying to use sheer force to push through them.

That was when the room was pitched into near darkness.  That gave her an immense advantage, so I renewed my efforts to force my way forward through the webs.  I could just make out a sliver of light coming through the doorway ahead.  My goal was in sight.

My spirits fell then, when I saw a shadow cross that sliver of light.  How in the seven realms did she get ahead of me??  A match flared to life and in its flickering glow I could see the grinning face of my captor.  She had ouflanked and outwitted me–and she knew it.

“My lovely, did you really think it would be so easy to leave me?” she asked.  “Perhaps a better question, is why ever would you try?  I’ve been nothing but kind and gentle with you–so far.”  She blew out the flame.  “Unfortunately, it seems that will all have to change.”

I felt another wrap of silk touch the back of my neck and wrap around my throat.  She knotted it off in front, and I felt a sharp tug from the loose ends.  She brushed past me in the near darkness and then she was pulling me along behind her with the wrap around my neck.  I stepped quickly for fear of falling, as I was pretty sure she would just keep dragging me along.

When we reached Laressa’s chair, she roughly shoved me to the floor in front of it.  With my arms bound to my sides I couldn’t easily break my fall and landed hard on my shoulder and hip.  

Laressa re-lit the candelabras and then took her seat again.  After a long sip from her goblet, she looked down at me sprawled out before her.  Her features appeared calm, except for her eyes–her eyes held a withering glare.

“Your lack of obedience and gratitude is most disappointing,” she said with a disapproving frown.  “You reject my hospitality.  I’m offering you so much, and you disrespect me.”

“I’m not sure I could survive what you are offering,” I said quietly.  I didn’t want to end up as some wriggling cocoon in the corner, nor to be found dazed on the street with cloudy memories.

“Then you misunderstand it,” she snapped.  She got up again and strode to the wardrobe.  “I would have adorned you in the most glamorous dresses, the most exotic lingerie.”  Laressa retrieved the items she was collecting when I attempted my escape.  “Embellish your beauty with jewels and gold.” 

She returned with the items she described, and more.  Laressa held up some thick red leather cuffs linked by a shimmering silver chain.  “And I would have graced your delicate neck and wrists with finely worked leather.”  

Laressa looked disdainfully down at me.  “Not to mention the many sensual pleasures I could have rewarded you with, had you chosen to use that lovely body of yours to please me well.”

She then dumped it all unceremoniously in a heap beside me.  “But instead, you’ll lie there in that trashy pink dress and be treated like any common girl I might find on the street.”  She sat back down and crossed both her arms and her legs, deliberately closing herself off to me, and gave me a scowl that left no doubt as to the depths of her disappointment. 


Why had I done this?  More often than not, such lovely darlings would simply be brought into my web, to be enjoyed and toyed with, to listen to their lovely noises and watching them wriggle and thrash in snug, encasing silk.  This one however… there was just something more to this one.  Something that just entranced me to her, a want to keep her, hold her, adore her like the precious fly she is. 

I saw her sink to her knees and offer herself to me by the time I was finished with her, yet I did not feel entirely satisfied – not for the lack of effort she gave, far from it!  There was just a feeling that she needed to be pushed further, harder, more intensely.

A simple test, to bait how eager she was, to gauge how much she wanted to surrender to me, and to learn just how helplessly trapped she can be in the spider’s web.  Yet even now, I have no doubt she will not fail her Mistress.


For reasons I didn’t fully understand, I felt ashamed–and disappointed in myself.  I was not one for material possessions, but now that she told me I couldn’t have those things, I wanted them.  Now that she had expressed her displeasure, I felt challenged to please her.  Having offended, I wanted to apologize and convince her to let me prove how well I could serve and obey.

I decided to follow those impulses.  My mission here was essentially done; I had the information I came for.  I still needed to escape and report back, but eventually I would find an opportunity.  Since I couldn’t escape right this moment, the best way to see this mission through was to let Laressa’s plans for me play out, and patiently bide my time for the right opportunity.  

Now, perhaps that was just a convenient excuse to set my mission aside and indulge my personal decadent desires.  Which just so happened to include submitting to a fiery redheaded dominant spideress and letting her take control of me.  

Fortunately, I have a lot of autonomy for decisions on a mission!

“Please forgive me, Mistress,” I said while keeping my head bowed.  “I did not intend to offend you–I did misunderstand your intentions, and I was thinking only of my mission.”

“Your mission to expose me, you mean,” she snapped.  “And now?  What are you thinking now?”  She raised one eyebrow while waiting for a response.

“You have given me reasons to trust you, Mistress…and my mission is no longer important right now,” I said truthfully.  “I wish to remain and learn more, but only for myself, not my mission.”

“I see.  And I, in turn, should trust you simply because you say so?”  Her skepticism was evident.  She wasn’t ready to just accept that I had capitulated so easily.  Perhaps she did not yet believe I was now acting only for myself, and not on behalf of the Rangers.

“I regret disappointing you, Mistress.  I did not intend disrespect and I view it as a challenge to show I can be obedient and please you.  May I somehow make amends and earn your trust?”

Laressa looked thoughtful, as if she were carefully considering my request.  I thought, however, I detected a fleeting smile crossing her lips.

“Do you think you deserve a chance?” She asked, still cautious.  “You realize, of course, with you laying there helpless, I can simply take what I want and leave you like the others.”

I did, in fact, know she could.  It was part of what made the thought of submitting myself to her so appealing.  “I know, Mistress.  It is because you can take what you want that I want to freely give it instead.”

This time Laressa didn’t bother hiding her smile.  “Excellent response, little fly.  I may be able to make something special of you yet.”  She paused and watched my reaction until she saw me nod and smile, knowing it signified my submission to her.

“Now let’s see you work yourself back up to your knees in front of me.”


What had beckoned me to this fly was a question I mulled with in my head.  A beauty in pink, clearly bold and brave yet also with femininity of a Princess.  One who had been looking for me, but that wasn’t enough of an answer.  There was something more to this beauty, more than just a gentle face, and far more than just some well versed spy.  I would like to think that after all this time I became quite proficient at telling truth from fable, to read the minute little motions and ticks that show a person as lying.

Evie seemed to be genuinely honest in her wish to submit to me.  A want to prove herself, or perhaps she found herself sinking deeper into my parlor?  Well, I would be remiss to not give her a chance to show me herself if it was just some clever ruse.  The more I admired her in my silk, the more I felt a want for it to not be a simple feint.

I wanted more of her.  I wanted so much more, and she seemed so inclined to oblige me as her Mistress.  Oh, watching her work her way back to her knees was such a delight, knelt in submission before me.  I couldn’t help the smirk of amusement at how she struggled so.  Perhaps, even if it turns out to be a ruse I can still find some way to amuse myself with her.  It was far too late for her now, after all.  She had taken my full attention.


Laressa watched with amusement while I struggled to raise myself up to my knees.  With my arms wrapped tightly to my sides, it took several pushes with my bound wrists to get my hip below me enough to sit up.  It took two more failures before I could tuck my legs underneath and balance on my knees.  Finally, with my hair hanging in my eyes, I was able to look up at her.

“Very good,” Laressa said.  “I know that wasn’t easy, but you showed determination.  Now let’s see about you making amends, yes?”  She got up from the chair and squatted in front of me, looking at me closely.  With a delicate touch of her fingers she drew my hair back from my face.

“Thank you, Mistress,” was all I said.  I felt happy to have earned her approval for my effort.

“To prove obedience, we must first address disobedience, yes?”  She traced her fingers down the side of my face, along my jawline to my chin.  Then she reversed her hand and let her fingernails glide across my exposed neck back below my ear, and down again to my collarbone.  

“Yes, Mistress.”  I thrilled at her touch.  I was tempted to lean into her hand, seeking more.  Her touch was so sensual, I was not yet thinking about what ‘addressing disobedience’ might mean.

My breasts had been exposed from my dress since Laressa first put me on the pedestal, and it was to them that she now directed her attention.  She caressed them at first, then toyed with my nipples until I felt them hardening and swelling.  At the same time, I felt a stirring of arousal.

Laressa produced some long thin strands of silk and wrapped the ends of them around each nipple, knotting and cinching them down at their bases to trap the rosy buds within.  After a firm tug to ensure the little nooses wouldn’t slip off, Laressa entwined the silk strands together into one long string.  Then she slipped the free end through the gap between my forearms.

“You’re wondering where this strand is going next, don’t you my lovely?” she asked.  

I caught her eye, and nodded.  I could already feel blood engorging my captured nipples making them tingle.  “I am, Mistress,” I agreed.  I had a pretty good guess, but the choice was hers.

“Forward, down onto your arms,” she commanded, pushing downward between my shoulder blades until I was resting on my wrists, my weight lifting off my ankles as I shifted forward.

Laressa walked around behind me and I felt the hem of my dress being tugged upward.  She pulled it up over my hips and bunched it around my waist, leaving my rear bare and my most intimate areas exposed.  Then she threaded the silken strand between my legs, nestled it between the folds of my sex, and up along the cleft between my cheeks.  

When she stood again, she pulled the strand with her, making it tug on my nipples, while also working itself deeper into my sex.  With her other hand Laressa retrieved the end of the silken leash she’d wrapped around my neck earlier, and pulled backward gently until I raised my head.  Between the two, she could easily control my movement.  I glanced over my shoulder at her.  

I felt both lines tighten as she wrapped them once around her left hand.  “Now keep your eyes open and look straight forward,” she commanded.  “I don’t want to see you looking back at me.”  

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, turning my face forward and locking my gaze on the seat of her chair.

I heard the loud slap of the flogger at the same time I felt the impact on my exposed rear.  With a gasp, I jerked forward involuntarily, barely catching myself with my splayed fingers on the floor.  The initial sting on my cheek gave way to a rising warmth in my flesh as I gave a low groan.

“Silence, now, little one,” she said softly.  “I don’t wish to have to cover those lovely lips of yours.  Show me you can obey and accept your consequences without a sound.”  

The flogger made a matching slap on my other cheek, and this time I expected it.  I clenched my teeth and focused on the chair.  

“Good!  Very good,” Laressa whispered, approval in her tone.  She followed that with two more quick strikes.  Again and again, she worked the ends of the flogger across my cheeks, around the curves of my hips, and up the backs of my thighs.  Several times she punctuated the strikes with a tug on the silky strands, pulling my head back and tugging at my breasts.  My nipples began to ache, while the insistent rubbing between my legs screamed for more attention.

I could feel tears beginning to run down my cheeks as I clenched my jaw.  The heat from my inflamed backside was quickly being surpassed by the growing heat between my legs.  My breath was coming in more ragged gasps and it was becoming harder and harder to stay silent.

“You would come rather quickly if I allowed it, wouldn’t you, dear Evie?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped.  It was practically a whine.

“All in due time,” she replied.  “You have other things to attend to first.”  She dropped the flogger on the floor in front of me and walked around to face me.  She placed one hand firmly under my chin and used it to lift my entire body back up into my kneeling position.  The strands tied to my nipples grew taut as I rose, pulling my breasts down uncomfortably until the silken lassos finally slipped off my nipples.  In seconds, I felt needle-like stings as fresh blood replaced numbness.

I hadn’t realized I’d closed my eyes until she ordered me to open them.  She was still cupping my chin in her hand while she smiled down at me.  Then I noticed she had drawn the draping of her own dress apart and her sex was exposed directly before me. 

“Other things to attend to,” she repeated, “such as seeing to my pleasure first.”  She raised one eyebrow and gave me a wry smile as she waited for my reaction.

“It will be my pleasure as well, Mistress,” I replied with a happy smile.  Then I leaned forward, the tip of my tongue extended, and began to show my new Mistress just how good I could be.


Oh, how magnificently did she perform, even better than I could have hoped for.  So receptive to my touches and my advances, clearly showing a lack of fear once she felt reassured.  This darling girl was no stranger to how I would dote upon her.  She followed my instructions to the letter, and for that, a dear fly deserves some reward.  The reward of being allowed to continue pleasing Me.

My bared womanhood was on display to the beautiful woman, like the curtains of a stage where the main event was about to begin.  Dancing my fingers from her chin to her cheek, then once more to play with her hair.  Seeing how happy she looked, how eager she is to please, how could I resist her teasing tongue.  Oh, how glad I was that this little fly could not see my face, though perhaps Evie did not need to – clearly skilled in the use of her lips and her tongue.  An almost electric trill down my spine at the manner of her tongue work.  Both a skilled and talented orator and a playful tease.

I couldn’t help the quickening of my breath as her tongue gave deliberate, teasing touches.  Her intentions were clear and purposeful building up to a crescendo with every single touch a step in the dance she performed for me.  Twirling and spinning, her dance steps becoming quicker, the tempo rising as did my chest with every warm breath.  My fingers gripped her hair gently yet with a measure of control, just enough to guide this performance, to let Evie continue to dance for Me.

A slight squeeze here, a slight press there, just enough to keep her directed and focused – not that it was needed from me.  This lovely fly knew just where to worship with her lips and tongue, so much so that I could not help the noises to escape my lips.  To keep up appearances, to continue her own show of being the wicked spideress in control, I always maintained an air of being above it all… but this darling, she made it so very hard to pretend.  After all, why should I pretend with such a delicious treat?

Oh, I just couldn’t help myself, my thighs pressing against the side of her head, breathing deeply and letting out a low moan of my own, I just couldn’t help myself.  Continuing to hold her, guide her, it was so hard to resist all that she gave and more.

With a shiver down my spine, unable to contain myself any longer as her touches intensified, bringing me at last to my crescendo.  My own noises filled the room as she brought me to my peak.  My breathing ragged, shivering as she ensured I rode through my climax for as long as it would last.  

Of course, it was hardly becoming of a Mistress to show herself being completely shaken by her sweet morsel, no matter how tempting and irresistible she is!  Squeezing the back of her head firmly, before taking a step backward.  My legs were like jelly from her sweet attention, but with a deep breath I stood up tall, admiring her so much.

It’s no wonder I can never resist stealing her, all for Myself.


Laressa kept a firm hand on the back of my head, her fingers entwined in my hair.  She wasn’t pulling hard or trying to force me against her, just giving me little nudges and squeezes of her fingertips when I did something well.  And I knew how to do a lot of things very well.

I listened closely to the sounds of her breathing, noticed the slight trembles in her thighs, the tensing of her hips.  I let her reactions guide me as I shared my repertoire, using techniques I’d been taught and even more I’d learned on my own.  There’s a reason the empathic make great spies, and even better lovers.  I knew Laressa was coming at the same instant she did.

To her credit, if Laressa was as dazed and overwhelmed by her climax as I thought she was, she didn’t show it.  After blinking rapidly and beaming down at me, she composed herself rather quickly and took a half step back, letting her dress fall back in place.  

“Well, now, my dear Evangeline.  It seems I was quite wise to give you another chance.  And I must say, you’ve made the most of your second chance.”  She paused, and lifted my chin with her fingertips again.  “I think you’ve demonstrated you can both obey and serve me well.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said softly and happily.  “Thank you for giving me the second chance.”

“You’ve also demonstrated your eagerness and aptitude for giving pleasure,” she continued.  “And that you deserve to have your Mistress show you she has many talents of her own.”

Laressa eased me onto my back on the floor, then got to her knees and moved into position over me.  While I stared up into her beautiful face, studying her elegant features, I felt her loosening the bindings that held my arms to my sides.  

‘This is it,’ I thought as my arms became free.  ‘This is my chance to resist and escape…’

And at that moment, I wanted to stay.

Plus, it was my turn…

Laressa paused suddenly, her eyes searching, her body tense.  She’d sensed my inner conflict.

I smiled and met her eyes, softening my gaze, showing that I was relaxed, willing and compliant.  Laressa matched my smile, visibly relaxing, and continued.  

With a firm grip on my wrists, she lifted my hands up over my head and pinned them to the floor above me.  While she kissed and caressed me, I felt her using more silky webbing to anchor my chest, waist and hips to the floor.

“I know you’re no longer afraid of me, Evie,” she whispered.  “But won’t you wriggle for me as if you were, little fly?”

I smiled and obliged her.  I knew that for all her caresses and tender affections, she was also a predator at heart, one that thrilled at the chase and was aroused at the struggles of her prey.  And so I wriggled and writhed against the silken webs that held me fast, twisting my wrists and trying to scissor my bound legs until I was breathless and panting heavily.

That’s when Laressa showed me that despite my extensive skills and talents as an attentive lover, my new Mistress had so much, much more that she could teach me.


I wasn’t sure how long I slept, but when I woke, Laressa was quietly watching and studying me again.  I lay there still naked, the remains of her torn wraps on the floor around me.  

“You are a delight, Evie,” she said.  “So few of my lovelies have been as enthusiastic, or enjoyed themselves, as much as you.  And I must say, I’ve not found such satisfaction from any of them as I have from you.”

“Mmmmm…” I smiled at her.  “This has been blissful, Mistress, and I hate to see this end.   But you know I cannot allow you to keep hunting girls and taking them against their will.  Even though you are leaving them unharmed…I cannot just let it happen.  I would have to arrest you.”

Laressa frowned.  “And you know I must hunt.  And I cannot allow you to arrest me.  So, like the others I caught and released, I must obscure your memories of me.  A pity.”  

“Perhaps there is another way, Laressa,” I said.  I wasn’t sure how she was able to obscure memories, but that was one thing I couldn’t let happen.  If I couldn’t convince her otherwise, this was the point I’d need to fight or flee from her…and this time I’d be ready for her counterattacks.

“I’m listening, Evie,” she said.  Her voice sounded cautious; she was still concerned that I would cause problems for her, but at least she was willing to listen and not force a confrontation.

“There may be more women who enjoy this experience than you might think.  If you are patient, you will find more…you may even find some who will pay you to wrap them up and enjoy them.”

“Oh really?  I could build a clientele of lovelies who wish to be dominated, like you…and Alynnya?”  Her tone and expression seemed hopeful now.

I grinned.  “Yes.  But you have to stop kidnapping them.  They have to consent to it.”

“I suppose…” Laressa mused.  She looked wistful, though…she still felt something was missing.

“I promise you don’t have to miss the thrill of being a predator,” I said to her, taking her hand in mine.  “When you feel the need to hunt…you can always still hunt me.”

~~~the end~~~

For more Evie and Laressa fun, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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