Testing, Just Encase-pt 1

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie visits the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs to assist them with testing a new restraint system, and finds herself enveloped in their project!

Evie visits the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs to assist them with testing a new restraint system, and finds herself enveloped in their project!

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Evie is my OC, drawn here by MenchiMenagerie and with original design elements by CallMePlisskin



“Hi guys!  Nice of you to invite me back for more testing!”  I gave a big grin and a wave as the team of scientists looked up from their workstations.

“Ahh, Agent Evangeline!” a striking dark-haired woman replied, her eyes lighting up when she saw me.  She smoothed her black skirt and straightened her crisp white lab coat.  “Thank you for making time to come.  You know you’re the first one we think of when we want to test something really special.”  The other men and women around her nodded in unison.

“Hee-hee…flattery will get you everything, Elle,” I cooed in a playful voice.  “Including multiple testing sessions.”

“Delightful,” the tall brunette purred, winking at me before lowering her glasses to look me over.  “Getting you to come multiple times is always our goal, Evie.”

I enjoyed these sessions with the inventors working in the Codex Cryptae Research and Development lab.  They were passionate about their work and wanted to test their innovations rigorously.  In return for my help, they always made sure to keep me outfitted with the latest gadgets and tools of the trade.  

The more rigorous the testing the better–I liked to keep my skills fresh.  They, in turn, took it as their personal mission to have their new inventions outperform, outwit, or outlast me.  I rarely lost, but Agent L and her team rarely failed to push me to my limits.

Plus, they always seemed to know how to show a girl a good time.  The eager grins on their faces told me they had something extra special prepared for me this time.

I looked about and spied a mannequin with a black leather harness strapped tightly about it.  “Hey, Elle!” I called out excitedly.  “Is that the prototype Cinchmaster 9.7 you were talking about?  Is it ready for testing?”  

“It is, but…” she replied with one raised eyebrow,  “We have something else even more remarkable to show you first.”

“Ok, Elle,” I said, still studying the shiny black straps and gleaming steel rings of the legendary restraint system, trying to see what was new.  “As long as you invite me back to test that, too.”

“I promise, yours will be the first body it hugs,” Agent L replied with a soft laugh.  “My entire team has insisted upon it.”  Around her, the entire team nodded and grinned again while she walked to a central workbench.  “Allow me to show you what’s even more impressive than that.”

She scanned the faces of her team until she found the one she was looking for.  “Agent D, will you please bring the flask with the specimen here?”  

A slender, pretty redhead stepped forward and handed Agent L a clear cylinder with a viscous black gel in the bottom.  “Here you are, ma’am,” she said in a deferential tone.  She stood beside her boss and clasped her hands in front of her.  I smiled at her, and when she made eye contact with me she blushed shyly and quickly looked back to Agent L.  

“Thank you, Dee,” Agent L said with a thin smile.  “Stay close, I’ll need you once we begin.”  That brought a proud smile to the young woman’s face.

She swirled the flask and it sloshed around, then quickly settled at the bottom again.  “I call it ‘encasement slime.’  I think it will have defensive and security applications.  Observe.”

Agent L put on a thick glove and picked up a metal rod from her desk.  She placed the rod inside the flask and stirred the goo at the bottom.  When she removed it, the rod was clean and the gel settled again.  “The slime remains inert when in contact with cool, dry materials.  But watch what happens when it comes in contact with something warm and moist.”

She placed the rod in a flask of boiling water to warm it.  This time when she placed the rod in the slime, the black gel slowly began to climb its sides until the rod was enveloped by the slime.  Once it was encased, the gel solidified to a rubbery coating.

“Wow, Elle!”  I exclaimed, genuinely impressed.  “So it seeks out heat and contains it?”

“Yes…and moisture keeps it pliant.”  Agent L nodded.  “Otherwise, it remains stiff and rubbery.”  She picked up the rod with ungloved fingers and held it aloft.

“Amazing!  So it could be a passive trap that activates when a warm object comes by?”

Agent D spoke up:  “Yes!  Or a defense.  Or a restraint.”

“I see…” I replied, winking at her.  “I think Dee has just revealed what you need me for, Elle.”

“Correct.  We’ve tested it extensively with inanimate objects,” Agent L confirmed.  “Now we’re ready for organic testing.  And with something less…passive.”

“So you want to put the slime on me.”  I gave a wry smile to show her I wasn’t at all surprised.

“Yes…”  her eyes twinkled mischievously.  “Or more precisely, put you in the slime.”

I looked at the flask of black gel thoughtfully, trying to imagine what it would feel like, climbing over me and trying to encase me.  I had to admit, the thought excited me more than a little.  

“Ok, I think I can handle having it envelop me.  But what about when it gets over my mouth and nose…how do I breathe?  Or will it go…in me?”  I wasn’t thinking about just my mouth and nose.

“You should definitely keep your mouth closed, but you will be safe.”  Agent L assured me.  “When tested on mannequins the slime simply passed over the nose and ears.  Agents J and D will be standing by, and as soon as it’s solidified, we will free your mouth and keep it open with a breathing tube.”

“You see, as soon as it hardens, we can touch it,” Agent D added.  “And at any time, we can cut and pull it away from you.  You just need to say the word and we’ll separate you from the specimen, and remove any residue.”

I studied their eager and confident faces, trying to think of any other concerns or questions to ask.  I couldn’t think of any.  And while I trusted Elle completely, there was something she was holding back which made me a little nervous.  

There had been a couple times an overly enthusiastic member of her team had put me in a situation more dangerous than they’d planned for.  Or more compromising than they’d let on.

Still, I couldn’t think of any reasons to object.  And it did sound pretty fun and challenging.

“Ok!” I exclaimed excitedly.  “When do we begin?”

“Right away,” Agent L replied with a satisfied smile.


Agent L led me over to where a metal tray lay on the floor.  “We will suspend you over this tray, and fill it with the encasement slime.  Then we will slowly lower you in.”  

I nodded, looking up at the scaffolding held above the tray by a winch, leather cuffs dangling from it.  “I can handle that.”  

“Ahh, yes,” she said, noticing the direction of my gaze.  “Well, not only do we need to lower you in, you’ll need something to hold you should the encasement cause you to lose your balance or struggle.  So we will have to restrain you.”

“Of course…you always do!”  I replied wryly.

“And we need to test the specimen against bare flesh.  So we will, of course, need you to disrobe.”

“Of course…you always do!”  I replied again in the same voice, this time with a knowing grin.

“I can take your clothing someplace safe, Agent Evangeline,” Agent D chirped.

“Thank you, Dee,” I replied, beginning to shed my skinsuit.  After slipping out of it, I removed my choker and Codex Cryptae pendant, and laid them on top of the skinsuit that Agent D had neatly folded for me.  She blushed and looked away while I stood before her in the nude.

“I’ll help you into the cuffs, Evie,” Agent J offered enthusiastically, holding out his hand for mine.

“Now, Jay, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t,” I grinned, and held his hand as I stepped into the metal tray.  He smiled and kept respectful eye contact with me, never once stealing a glance at my naked form.  Unlike many of his gawking peers.  I held my hands up over my head while he unbuckled the hanging restraints and fastened them around my wrists.

Agent J had established himself as the premier restraint designer for the Cryptae labs.  He had supervised the Cinchmaster development program since version 9009, and I was the primary test subject–so we were equally comfortable with him putting restraints on me.  Although we usually didn’t have such a large and curious audience for our testing sessions.

In fact, Agent J was probably the only man who had put me in bondage more than my partner, Will.  (To Will’s credit, he was doing his best to catch up).  I often joked with Jay that his job made him the 3rd luckiest guy in the world.  He had yet to disagree.

Just as Agent J finished securing my wrists together above me, Agent D returned with a larger container of the encasement slime.  “We’ll pour it in the tray as soon as Jay gets you lifted up out of the way.”  

“No need, Jay!”  I said, pulling myself up by the wrist restraints and tucking my knees up to my chest.  “Today is abs day anyway.  Go ahead and pour, Dee!”

I twisted my knees to one side so I could look down and see the slime being poured out into the tray.  It held a circular shape momentarily as it was poured, before spreading to the corners and flattening itself out.  While it was moving it had a greyish matte look, but when it stilled, the surface took on a shiny black gloss.  It was fascinating to watch–and more than a little creepy.

“Whenever you’re ready, Agent Evangeline,” Agent L said in an expectant tone.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, shooting her a quick smile.  I was suddenly feeling a little bit apprehensive.  My breathing had increased and my forehead prickled with perspiration–and it wasn’t just from holding my abdominal crunch for so long.  I could feel myself clasping my hands together tensely above me.

“Are you alright, agent?”  Her words implied concern, but her tone was laced with impatience.

“I’m fine, Elle.  Just taking my time…for science, of course!  So you can all take good notes, you know?”  I put a big smile on my face and suppressed my nervousness.

“Very well,” she said curtly.  “Please enter the specimen tray.”  She sounded a lot more clinical than I’d prefer while I was about to dip my toes into what looked like a woman-eating alien goo.


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