Friends and Collaborators

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many skilled and talented writers and artists, beginning with DeviantArt and Tumblr, then expanding to Patreon, Discord, Twitter and WordPress.

With some of them I’ve had the privilege of collaborating or co-writing stories. Others I’ve not yet collaborated with, but I’m impressed with their skills and would love to shine a little spotlight on their work.


“Menchi” is a great loyal friend and an artist and writer who seems to get better and better with each piece he posts. His OC is Laressa, who has a place in the fantasy world and in a contemporary world, too. In the fantasy world Laressa plays a more dominant role, as a beautiful and mysterious redhead with arachne-tendencies and the ability to make her own silk.   Which of course she uses to snare pretty Rangers. The more contemporary Laressa seems to be more of a switch, perhaps she is continuing to develop?

Menchi and I have collaborated on quite a few adventures between our OCs!

Here is a page on my site with some of Menchi’s work:

Menchi has his own DeviantArt page.


(more info to come)

Art of Venus

(more info to come)


(more info to come)

Saurian Shade

(more info to come)


(more info to come)


(more info to come)


(more info to come)


Vrobx1 is an artist who is primarily a writer – who then began creating artwork for his own stories.

He’s been experimenting with blending AI styles to create some very unique looks.

Fantasy Pencil:

The writer with the most fantastic imagination among all my friends is absolutely “FP.” He effortlessly creates the most brilliant and hilarious characters and adds a delightful wacky humor to his fast-paced stories. He’s had a positive influence on my development of bit characters, such as ‘The Beekeeper’ in an Evie story.

He takes a lot of care with his characters such as Bree Armade, a sweet but kidnapping-prone B.armaid, and other fantasy characters such as OrcGirl, Lasha Loudmouth, Thrasha Thornstring, Mercenary Alyx Sykes, Cana: Champion of the Wilderness, Zoey Zombiana…you get the idea. He even has an alter-ego, Fantasy VonPencilstein who has a lovely Amazon assistant named Alexa. He’s the guy to call if you ever have a hole in your story’s plot.

hmm…I’ve never seen FP and FVP in the same place at the same time…

Here is a short story segment we collaborated on a while ago, which will hopefully grow into a little more of an interaction between his Alyx and my Agent Katie:

FP has his own DeviantArt page.


Loraxxx is a very skilled 3-D artist with whom I’ve collaborated on some Agent Katie images/stories.

One of these days I will get back to working with him again!

Loraxxx has his own DeviantArt page.


I was just beginning to work on creating Agent Katie when I found Thos. Merchant’s work on DA. After chatting a bit, I began to write some Agent Katie on a mission to visit his brilliantly absurd creation of Fallton, where the heroines are plucky and the villains delightfully ridiculous.

He also writes some very hot scenes in his ‘LA Dark’ series, as well as some other adult erotic and thriller/adventure stories.

(more info to come)

tommerch has his own DeviantArt page.


Very prolific writer with an every-growing arsenal of heroines and superheroines. His stories are a well balanced blend of detail and action and sexy, and a lot of fun to read. One of these days I’m going to invite him to do a collaboration story with me.

Interesting bit of trivia, if I hadn’t stumbled across a sketch of his OC Riptide, I might have never discovered CallMePlissken’s art. Let’s not dwell on the ramifications of that.

Erebus7 has his own DeviantArt page.


Orcsattack has the distinction of writing the first ever Evie fanfic! I was quite honored and impressed, so I jumped in on the story with him and we created quite a collaborative story so far…a back-burner work for both of us.

Orcsattack has his own DeviantArt page.

We Are All Mad Here:

One of the most skilled writers I’ve partnered with, “Mad” is a master of rapid-fire storytelling and I learned a lot about pacing a story from him. His blend of action scenes, sexy scenes, sexy action scenes, and stinging humor make the pages of his stories fly by and leave you wanting more. I also collaborated with him on stories posted at the link.

Mad has two popular original characters, Elspeth and Aya that have shared adventures with Evie. He also has another storyline set in contemporary times with Sexy Librarian/Adventurer Leilani Hawkins.

Here is a page on my site with some of Mad’s work:


Once a very prolific writer, “Wy” writes fantastic dialogue between his beloved main characters, and brings a consistency to their voice and mannerisms that carries over perfectly from tale to tale.

His characters are a pair of sexy female gnomes with a continually developing relationship: the irrepressible Prim is a talented bard with a signature vertical ‘flame’ of red hair (and an exquisite ass) who is continually getting them in trouble. Tia is a warrior with green hair (and, according to Prim, ‘Hot Tits,’) who usually is tasked with getting them out of any trouble that Prim can’t talk them out of. Wy and I also collaborated on a saucy adventure with some Goblins:

And our characters had some back-and-forth saucy BDSM hijinks in A Friendly Meeting Tale and Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play.

Wy has his own WordPress site: and DeviantArt gallery.

The Jaded Entity:

“Jaded” was once a close friend who abruptly terminated our friendship and partnerships.

Here is a page on my site with some of Jaded’s work:

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