subkatie posts

These are posts from my subkatie tumblr blog that contained vignettes.

Here is the post that started it all:  the first subkatie post ever!

After that, I played around with adding little vignettes. Enjoy!

Being bound by you and left alone to my thoughts, I feel a calm settle over my busy mind, quieting the voices who shout their deadlines and to-do lists at me, releasing me from the decisions and plans I should make.
For once I made my decision to submit to you, I am temporarily absolved of the need to make any more, and the only voice I must heed is yours.
And that brings me a peace I cannot describe to anyone who has not had the fortune to experience it.

And so a submissive will often spend time waiting…waiting for direction, waiting to be touched, waiting for Master or Mistress to put down the camera and give them attention.
For some this can be frustrating as they wait for the next thing to happen.
For those who can find peace and acceptance in their submission, it is more like suspended animation…a quiet interlude…a blinking cursor ready for the next command.

And because my Master knows me so well, better than all the other Sirs and Mistresses I know or have known, he gives me that quiet time I need to embrace what I call my ‘moment of submission.’

Being bound, blindfolded or gagged is not necessary for me to get there, but each alone helps me reach that focal point.

The isolation or sensory deprivation helps me still my outside thoughts and center within myself first, then move that central point of focus to serving or pleasing him.

So yes, my Master keeps me waiting, and yes anticipation can breed frustration. But he knows that when he returns, he will have my undivided attention.

I honestly don’t know if he’s going to spank me, grope me, or penetrate me…it’s not really my choice anyway.#subkatie

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