Evie’s Got the Look

crop of artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie looks incredible in the newest fabric developed by the incomparable Miss Laressa Silverspun.  Designed for a ‘wet look,’ the fabric is shiny, stretchy and clingy.  And definitely sexy and alluring.

The dress alone is stunning, a sleeveless sheath that hugs and conforms to the shape of her lovely curves, with slits all they way to her hips on both sides. 

Long gloves and stockings elevate and complete the look; she’s at once voluptuous, elegant, and daring.

So now…is she still modeling the look for Laressa and her customers?  Or is she now waiting to show it off for an admirer?  Or lying ‘in wait’ for a lover?

Or…all of the above?


I love commissioning and collaborating with @MenchiMenagerie, because our best ideas come from us riffing on new and saucy interactions between our characters.  A sizzling hot idea will pop up, and suddenly we both know we MUST DO IT!

The above is a crop of his image; you can see the full image on his page: DeviantArt.


Please go give @MenchiMenagerie  a visit over on his page and show him some love!  He’s definitely worthy of your kinky fun times commission budget!  See the full image on his page or on my WP site:  katied.life


Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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