A Bold Move

artwork by menchimenagerie

story by The Jaded Entity

Millie summons up the courage to make A Bold Move and share something with Evie

This story was written by The Jaded Entity as a gift for me with a commission from our mutual friend Menchi. I’m publishing them here because they relate to my follow up story, Gifted.

Millie and Evie have been friends a while now, and Evie has always been protective of the younger and more reserved Millie. But now it seems Millie wants to become a little more assertive…

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, the author of this story, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin. Evie is my character, with visual design elements by CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.


Millie sat in the bar alone, the drink on the table in front of her barely touched as she nervously stroked the rim of her glass with her finger. The Devil’s Due was not particularly busy, with only a few of the usual patrons there who were already well past being inebriated for a Friday evening. 

She was not used to sitting inside alone, but the bar offered her a little more exposure to the ‘real world’. While the Devil’s Due was not the most eminent place to go, it was somewhere that she felt safe, being on good terms with the staff, particularly the bartender as well as her more experienced friends that looked out for her. 

Millie mostly enjoyed the atmosphere and being surrounded by those she had become quite accustomed to. The castle where she lived could get quite lonely and this place offered her a chance to loosen up and unwind.

Not that she felt particularly at ease right now. For tonight, she had a very important mission. Finishing all her chores at the castle, she had got permission from her master to leave early which gave her a chance to prepare and at least attempt to settle her mind. 

Most of all, she had decided to change out of her apprentice uniform and wear something else that had been specially made for a special occasion. It was a sweet lavender coloured dress, which wrapped delicately around her delicate frame and left her shoulders bared. 

The much sought after miss Laressa had taken great care in making it for her, knowing the young woman’s favourite colour. She had even swapped out her striped stockings for a pair of dark black ones, finished off with shoes which were slightly darker than the dress but matched perfectly. 

There was a noticeable disturbance in the bar as a few heads turned and others stood up to take a look. It did not take much guessing to understand why as Millie turned her head also, the sight of Evie as she strode purposely into the bar. 

Millie tensed up even more upon seeing her. Evie was certainly well dressed for a Friday night at the Devil’s Due. Her golden hair hung loose, a glorious red silken dress which one would assume was another of Miss Laressa’s creations. The outfit cupping her breasts and accentuating her features magnificently. It was topped off with matching red heels which elevated her higher.

Evie seemed to scan around the bar, approving of the response she got. Passing her tongue over her heavenly lips which were decorated with crimson red lipstick. The way she looked and moved suggested she was now in control of the entire room. 

Her gaze soon stopped at Millie, Evie’s eyes sparkling like aquamarine pearls as the two shared glances. Her smile was warm and inviting like a long awaited summer breeze.

Millie now started to wonder, was Evie aware of what she had planned for tonight. The dress was so much more than what Millie had become accustomed to seeing her friend wear. In her panic she gave Evie a small wave, which she felt was a little too zealous of a greeting but caused her friend to laugh.

Feeling dejected, Millie turned back to her table and hunched down in her seat, “Ugh!” she sighed, blushing at how silly she must have looked.  

Her doubts were growing stronger and with her friend here, she was worried she would not be able to go through with her mission. She had certainly grown up a lot since she had first come to the Devil’s Due, her romantic evening with Alynnya still fresh in her mind. However, Evie was a wildly different hurdle for her to overcome.

Millie did not know much about Evie’s relationships, her back and forth with Elspeth being the exception. She seemed to play any other associations fairly close to her chest. Their own relationship had certainly blossomed to the point where they were a lot closer.

Evie seemed to like keeping her safe, something which Millie was grateful for. Not that it had really spared her blushes after the recent altercation involving Elspeth, Aya and even Laressa.

Still, it left a lot of unknowns. How would Evie react to what she had in mind? Would she really have any interest in a small town girl like her? So many questions flooded Millie’s mind. 

Millie looked down at her drink, her foot tapping anxiously as she finally made up her mind. “Fine, let’s just do this,” she whispered. 

Millie slowly got out of her seat, grabbing her drink with both hands and downing the whole thing in one go. She let out a breath, placing the glass back down on the table and wiping her mouth unladylike with her hand. 

Now or never, she thought to herself one last time, picking up her spellbook and striding over towards Evie who was standing next to the bar pouring herself a glass of wine.

Evie heard Millie approach and turned so they were both facing each other.

“Oh, hi sweetie,” said Evie, her face filling with that alluring smile. “That is a beautiful dress you are wearing, is that new?”

There was a moment of silence as Millie did not react, leaving Evie looking slightly puzzled. Millie did not want to stop and think or even have a simple conversation in case it stopped her from going through with her mission. 

Bending over, Millie slid the spellbook on the floor in front of Evie who leaned back against the bar. She looked a bit unsure of what was happening as Millie elected to stand on top of the book so they were level at roughly the same height. 

“Hi,” Millie said, the only word she could get out before she pounced and made her move. 

Millie’s entire body tingled as she leaned in, pulling Evie closer and away from the bar, feeling her frame as their bodies pressed together, lips meeting lips in a soft and gentle caress. Filling her senses, Evie’s lips were the taste of sweetened strawberries, curling Millie’s toes that silenced all other thoughts and fears. 

The sounds of cheers in the bar were deafened by her sole longing to experience this bliss over and over. Heat rose from her stomach to her chest, feeling her heart skip a beat as Evie’s own wild passions began to reciprocate, her smell even more hypnotic.

The younger woman slipped in her tongue, startling Evie and eliciting a small moan. Their lips locked in a smile as the adrenaline rush made her lust for more. There were only the two of them in the moment and she did not care who knew it.

Millie knew she had her answer, pressing on with their arms entwined and never wanting to let go. It took every ounce of her to contain herself, one more surprise left up her sleeve, or inside the top of her stockings to be more precise.

Freeing her left hand, and with Evie’s full attention, Millie reached into the top of her stockings. From inside the fabric she pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs which she juggled secretly behind her back with both hands. 

Millie then pulled away, allowing them both to catch their breath. Stopping as she looked longingly into Evie’s eyes with a flutter of emerald green. 

“Wow!” Exclaimed Evie, leaning back. Whether she had suspected such a thing or not, Evie seemed genuinely taken aback by such a bold move. 

Millie simply grinned but took a moment before she spoke. 

“Someone very important, taught me not to be afraid to push for what I want.” Said Millie, taking Evie by the arm and sliding the handcuff over one of Evie’s wrists.  

Evie just laughed, knowing that she had been played and offered up her other wrist for Millie to lock into place which sealed the deal. 

The voluptuous redhead, stealthily slid onto a barstool by the bar, like a cat stalking its prey, moving unnoticed as the two women stirred up quite the spectacle with such a public display of their affections. 

The young Millie had been very shy when she had come to her, but what a good student she had been. Laressa had spent countless hours teaching Millie to be more confident and bold in her desires, something the young woman would no doubt be thanking her for later.

She watched as Millie gleefully jumped off her book, a briefest flash of pink panties as she bent over and picked up her book. Both women were all smiles as Millie grabbed the chain on Evie’s handcuffs and eagerly began leading her upstairs away from the bar and prying eyes.

There were a few claps and loud whistles as the two women disappeared with activity inside the bar slowly returning to normal.

Laressa’s job now done she picked up her glass, momentarily unsure of what to do with her own evening. Elegantly she sipped on her wine and assessed her surroundings. There were a few of the bar staff that looked ripe for the picking and always the chance of at least one of her regulars turning up at some point.

For the two women upstairs she decided it best to give them at least a little while to enjoy themselves. There were plenty of hours still left in the day to arrange her own entertainment and swoop in and claim them both as her own. 


To read Evie’s response to Millie’s bold move, read my story, Gifted.

For more great artwork by MenchiMenagerie, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

For a couple more fun stories by The Jaded Entity, see his page here.

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