Aurora Rush: Taken by Tentacles

Aurora Rush cover artwork by CallMePlissken

This Aurora Rush cover was the work of my friend CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following and is a favorite of Alynnya Slatefire and her friends. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 13:  Taken by Tentacles


I swatted furiously at the tendrils making their way into my skin-tight space-suit.  If they found their way inside, it would be–


–too late.  

I clenched down with my thighs pressed together, trying to keep the invader from getting any deeper.  I could feel it pulsing, prodding, probing, prying me apart as it plunged inside my–


I shuddered as the surging of the throbbing thrusting appendage sent peals of pleasure rolling through me.  My eyelids fluttered and I momentarily lost focus on the fight.

The tentacles took advantage and began to wrap around and spread my arms.  I could no longer prevent their assault upon my body.  I felt one riding over my rear, looking for a way under my suit.  Another snaked its way into my cleavage and began grasping my breasts.

And just like that, my resistance was gone.  The tentacles had me now, lifting me off the ground.  They jostled and pivoted me around, greedily groping and tugging at me, exploring me. 

Instinct told me to resist.  Instinct told me not to give myself over to the pleasure completely. 

I told instinct to shut up.  

Instead, I told myself, I needed to allow the tentacles to take me–by both meanings of the term–so that they would bring me to their source.  I may have even believed it.

The orange-tipped tentacle, the one that had scanned me, rose before my face again.  It looked at me inquisitively, as if trying to communicate with me.

Perhaps if I were to commune with the creature, I thought, I could discover how to defeat it.  I opened my mouth and held it there, expectantly.

The creature understood.  


Keep an eye on my site for more from Fannda Flames!

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