Walk Without Rhythm

Artwork by WareWolfBarmitzvah

A one-off adventure for a lovely lady out for a jog.

With apologies to Bob Seger, Fatboy Slim, and Frank Herbert of Dune.


Shout out to WareWolfBarmitzvah for the amazing community he’s built on his discord server. Everyone there is awesome about coaching and mentoring in a really collaborative environment where egos are put aside, art is freely shared, and feedback is welcomed.

If you enjoyed, go give WareWolfBarmitzvah a look on his DA page or Twitter, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Pixiv and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Lysette soon!


Lysette’s first adventure is here: Lysette: Devirod’s Cube

Lysette’s second adventure is here: Lysette: In the Snow, Man


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