Becoming One with the Master

Artwork by Saurian-Shade

A Secret-Santa gift story and image for Lewdopod

My friend ArtOfVenus had a brilliant and fun idea to start a Secret Santa exchange among some of the creators on his discord server. About 12 creators participated. Here is my entry, a ‘Snake and Damsel’ story with a fun image commission from Lizardcrafter, aka Saurian-Shade

WARNING: Story contains non-messy vore with a mild but permanent end.


The braying of angry creatures and the stomping of armored footsteps began to grow louder and louder as I ran. They seemed to come from every direction. My only ally was the dark, and my only real recourse was to keep running if I didn’t want to be captured again. 

And I really didn’t want to be captured again.  Seriously, you murder one hobgoblin guard, all of the sudden all his friends are after you, screaming in rage:  ‘Kill the humie girl!  Screw the humie girl!  Eat the humie girl!’  If they got their hands on me, I hoped they remembered the right order.

So here I was, on the run again.  This time, though, my chances of escaping were even worse than usual.  It was hard to keep my balance and run with my wrists tied behind me; the loose end of the leash at my throat kept snagging between my knees and wrapping around my thighs, threatening to trip me up.  And my pursuers seemed to be closing in. 

I crouched along a rocky wall to try and catch my breath and come up with a plan that didn’t include blindly stumbling through the dark.  I almost screamed when something scaly tapped at my shoulder.  The shadow of what looked like a long tail dangled beside me in the dark.

“Sssseems you are in a ssspot of trouble…” A voice from above me hissed. “I could offer ssssome assssistance if you wish. Time does not appear to be on your ssside however,” the voice said, with a vibrato that sounded like a soft laugh.


I paused.  The offer of help was welcome, but I had a sneaky feeling I’d be trading one danger for another.  I had yet to find anyone in this land I could trust.  

Still, what choice did I have?  I already knew the cum-filled fate that would await me if the hobgoblins caught me.  With this mysterious creature hissing at me in the dark, I might at least have a chance.

“Yes…yes please…please help me!” I hissed back.  ”Help me away from those beasts!  Please!”

The scaly extension formed a loop around me, lifted me high into the air, and into a crevice in the rock wall.  “The hobgoblinsss really are troublesssome,” the voice said.  “Sssssso overly eager when one ssslave escapes.” 

Plants growing within the crevice provided a low light in a kaleidoscope of muted colors.  It was difficult to make out my exact surroundings, but as my eyes adjusted, the being who saved me came into view deeper in his cavern.

It appeared to be a large serpent whose body was nestled in a small patch of the plants. “I could apologissse for my startling appearance…but I know I am far from the most menacing beassst you have faced in this land.”  He chuckled again. “You may call me Lewpod…may I know your name, beautiful human?”


“Lewpod…”  I murmured.  “Thank you for rescuing me, Lewpod.  I am Viessa.”

The serpent’s tail that curled around me was thick and solid–and obviously very strong.  It occurred to me that he probably could crush me just as easily as lift me, but Lewpod squeezed just enough to grip firmly and pull me further into his cavern. “Welcome to my home, Viesssssa.”

“I am ever so grateful you have rescued me, Sir,” I said warmly.  “Surely you are one of the kindest and most benevolent creatures I’ve met in this land.”  Perhaps a little flattery would help.  

“Is that ssssso?”  Lewpod seemed surprised.  “I should hate to think sssssssomeone could be ssssso rude to such a pretty ssssspecimen,” he continued, while he used the tip of his tail to loosen my restraints and free my wrists. 

“Oooohhh….you think I’m pretty?” I said softly while rubbing my chafed wrists.  “You are both my hero, and so polite.”  I felt a little disoriented, having gone so quickly from running for my life, to now being so…safe…warm…even protected…among the glowing colors…”I am so grateful…”

Even after the serpent’s coil had set me back on my feet, he kept it resting possessively around my waist.  He guided me closer to him with little nudges and bumps, herding me along a path to where he lay.  When I stood before him, he gently turned me about so he could view me from all sides, and I didn’t resist. 

“I have to ask–and hope I don’t seem ungrateful–why did you rescue me?”  Despite his charm, I wasn’t fully trusting my rescuer yet.

“I musssst admit to a ssselfish desire for your being here” he confessed. “Ssssssso often I see pretty ladiessss taken to those horrid ssslave pens…I am glad you essscaped.”  His tail began slowly winding around me, as if preparing to snare me again.  I felt the guiding coil wrap around my thighs right above my knees and then continue winding around me, over a hip and the other side of my waist.

While his coils were gliding across my flesh, they felt smooth, not scaly as they did when he gripped me.  He continued across my tummy, around the small of my back, over one arm and under the other, the tip of his tail pausing just below my breasts.  Then he used it to guide my chin upward and nudged it to have me look directly into his eyes.  His gaze was…mesmerizing.

“Ssssso long as you wish to remain here…I would have you be mine,” Lewpod continued in his slow, silky tone.  I found myself hanging on his every word.

“Yours?”  I asked.  Yes, I thought, I am safe here.  I am protected…I suppose I could be his…“Yessss,” I replied, mimicking his slow way of speaking.  “I could be yours…”  I felt so warm, content, and secure wrapped in his coils.  

“It has been many moons sssssince I have had a pretty mate.”  he was saying.  

Oooohh…again…such a gentleman…he thinks I’m pretty…

“I ssssshould like to feel your body in my coils, and my cocksssss deep inssside you” Lewpod said in a low, smoky voice, looking deep into my eyes.

“Yesssss…” I replied, slowly.  “My body…your coils…deep inside me…”  My mind barely processed what he said about cocks.  ‘Wait…did he say cocks…as in more than one?’



A grateful Viessa quickly falls under the spell of the great serpent Lewpod


I found myself responding to Lewpod in the same slow, drawn out manner in which he spoke to me.  When he moved his head one way, I looked that way too; when he tilted to one side, I followed along.  I was aware of it…but it seemed natural, like what I wanted to do.

His words seemed to echo and roll in my head like the rumble of distant thunder in the mountains.  Inside my head, it felt like my mind was being pulled around with the rolling sound.  My balance was lost, and my body began to fall until he caught me.  The tip of his tail grasped my leash and pulled my head back toward his.

Lewpod’s eyes caught mine again.  This time, they held my undivided attention…it almost looked like patterns were flowing over them, through them, and I tried to follow along.  They were pretty…so pretty.  Some part of me was trying to say there was danger in following him, but how could something so beautiful be dangerous?  No, Lewpod was doing this to protect me!

And it was such a loving embrace, too!  He was giving me so much of him, all at once…what a generous creature.  More and more coils of him wrapped around me, squeezing me and holding me close.  I felt so safe and cared for.  And such a gentleman…not covering over my breasts or my privates or rubbing on them…even if I kinda wanted him to.

So many creatures in this land had wanted to make me ‘theirs.’  So many had tried to possess me against my will.  But Lewpod was offering to keep me safe and make me feel good if I would choose to offer myself to him.  None of the others gave me a choice, but he was giving me one.  

Why not stay with him and pledge to be his slave, if I didn’t have to worry about evil Driders and brutal Orcs and disgusting Snotlings and boorish Hobgoblins and vengeful Plant Ladies?  It all made perfect sense.

“Yesssss….please, Lewpod…please let me ssstay here with you…I can be yoursss…I can make you verrrry verrrry happy if you will only let me…if you will take me and claim me…”


My hero and protector embraced me even tighter as he lifted me into the air.  Oh, it made me so happy he wanted me to stay with him!  He held me aloft for a moment while he uncoiled from my legs, holding only my upper body.  I felt his tail slide between my upper thighs, parting my legs before he placed me back down on top of the middle of his body.  

My ankles and calves slipped easily around him, as if I were embracing him, too, while my thighs came to rest on the width of his abdomen.  I seemed to be resting between, and against, two bulges on the surface of Lewpod’s lower body.  

The bulges pressed between my legs in front and nestled in my butt-cheeks in back, wedging me between them.  I could feel they were pleasantly warmer than the rest of his body.  Once I was situated between them, another of his coils wrapped over the tops of my thighs, pinning me tightly down on top of him–oh my, did THAT feel so good!

“It is only a ssshame I am so famissshed my dear…or else perhapssss I would keep you as the sssslave you deserve to be…perhapsss if you perform well…I could be convinced.”  Now the tip of Lewpod’s tail wound around to nudge against my breasts and softly caress them. 

His words were coming clearer now, as if our minds had finally made a good connection.  He said he was hungry…hungry for me…not just in a sexual way, which I was beginning to crave very very much…but as a…meal?  Lewpod wanted to eat me?  

Well, that wasn’t the way I was accustomed to serving as a slave.  I believed I could continue to please and serve him better if he didn’t eat me!  I wasn’t excited about serving him as food!

My options were becoming clear:  If I didn’t want to be eaten by Lewpod, I supposed I could try to escape…but then I’d probably just end up a slave and fucktoy to the Hobgoblins.  Again.  

Or perhaps I could humbly offer myself to him as his meal, and hope I could somehow survive.

Or, the third option…’perform well.’  His meaning became clearer to me as he flicked out his long LONG forked tongue to caress and lap at my breasts.  The forked tongue teased both my nipples at once.  I could imagine what they could do between my legs!

Below me, those two bulges which had been pressing between my legs and cheeks began to grow and something firm began to slip out from between the segments of Lewpod’s body.  

A logical part of me still screamed to escape, and not be eaten.  But most of my aroused brain and all of my enflamed body was telling me to stay.  The way he had me embraced and pinned down against him, I wasn’t sure I really had a choice…but if ‘performing well’ would allow me to stay and be his…and not be eaten…surely it would be an acceptable bonus if I enjoyed it, too?

“Yessss, Masssster,” I cooed, smiling and flashing my bright blue eyes at him.  “I will perform for you better than any ssslave ever has…ssshow me what it means to be yoursss, and I promise I will sssatisfy you like no one before…”  


“I will hold you to that, my dear Viesssssa,” Lewpod replied.  “But I know you will not disappoint, no matter how this evening ends.”  The great serpent took one of my breasts into his mouth, closing down on it gently.  The tip of his tail teased at my mouth, and I gave it a playful lick.

The main event was still to come, though, as Lewpod plunged his twin cocks deep into me.  I felt every inch of them as they relentlessly drove deeper, then slowly retreated.  They never quite left me before they advanced deeper once again. 

It was plain to see from his expression, from his hissing, and from the hungry way he suckled at my breast, that Lewpod was very much enjoying my body already.  I only hoped the battle between his sexual appetite and physical hunger would swing in my favor.


Lewpod’s exploration and thorough use of my body continued at a steady rhythm for a while before I felt his pace quicken and his urgency growing.

“Oh, Holy Ones, yesss, Masster!” I cried out, the passions in my enflamed body escalating rapidly along with his.  “Thank you for accepting the offering of my body, Masster…may it bring you all the pleasure you dessssire…”

Master Lewpod was indulging himself in my body in a voracious way few had done before…sampling and taking all of me for himself–it seemed every inch of me, inside and out, was being devoured or groped or clenched or tasted by some part of him.  Coils still embraced and squeezed nearly every bit of my flesh.  My breasts were clutched in his hot and moist maw.  His cocks were engorging themselves within me, front and back.  His tail kept prodding at me.

Truly, my new Master was taking me for himself in every sense of the words.  Within my haze of overwhelming pleasure, I recalled my own response to his challenge, to ‘perform well’ for him.  Lewpod was giving me all of himself, but I was failing to actively perform or give myself to him.

I couldn’t do much with my hands and feet, but I squeezed his body with my thighs and wriggled my torso within the coils of his body, offering him a lively and struggling prey to constrain and control.  My writhing tugged at the breast in his mouth, which seemed to please him, and my own ‘resistance’ gave me a thrill that drove me onward, too.

I ground my hips and pelvis against Lewpod as best I could, despite his coil pinning my thighs and rear down to his body.  I could tease and put tension on his cocks by altering the angle at which they were entering me.  I even took the tip of his tail in my mouth and suckled on it.

This pleased Master Lewpod as well, because I felt them swell even more.  He loosened the coil across my thighs just enough that he could lift my entire body up several inches.  Then he brought me back down onto him again, my momentum pressing down on his body, driving his cocks even deeper inside me than before.

He continued this motion for what seemed a blissful eternity, lifting me up and crashing me down on his cocks, as if using my body as a simple tool to get himself off.  His staying power was amazing…I knew that my new Master would take offense if I came before him, or came without permission, but I didn’t know how I could hold out much longer.

And if I wasn’t satisfying him now, I doubt any human ever could…


The first time Lewpod’s twin cocks pulsed, bulged, and released his seed into me, I came, too–my own body convulsing in time with his spurts.

The second time he burst inside me, I trembled and came again.  The third time, I quivered and shuddered and had yet another orgasm.  And again, and again, and again, until I had lost count, lost control of my body, and was in danger of losing my mind.

I almost didn’t notice when my new Master finally began to slow his pumping and thrusting and suckling at my breasts.  He gradually ceased ravaging my body and eased himself back to rest against the wall of his bedding nest.  Until that moment I didn’t realize how tired and sore I was.

Eventually his coils loosened a bit, and I slumped as well, still straddling his body and gently hugged by his coils.  At long last, his cocks became soft enough that they slipped back out of me, and even his tail finally withdrew from my mouth.  I, too, was spent…but my mind was clear.

I realized then that he had let go of my leash as well.  I was no longer restrained and could ease out of his coils and slip away.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to.  Lewpod had done things to– and with–my body that I’d never experienced before.  The thought of having him again was alluring.  I could get addicted to that kind of treatment, I thought, all while serving an incredible Master.

But–and this was one thing I couldn’t shake–I knew he still wanted to eat me.  Maybe not today; perhaps he’d be so pleased with my performance that he wouldn’t eat me right away.  But I was sure it was only a matter of time.  It was his nature…it was just what Lewpod did.

I didn’t relish the thought of going back out into the wilds, where presumably the hobgoblins and other creatures were still hunting me.  I was tempted to stay here in the relative safety of Lewpod’s lair–at least until he decided it was time to feed.  

I decided he’d probably wake up hungry.  So as quietly as possible, I unclipped the leash from my collar so I didn’t have to tug it from between his coils.  Fortunately my body was still so slick from my sweat, his saliva, and his spilled cum, that I could slide silently and smoothly out of his coils.  Several moments of soft, slow writhing, and I slipped free.

I began padding away across the lair, barefoot on tiptoes, looking for the opening he had pulled me through, looking for a way to escape back down to where he found me.  At last, I spied a gap in the floor of Lewpod’s lair that was open to a lower level.  I tiptoed to the edge, looking for a way to make my way down.


I felt the air move behind me before I heard or saw anything else.  I slowly turned, already knowing it was too late.  I saw only the body of the giant snake, rising vertically before me.  My gaze followed the body up, up, until I saw his enormous head above me.  Lewpod’s eyes bore into me, his nostrils flared, and his tongue flicked in and out quickly.

“Leaving ssssso sssssoon, are you, Sssslave Viesssssa?” he asked in an accusing tone.

“No, Master, I wasn’t, I was just…”

“Sssssilence!” he cut me off.  “Sssuch a pity.  Your performance was sssuch that I wished to keep you as a leashed pretty object to adorn my cave.  It sssseeems however, you were only acting, not truly wishing to be my sssslave.   And sssso, if I cannot have you as my ssslave, it ssseeems I should have you as my meal, before you run away.”

“Master, please, no.  I wasn’t just acting!  You said you wanted to keep me with you!  I want to be with you!”  I fell to my knees, hands outstretched to him in supplication.

Lewpod’s eyes narrowed for just a moment.  “And ssssso you shall.”

There was a blur of motion as he struck.  His jaw extended to envelop me headfirst.  I saw only a flash of pink as my face and shoulders went directly into his maw.  His bottom jaw took me in until his chin bumped atop my thighs, while behind me his top jaw cradled my bottom and lifted me from the floor.

I felt my entire body rising as the giant serpent scooped me up.  I could feel my legs dangling as the front of his mouth encircled my upper thighs.  He tilted me up, up, until I was head down into his throat and my bare legs and feet flailed and scissored high above me.

That was when I first felt the throat of the beast contracting around me.  The warm, moist flesh of his tongue and mouth squeezed against my shoulders and torso, gripping me tight, so that when he opened his mouth again, I was held steady.  Then I felt my shoulders being tugged downward by the sides of his throat clenching down on me.

A few inches at a time, I could feel myself being tugged deeper into his throat.  Above me, my legs were becoming encased in the warmth of his mouth.  And his tongue seemed to be playing along my legs and lapping at my bare feet.  I felt him cross my ankles and pin them tightly.

I had an odd sensation of his tongue tickling the soles of my feet, but had much more worrisome things to think about.  I was being tugged and pushed further into the blackness of his gullet.

Soon I felt even my toes inside the warmth of his mouth.  The serpent’s tongue still licked at my feet, but was also tucking and pushing them inside, my legs crossed to make a tighter package.  One last contraction, and I was fully inside, the darkness complete as his mouth closed around me one last time.  The squeezing warmth and wetness were overwhelming.

As I passed deeper into his body, I once again heard Lewpod’s voice, reverberating all around me.  “I did sssay I wanted to keep you with me, Ssslave Viessssa, and I am a Master who keeps his word.”  I felt a squeeze around my entire body again, but I seemed to have stopped moving.

“A being my sssize takes a very very long time to consume its food.  I’ve enjoyed your body, inssside and out, while you rode upon me.  I will enjoy it even longer from within me…days, perhapsss weeks, you will be aware that you are becoming one with me, until–finally–you will truly be part of me forever…

~~~the end??~~~

Merry Christmas, Lewdopod!!



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