Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 3

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

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Agent Katie’s mind swirled while she desperately tried to think her way out of the compromising situation Glob had drawn her into.  She was stuck.  And the longer she stalled, hoping for an epiphany, the higher tension in the room grew.  Finally, she caved in.  Like he knew she would.

“Sit on the floor in front of your bed,” she said, trying to make it sound like an order.  “I’m coming in to get them, and you’d better not move a muscle.”  She shook her head.  ‘This is insane…ok, just get in, grab them, get out…’

“Ok, sure,” Glob said with a grin, sliding down to the floor and leaning back casually against his bed.  ‘See? He’s not going to try anything,’ said that odd inner voice again.

Agent Katie kept her eyes on him while she entered the code to turn off the containment field on the side furthest from him.  ‘What are you doing, Katie?  You know this might not end well…’  Taking a deep breath, she punched in the final number and the red beams flicked off.

Still watching him closely, she stepped into the cell.  While keeping her eyes on the Space Toad, she reached down for her panties and snatched them up.  She backed away slowly and turned to leave the cell.  ‘Nooo,’ her inner voice said.  ‘You need the info first…’

“Where are you going?” Glob asked nonchalantly.  

“I’m getting back on the other side of the containment field,” she responded.

“I kept my word and didn’t move.  You can trust me.”  He patted the surface of the bed beside him.  “Don’t you want the answers to all your questions?”  The question circled in her brain.

“I…I don’t…”  Agent Katie was flustered.  Two steps and the push of a button, and she’d be safely outside the cell with him locked in again.  But she also desperately wanted answers.  And she desperately wanted to be the one to solve the disappearances.  ’You need to do this…’

‘Oh, go on,’ the voice in her head prodded.  ‘If he was going to do anything, he could have already.’  She looked at Glob warily.  Finally, she looked about the lab nervously, and sighed.  

“Ok, but no tricks…keep your hands where I can see them.”  It was an odd thing to say to a creature in a sterile cell wearing only a flimsy pair of shorts.  But it made her feel better.

“Of course,” he replied with a broad smile.  He tucked his hands behind his head and leaned back further against the bed.  ’See?  Nothing to worry about…he’s being a perfect gentleman…’


Agent Katie took a few tentative steps and eased herself onto the end of the bed.  She crossed her legs nervously and folded her arms, keeping her posture closed off.  She did her best to seem calm, but Glob noticed how tightly she squeezed the wadded up panties in her palm.

They began chatting, making small talk tentatively at first, before falling into a matched conversational rhythm.  Agent Katie found Glob easy to talk to; it seemed he knew what she would ask or say even before she said it.  He was so subtle with his mental nudges and matching her pattern of speech that Agent Katie didn’t even realize he was doing it.

Glob divulged little tidbits and details and hints of information, just enough to tantalize Agent Katie into asking more detailed questions.  When she did, he would either tell her that it was her turn to divulge something personal–or he would just deftly nudge the conversation back toward her to keep her talking about herself.

The charming Glob begins to charm Agent Katie into letting her guard down…

“C’mon, Glob,” she laughed.  “You keep changing the subject.  Tell me something I don’t know.” 

“What if I told you that all the ‘missing’ women came willingly with me, Agent Katie?”

Agent Katie thought for a moment.  “I’d be very skeptical of that, Glob.  You yourself said that you are a hunter, that you like to capture prey.”

“That much is true…I do enjoy the hunt and I do enjoy the capture…and perhaps I do like to toy with my captives a bit.  But for them to be one of my special conquests…I much prefer they give themselves to me willingly.”  

“And why would they give themselves to you, to be…whatever it is you do to them?” she asked.

“Well, why is it that you enjoy being a damsel in distress, Agent Katie?”  Glob spoke slowly and deliberately, in a suggestive tone.  “Why do you seek out danger and vulnerability?  Why does the thought of being bound and helpless arouse you?” 

“I don’t…it doesn’t…I…”  Agent Katie stammered, wanting to deny that Glob spoke the truth, but knowing that he was right.  The echoing voice told her the same.  She had a sudden vision of herself kneeling by Glob’s side, collared and cuffed, feeling desirable, wanted, and at peace.

“How…how do you know that?”  she demanded.

“Well, you’re hardly the only one,” he chuckled.  “Though you do seem to go looking for trouble more than the average human female.  And finding it.”  He waved his hand at the cell around them.  “Case in point.”

Agent Katie nodded.  Sitting inside a containment cell–with an intergalactic space toad who had already admitted his complicity in the disappearance of human females–would undermine any argument she might make.  She was still wondering about the women Glob claimed gave themselves to him–and wondering if she would, too.

“Tell me, my dear Agent Katie,” Glob asked, “when was the last time you had an orgasm just from being licked?”

The blonde agent’s jaw dropped open and a blush turned her cheeks bright red.  “I don’t…why…why are you asking me that?”

Glob stuck his tongue out several inches and waggled it back and forth.  “Imagine what I can do with this…”  He grinned and cocked his head to one side confidently.

Impossibly, Agent Katie’s blush deepened.  She tried to form words and failed.  She squeezed her thighs tighter. She was already envisioning that tongue lapping and prodding between them.

“Hand me your phone, won’t you, dear?” he asked, holding his hand out.

She plucked it from the back pocket of her skirt and handed it to him with trembling fingers.

Glob tapped at it furiously for a few moments.  Then he handed it back to her, saying only:  “Watch.  Learn.  Understand.”



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