Aurora Rush: Gentlemanly Grey

Aurora Rush cover artwork by CallMePlissken

This Aurora Rush cover was the work of my friend CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following and is a favorite of Alynnya Slatefire and her friends. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 33:  Gentlemanly Grey


“Ahh, my delectable Miss Aurora, I know you are awake…please open your eyes and behold me.  It is time to prepare you for our date.”

I didn’t hear the voice so much as felt it in my mind, compelling me to emerge from the darkness of a deep sleep.  Without opening my eyes, I assessed my situation as I’d been trained to do.  

  • Lying on my back, check.  
  • Strapped down to a hard surface, check.  
  • Completely naked, check.

In other words, a typical mid-mission assessment. 

‘Wait a minute!’  I thought–did the voice say ‘prepare me for our date?’

I opened my eyes and squinted in the bright lights.  I saw a short alien Grey standing over me.

“I have been watching and following you for years.  My lovely Miss Aurora, how I have longed to have you aboard my ship.  And now, here you are before me, in the flesh.  Quite literally.”

I scowled and struggled against my restraints.  I’ve had many nightmares about being abducted by greys, being stripped naked and strapped to an examination table, being probed and studied and experimented upon, and forced to breed or become their slave.

Ok, maybe they weren’t so much nightmares as hauntingly erotic dreams.  But that’s not important right now!  Because now I was strapped naked to a table and menaced by a grey.

Strangely, I didn’t feel as if I’d been probed.  Which, I had to admit, was mildly disappointing.  

“Do your worst, I’ll never talk!  Space Adventuresses are conditioned at Space Adventuress Command to resist torture!  So go ahead and probe me with your fiendish alien devices!”

“No, no, darling Miss Aurora…you misunderstand.  I merely wish to get to know you better.”  

“Sure, I know what that means.  Get to know me inside and out, right?  Stick tubes and sensors everywhere and test my orgasm thresholds, right?  Been there, done that.  I’m not afraid of you!” 

The sinister looking Grey waved a scary looking phallic shaped device over me. “My sensors tell me, my dear Miss Aurora, that while you are indeed afraid of me, you are also quite aroused.”

“I’m what?”  I glanced down at my exposed nipples.  “No, no, this metal table is just really cold!  

I couldn’t look away from the intimidatingly large instrument.  “What…what are you doing with that?”  I tried to sound defiant.  “I suppose this is when the probing begins.”  I was surprised he had waited this long.  No, I said surprised, not disappointed!  

“I’m merely taking your measurements, my exquisite Miss Aurora.”  He began moving up my body, the instrument humming.  “I intend to have you fitted for something very special.”  


An hour or so later, my little alien captor had prepared both of us for our ‘date.’

The alien Grey held a bouquet of roses and was impeccably dressed in a sharp-looking tuxedo.  The robot body upon which he rode scooped me up and held me snugly against its chest. 

He had dressed me in a gorgeous (and quite flattering) burgundy gown that shimmered in the light.  Stockings clung to my legs and sexy heels had been fitted on my feet.  Fitted perfectly, in fact.  He plucked one of the rose buds from the bouquet and tucked it in my expertly styled hair.

He was actually acting like a perfect little gentleman.  Except for the fact he was carrying me, and my arms were still tied behind my back.  Oh, and the whole kidnapping, stripping, binding and measuring me while naked part.  But I was starting to think I could overlook all that.

“So what comes next?” I asked.  “You’re taking me on a date?”

“Yes, my comely companion.  I’m going to take you for a magical evening of dining and dancing in the finest orbital restaurants and nightclubs of the Pisces dwarf galaxy.”

“Pisces?  I’m sorry, I’m a Sagittarius and…wait a minute.  You didn’t bring me here to probe me and experiment on me?”  I tried to keep a note of dissatisfaction out of my voice.  I really tried!

“Of course not, sweet Miss Aurora.  I have brought you here to woo you.  I have been infatuated with you ever since my brother abducted you from Libra-17 all those years ago.”

“Who, what now?  I’ve never been to Libra-17 and I’ve never been abducted by Greys before!”

“Ooooh…yesss, about that…um…it is possible you may have been, and then had your memory wiped…a couple…maybe a few times.”

“How many times?” I demanded.

“Seventeen.  This uh…would be eighteen.”

“Huh.”  As shocked as I was, I couldn’t say I was surprised.  Those nightmares..err…erotic dreams…were always really, really vivid.  I thought a bit more.  And then a few more scenes from those erotic dreams slipped into my conscious memory. 

“So, no probing, then?”  I asked, a faraway look in my eyes.

“Not unless I follow the human cultural norm and purchase your dinner first.”

“I see.  Well, I am a bit peckish.  Let’s go.”


Later, after he’d carried me back across the threshold of his ship, I whispered a question to my captor:  “This will be our little secret, right?” I asked timidly.  “You’re not going to go back and tell your entire pod how you seduced a human female?”

“Perish the thought, Aurora my love.  A gentleman never probes and tells.”


Keep an eye on my site for more from Fannda Flames!

One thought on “Aurora Rush: Gentlemanly Grey

  1. Such a fine gentleman, respecting his date’s privacy! 17 times … 18 times … Perhaps more.

    I love her reactions. “No, I’m not aroused, I’m annoyed! Really!” Hahaha!


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