The Silken Trap, pt.1

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie dangles herself as bait for a mysterious predator and finds herself dangling in Laressa’s grip

Long before Evie ever called Laressa ‘Mistress,’ they had a more adversarial relationship…that of hunter and prey. But just who was the hunter, and who was the prey?

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

Part 1

My heels clicked noisily on the flagstones and echoed in the crisp night air.  A little too crisp for the wispy pink party dress I was wearing.  And a little too noisy for the neighborhood I was in.

I’d already had to ‘dissuade’ two drunks and a petty criminal from accosting me on tonight’s mission.  The thief, I’d been able to warn off with just a confident and intimidating look.  The drunks, however, were full of liquid courage and required a little more persuasion.  A couple sprained wrists and a broken nose later, and I was back on track.

Opportunists like them are an expected hazard when your mission is to troll down a sketchy street at midnight alone in a skimpy dress, trying to attract and trap a predator.  Those ‘gentlemen’ didn’t at all rise to the level of predator I was seeking, though.  

I had a vague sense I’d been here before, on this street, doing the same thing.  Probably because I’d played a similar role many times before.  For some reason I seemed to be the one the mission planners at Cryptae HQ summoned whenever they needed ‘bait.’  Ah well, they can’t all be glamorous international assignments.

This was different, though.  This solo mission was my choice, one I was personally motivated to take on.  There had been rumors and reports of young women going missing from this area, only to reappear days later with no memory of what happened or where they’d been–only a feeling that whatever had happened was not altogether unpleasant.

When it happened to Alynnya, I knew I needed to get involved.  First, because no one messes with my friends.  But second, because Aly’s story was credible and corroborated.  I personally knew she was missing for two days.  And Aly’s experienced enough to know when she’s had a–let’s call it an ‘intimate and sensual bondage interlude.’

Plus, Aly’s a Rithian Ranger, and a good one.  A predator must be very skilled and wily to get the drop on Aly, capture her, tie her up, give her multiple orgasms, and…

…ok, maybe that part of my argument had some flaws.  But you get my point.  This predator was real, and someone to be taken seriously.

And that’s why the nagging sense of deja vu was distracting.  This was such a unique situation…I knew this was the first time I’d been walking down Silk Street on a cold night.  So why did Cobbler’s Alley on a warm night enter my mind?  Or Smith’s Lane, in a dense fog?

I shook my head to clear it.  This was silly.  I needed to keep my focus.

As I centered myself and re-honed my senses, I felt it.  Someone was watching me.  

I stopped and tugged at my high heel, giving me the opportunity to subtly glance around.  My eyes checked every shadow and nook up and down the street, but I saw nothing.  I sensed something, though.  And the street was quiet…too quiet…and too still.

I continued on, this time picking up my pace.  Time to play the nervous girl who’s been spooked.  It wasn’t completely an act.  The sense of danger was almost palpable now, and I was offering an irresistible target.

My clicking heels were far too loud for the quiet street, yet I was no longer attracting anyone’s attention.  It was as if any creature with any sense of self-preservation had vacated the area.

I felt, rather than sensed, a movement behind me.  The motion sent a waft of air over my bare shoulders and a heady whiff of pheromones caught in my nose.  Being trained to sense them didn’t prevent them from affecting me…if I didn’t have adrenaline pouring into my veins, I might have been enticed to stop moving.

Instead, I did the one thing I knew would provoke whomever was stalking me.  I’d learned that if you want a predator to stand down, you face off with them like I’d done with the men earlier.  If you want them to pass you by, you stay still and hope they do.

But if you want a predator to catch you, you trigger their hunting instincts and run.

And so I ran, my heels skittering on the stones as quickly as I could manage.  I tried to think like prey, moving erratically and then foolishly taking the most obvious and futile opportunity to hide.  I cut sharply into a narrow gap between two buildings and pressed myself face first against a wall, huddling in a shadow.

I felt the air move again, and a sweet heady scent wafted over me–and then the predator was upon me, bodily pressing me and pinning me to the wall.  I felt a hot breath on my shoulder, followed by the soft sensual voice of…

…a woman?  


There was just something about the air of this city, it brought a little liveliness and excitement to a wanderer such as I.  Lured here by a different blonde haired beauty, it had become my new home in such a short space of time.  So many dark corners, hidden spaces, and so many lovely little dishes that people would not notice their disappearance until they returned safe and sound, like precious little beauties should.

Of course, this other beauty had noticed, that much was clear.  Observing her from on high, knowing this one was keeping an eye out for little ole me, it was such a thrill.  Of course I delighted in those I caught, those who I spun my silks and took into my parlor, but many of them could do little but fidget and squirm – a delight in its own way – Almost none could actually put up a challenge like this one could, and that made the hunt all the more thrilling for one such as I!

This woman, Evie, was doing a remarkable job of trying to act the part, clearly someone I could take lessons from in a more relaxed setting, but there were still a few little clues that revealed she wasn’t just some helpless darling, lost and unfortunate on the street.  No, her gait revealed just enough of her confidence, her mannerisms, someone who could switch instantly from a passivity to a full on attack.  

Perhaps I am far too overconfident in my abilities but well, that confidence is well deserved, plenty of years practising my ‘craft’ in the wilderness would have been enough for any seasoned hunter, but this city was almost tailored for me.  So many dark shadows, nooks and crannies for one to hide themselves in.  This woman, she was crafty.  She knew where to look, where to scout, making me have to keep on high, taking full advantage of my ‘unique’ skills to follow her.  Following her for at least a few minutes longer, what fun is there in just springing a trap straight away?  I want her to challenge me, an excuse to give her another chance…

It was so easy to slip along the side streets, keeping my eyes fully affixed on her.  Such a beauty, it would be a wonder to meet her in more ‘ordinary’ circumstances, yet it was her who made the first move in stalking me after all.  Such a flirt, thinking she could stalk a hunter.  Seeing her slip between two buildings, a very clear spot for someone to pull the shadows over themselves and be out of sight.  Such a smart woman, but at the same time she did just place herself into the best place just for me.

It was so easy to climb up the side building, using the shadows to keep myself out of any prying eyes – anything that was smart enough had dispersed long before now, it was just me and my prize.  With my innate grace it was I easily dropped down behind the beauty, not even a single footfall to break the silence, but a touch.. Pressing myself firmly into her back and pinning her to the wall.  I just couldn’t help myself, once more getting to touch this luscious skin.

“Such a darling little fly, I will have so much fun with you.”


I had to admit that I was a little surprised at my quarry’s first touch.  I was prepared for an attack, a strike meant to incapacitate or shock me.  But the first touch was light and sensual, and sudden…I didn’t realize the predator was even there yet–there were no footsteps, no movement from the mouth of the alley, nor from deeper within.

That first disconcerting touch was followed by a warm body pressing against my back and firmly pinning me to the wall.  The form leaning into mine felt incredibly strong yet pleasantly soft.  

Then came the hot breath on my shoulder and a sweet heady scent, followed by the soft sensual voice of a woman.  “Such a darling little fly, I will have so much fun with you.”  

The voice was at once seductive and inviting, yet condescending and taunting all at once.  It was the tone of a predator confident that their prey was already defeated and helpless.

I was tempted to spring my trap right then, but instinct and training both told me to wait, draw her in a little more.  There was far too much unknown here…how she was able to approach me unnoticed…why she was so strong…and her intriguingly seductive manner.

I hadn’t even seen her face yet.  

So I allowed my arms to be drawn together and pulled up over my head.  I tensed, but didn’t struggle when I felt bindings wrap around my wrists, pinning them side by side.  Nor did I flinch when they were anchored to something above me.  

I fought the urge to fight her off.  I resisted the urge to resist.  I needed to remain passive a little longer, allow her to be complacent in knowing that she had me helpless.

I felt her pressure against my body ease, and I was no longer pinned against the wall.  I got my feet back under me, and swayed slightly in my heels while still tethered by my wrists.

With my hands and arms pinned overhead, my entire body was exposed to her now.  I felt her fingertips tracing back down my arms, over my shoulders, down my sides to my hips.  My bare flesh thrilled at the delicate and purposeful touch that had become a firm grip on my waist.

This time I stole a glance over my shoulder at her and barely suppressed a gasp.  Deep blue eyes peered at me above delicate rosy features, within a frame of crimson hair.  She was elegant and breathtaking, with cool confidence she was in control of the scene, and me within it.

Intrigued, I kept still while those piercing eyes studied me, feeling just the slightest bit unnerved by her examination, and wondering if her look was one of approval.  I knew I could break free from her grip at any time, and I really wanted to see where this was going.

“Mmmm…do you desire what you see, little fly?  Are you suddenly happy to be caught in my web?”  One of her hands began moving down over my hip, while the other moved up and across my tummy.  “Because I surely desire what I’ve lured into my trap.”

Her voice was hypnotic; her scent was exotic; most of all, her touch was quite distracting.  She was making it so seductively tempting to just passively allow her to take me, in any way she wanted.

Unfortunately, I had a job to do, and it was time to do it.  I pulled away from her, standing straight, and began to release my wrists from the strange wrapping that pinned them.

This was one of those times where my confidence in my own abilities became my undoing.  I’d misjudged how securely my wrists were bound.  The wraps had felt moist and soft when she first put them on me, but they’d since stiffened and stuck to my flesh.  No amount of wriggling was providing any give in the tight bands.

“Something wrong, my sweet fresh catch?” she asked in a self-satisfied tone.

“What…who are you?” I snapped, irritated that she’d delayed my escape.  For now.

“Hush now, my prize, there may be time for questions later.  For now, accept my conquest of you and submit to my will.”

The slow and sultry way she spoke the words made them somehow all seem reasonable, and that any resistance was irrational.  I struggled to find reasons why I shouldn’t surrender.

I didn’t help that her hands were actively sapping my will.  She’d uncovered one breast and held it tightly in her warm hand, while her other had pulled my body back into hers.  Her legs had somehow parted mine and were pressing between.

I tensed, preparing to perform a mighty wrench of my hips to pull myself free, but her voice and a tightening of her grip stilled me.  

“Stop struggling, my lovely,” she breathed.  “Don’t you want to learn all about me?  And the little darlings who went missing for days?  Learn what happened to your pretty ranger friend?”

I relaxed as she pulled me close again.  “Don’t you want to see the inside of my parlor, little fly?”

I glanced up at the silky wraps around my wrists again.  The sticky moist material that had stiffened to imprison me.  The effortless way she’d wrapped and anchored them.  And the stealthy way she’d come from behind me.

I was beginning to get a better sense of who–or what–this seductive predator was.

“Yes,” I murmured, “I want to learn what happened to those girls.”  And how I can defeat you.

“Then close your eyes tight, my brave dear.  Don’t open them until I say; I’d rather not have to cover those captivating blue eyes of yours.”

As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt her press my elbows together and apply more wrapping to my forearms, robbing me of movement and balance.  She stopped just above my elbows and moved down to wrap my thighs together, just above my knees and below the hem of my dress.

“Yesssss…” she practically hissed, while running her hands back up my thighs and resting them on my hips.  “You look so delicious wrapped up.  It’s taking all my will to not sample you right here.  But I must get you to my home so I can wrap you even more, and make you mine.”

I let out a low moan as her delicate fingers kept exploring my helpless form.

“But then, you already know you are mine, don’t you, my lovely?”  She tightened her grip again.

“Yes…yes, I know,” I groaned.  I tried to tell myself I was going along with her just to learn more, to get an opportunity to turn and capture her instead.  I knew I didn’t believe it, though.

She removed my bound wrists from the anchors that held them above, and pulled them to herself instead.  Then she turned and tugged me forward, deeper down the alley.  

With the bindings above my knees, I could only take tiny steps, and my high heels didn’t help matters.  My heels clicked on the flagstones as I stepped quickly to keep up with her.

She turned and watched me with a sly grin.  I could tell she was enjoying my difficulty moving while bound.

“Come along, little fly,” she breathed.  “Many delights await us both in my parlor…”


She felt so warm, so soft, yet beneath the surface there was far more to this woman than some little fly aimlessly floating like so many I had met.  No, even as my hands worked over her form it was clear she was tense and wound up, prepped like a spring in preparation to strike.  Of course, I simply couldn’t allow her to have that much freedom, just enough freedom to keep entertaining me.

Hands wandering over that beautiful figure, guiding her arms over her head before weaving my silks around each wrist, pulling it tight like it was rope.  Poor little darling, I was so very sure she thought it was more delicate and fragile than it was.  Delicate hands, a delicate touch, it was how I had managed to ensnare so many gorgeous darlings before they could do anything.  They always underestimated me.

Those eyes though, those piercing eyes, ones that belonged to a fellow hunter.  Perhaps not in the same manner of course… but there was definitely far more to this woman than a mere fly.  Yet I wanted more of her, I needed more of her.  This beautiful woman clearly intended to be a challenge, an obstacle to my fun…which just enticed me more…and I always get what I want.

Teasing her, taunting her, through words and touch, and oh how the reaction came clear as day on her face even for just a moment.  Arms above her head, her body on full display to me in that sexy little pink number.  Yet I could not help but see how this beauty was gazing up at me in turn. 

“Mmmm…do you desire what you see, little fly?  Are you suddenly happy to be caught in my web? Because I surely desire what I’ve lured into my trap.” 

Those words, and the situation itself clearly having an impact on her.  This woman was enjoying this far more than she was letting on.  Seeing the quiver in her form, the ever so slight blush that anyone would have thought was hidden in the darkness.  A few little threads that begged to be plucked.  How her body shuddered under my delicate fingers just urged me to keep touching, stroking, caressing, shameless in my desire to continue.

Of course, the look on her face when her attempt to escape – and I knew it was going to come from a woman such as her – failed utterly, the silk strands firming in the cold air and becoming impossible to tear.  Even with how I tempered my silk it was still far tougher than hemp rope.  I couldn’t hold back a chuckle, taking her chin in my grip and whispering to her. 

“Stop struggling, my lovely.  Don’t you want to learn all about me?  And the little darlings who went missing for days?  Learn what happened to your pretty ranger friend?”  

That certainly garnered a reaction, to which I continued. “Don’t you want to see the inside of my parlor, little fly?”

I loved the way she looked, now it was clear to her she couldn’t escape.  She was MY helpless fly, but all the fight was not gone from her.  I will adore showing her where she belongs.  I could tell her compliance was not entirely genuine, but it was already clear she was tempted far more than she would ever admit.  Just enough of a thread for me to pull…

Helping her wrists from their anchoring, holding them to myself…she had such lovely skin, even without being encased in silk.  I will enjoy every inch of this beauty.  Hobbled and helpless, Evie was such a delight to hold onto as we walked.  She was definitely taking note of every step, every passageway we went or down the dark alleyways, someone as skilled as this woman would know I had no intention of hiding the direction we went.  There were.. other ways of making sure of that after all.  

Watching how Evie squirmed and fidgeted with every step was a treat that could not be beat by anything at all.  I smirked as I came right up behind Evie to squeeze her lovely derriere.  

“We’re almost there little fly, do you think you’ll enjoy your new home?” breathing softly into Evie’s ear, before lightly nibbling on it.  “I might find it hard to resist your taste.” 

Oh, I knew full well what I said could be taken so ambiguously, but even I am allowed to have my fun toying with such sweet little treats.  Perhaps it might even give her more urge to attempt another escape, that would just heighten how much fun I could have tonight!  

I gave Evie a push to my left from where we stood, into a very small side alley.  Evie would probably recognise the location from her own reconnaissance of the city, at least I would assume.  It’s not like many people would tie it to a ‘monster’ lurking in the streets after all!  

I pulled Evie with me through the side door, to what looked like an ordinary backroom.  Filled with clothes made of the finest silk, materials piled up and ready to be worked and woven into beautiful attire.  I simply guided her over to another door, pulling it open to reveal a little cupboard.  A simple push on the back wall revealed a second door, modelled like the wooden boards.

“Welcome to my parlor.” Said the spider to the fly.  Darkness and spiderwebs lined the hallway, and poor little Evie was about to experience what it was like to be a true fly in the web of a REAL hunter.

to be continued…


Evie and Laressa will return in The Silken Trap, pt. 2

For more Evie and Laressa fun, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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