Never Trust a Witch in Hot-Pants

artwork by callmeplisskin

Aly meets a new friend, Jessie…and then Jessie introduces Aly to more of her ‘friends.’

This quick vignette was inspired by watching @CallMePlissken draw the accompanying artwork live on stream last weekend. I can’t take full credit for all the ideas…there were a few others on the stream who were contributing ideas and details to the overall backstory besides just me. I took from the best of our ideas, put a few twists of my own on the tale, and typed it up!

The following is an excerpt; the full vignette is here:


“Jessie…I don’t understand?  Why?  Are you trying to feed me to some evil creatures or offer me as tribute to them?”

Jessie looked down at me from her perch on the bridge above.  She twirled a free lock of my hair between her fingers (the rest of my hair was diabolically knotted around a rail of the bridge).

“Oh, no, Aly…like I said, I just want to introduce you to my friends.  They will want to have as much fun with you as I am having.  Speaking of them, I should probably summon them now.”

“Uhh..Jessie?”  I was staring in mild alarm at the water suddenly roiling faster than before.  “Are your friends…uhh…friendly?”

“Of course, Aly!  We all want to get to know you more…intimately.”