Evie: Dark Beast

Artwork by ArtOfVenus

Evie’s latest adventure takes her deep into the rainforest, where she (of course) finds some peril and ends up the ‘offering’ to a dark beast…full story and two images below!

This is the first Evie adventure based on her new 3D model created by my friend and collaborator, ArtofVenus!!   And I’m excited to say there are already more adventures in the works.

I have to give a special shout-out to ArtofVenus for the amazing community he’s built on his discord server. Everyone there is awesome about coaching and mentoring in a really collaborative environment where egos and judgment are put aside, art is freely shared, and feedback is welcomed.

His full image is embedded below…and read to the end, because there’s an alternate (nude) version down there!



“Is that peppermint I smell?  And perhaps some eucalyptus?”  I asked dreamily.

The shamanka’s attendants who were working the lotion into my skin did not respond.

“Oooh, definitely some mint, I can feel the vapors coming off my skin.”  Staked out spreadeagle and naked on the floor of a humid jungle hut as I was, the cooling sensation was actually quite pleasant.  As were the hands applying it.  “Mmmmm…that’s the spot…”

The skilled fingers of the attendants were releasing all the tension in my muscles; the elixir they had given me was making me feel euphoric and content; the flickering candles’ glow added to the heady atmosphere; and the ropes on my wrists and ankles were delightfully tight.

If I weren’t being prepared for some ritualistic ceremony, I might actually be enjoying myself.

Their preparations had been going on for some time, beginning with a light meal and my first dose of the elixir, followed by a soothing hot bath and another few drops of the potion.  Then being led naked to the hut, to the cheers of the onlooking tribe, and being laid on a rough mat on the floor.  Once they had my limbs stretched and secure, the anointing of my flesh began.

I heard arguing voices outside the tent and the translucent panel across the doorway was pulled aside.  An imposing male figure stepped inside, followed by the frail shamanka who had declared me to be ‘the offering’ soon after my capture.  She was imploring him to leave, but his eyes were fixed upon me, even in the low light.

“The golden-haired one belongs to the tribe.  She must serve the tribe before she goes to the dark beast.”

“No!” the attendants cried out to the shamanka.  “She is already cleansed, she is ready!”

“Mansa, please,” the shamanka said, tugging at his arm.  “There are other ways she can serve.”

“OUT!” he shouted.  “The dark beast does not rise until dawn.  Mansa will take her first.”

The shamanka and her attendants scurried out of the hut.  Through the open doorway I saw several more of the tribe’s warriors peering inside.  Mansa saying he would take me ‘first’ suddenly took on a new meaning.  

The warrior drew aside his loincloth to reveal a quite impressive endowment already at half-mast and climbing.  My eyes widened.  Perhaps it was the elixir; perhaps it was the soothing lotions and ointments; perhaps it was the fact that I was staked out naked and vulnerable before him.  Whatever the reason, I suddenly wanted him, wanted it, very badly.

I’m going to blame it on the elixir.


“So you never answered me…is that spearmint?  Or pennyroyal, perhaps?”

The scowling attendants were anointing my freshly-cleaned skin once again, but being quite less tender and graceful about it this time.  It was as if they didn’t want to waste time and effort because they half-expected to be interrupted again.

A few hours after Mansa had interrupted, after the last of the tribe’s warriors finally left the hut, the clearly annoyed shamanka had returned.  She had looked at me disdainfully, as I had somehow disappointed her.  At that moment, I was still so delirious in my afterglow, I didn’t care.

Irritated, she and her attendants had led me back to the bathing basin, this time to jeers from the tribe.  In their defense, I did look pretty disheveled and dirty to be considered anyone’s offering.  Though I really didn’t think it was my fault their warriors couldn’t keep it in their leopard-skins.

They repeated the soothing hot bath to ‘cleanse’ me, and this time added another element:  while my wrists were stretched out high over my head, they flogged my flesh with eucalyptus branches, to ‘drive out the wanton spirits.’  Then it was back to the hut for more ‘anointing.’

When they were finished, they placed me on my knees with my back to a post set in the ground.  They pulled my wrists over my head and secured them with ropes to a hook on the back side of the post, then crossed my ankles and tied them off to another hook.

“Still a few hours until dawn.  Go tell Mansa she’s ready,” the shamanka croaked to an attendant.  The woman exited the hut, but didn’t have to go far…Mansa was standing just outside.  He strode up to me and stood looking down, grinning.  I could see the bulge of his manhood making his loincloth twitch.

“Just her mouth this time,” the shamanka growled.  “I don’t want to have to clean her up again.”  She whirled and stormed out of the tent.  Outside, once again, I saw the other warriors waiting.  Say what you want about the warriors of this tribe, they knew how to queue.  

I opened my mouth and stretched my jaw to loosen it.  Dawn was still a long ways away.  Mansa took that as an invitation and moved closer.  “Pity you must be offered to the dark beast.  Golden-hair serves the tribe well.”  He drew his loincloth aside once again.


As first light broke outside the hut, the shamanka and her attendants shooed away the last of the warriors.  I couldn’t see very clearly in the candlelight, but I’m pretty sure some of them snuck back into line a couple times.  

Fortunately, there was less of me that needed cleaning this time.  Just my face, neck, chest and shoulders.  And a few trails running down my tummy.  Once they had the mess cleaned off me, the shaman produced my ‘ceremonial finery,’ as she called it.  

It was a bikini made of while leopard hide, three skimpy triangles that would barely cover me, held together by thin strips of leather.   As the attendants draped it on me and tied the strings, I noticed it had been torn and re-stitched multiple times.  I wasn’t the first to wear this ‘finery.’

My wrists were released from the hook above me and the ropes exchanged for thick metal shackles linked by a long chain.  They were heavy, much heavier than necessary…as if designed to constantly remind the wearer they are there.

While one attendant untied the ropes from my ankles, the other ducked outside the hut and returned with Mansa.  ‘Here we go again,’ I thought as he entered, but after an appraising look he simply grasped the chain to pull me to my feet.  “Time to meet the dark beast,” he growled.

Mansa actually looked a little dejected as he led me through the village and to the edge of the jungle.  So did a few of the warriors standing guard.  Perhaps he and his men would have liked to keep me around a little longer.  Perhaps I could use that to my advantage, I thought.

The rest of the villagers followed us for the ceremony.  Mansa led me to a stone obelisk at the far end of the clearing and turned me so that my back was to it.  I was happy to see that the obelisk and its stone platform held no evidence of past ‘offerings.’  Whoever this dark beast was or whatever he did in the ritual, thankfully he wasn’t messy about it.

Mansa took the chain in one hand and reached above my head to place it over a hook set into the stone.  His body pressed mine against the obelisk while he stretched to reach the hook.

“Mmmm…Mansa…one more time, for old time’s sake?” I asked, looking up into his eyes with a soft blue-eyed stare and inviting smile.  There were few who could resist my persuasive gaze.

He paused, my powerfully seductive look weakening his will for just a moment.  Then he shook his head to clear it and gave me a rough kiss.  “We give you to the dark beast, or the dark beast takes us all.  Either, I can’t keep you.”  He looked at me wistfully before he turned away.  “Pity.”

He and the others retreated a safe distance back toward the village before stopping to look back at me.  There was a buzz of excited chatter until the shamanka stepped forward to shush the crowd.  Now there was even more of a sense of anticipation in the air…and did I smell popcorn?


The crowd of villagers was silent other than the occasional whisper or muted laugh.  For what felt like an hour I waited, helplessly chained to the obelisk.  When my feet grew numb standing on cold stone, I dangled from my shackles until my shoulders hurt, and switched back and forth.

I had to say, of all the times I’d been sacrificed to a creature before, this is the first time one was running so late.  I really admired punctuality in anyone, whether a colleague, lover, or beast about to claim their offering.  It really undermined the ceremonial feel of the ritual.   Even the natives were getting restless.

Finally, I heard the thud of something heavy landing deep into the jungle.  Then another thud, then another.  I wished there was a puddle nearby so I could see if it was rippling.  The villagers fell silent as the thuds became louder and stronger, and eventually I could hear something moving in the dense foliage.

A dark shape was moving through the rainforest, silhouetted in the early morning light.  As it came a little closer, the figure took on the shape of a large ape lumbering between the trees, casting low brush aside.  Then it kept getting closer.  And bigger.  It wasn’t just a large ape.  It was a great freaking big-ass ape!

The shamanka took a step forward.  “Oh great dark beast,” she intoned, arms raised above her head dramatically.  “We offer you this virgin…”

“Umm….” I began to interrupt, but my words were lost among the wave of snickering that rolled through the villagers.  “HUSH!”  she snarled, giving them a withering glare before continuing.  “We offer you this golden-haired beauty…”

The rest of her words were lost to me as the great ape approached, just over my right shoulder.  He was massive, towering over me, each of his arms longer than my entire body.  I was paralyzed, helpless and vulnerable, mesmerized by the gleam of his eyes and the cloud of hot breath coming from his enormous mouth.  He really needed some of that spearmint, too.

A gasp came from the crowd as he reached one giant hand out toward me.  Curling his finger downward, he slid his fingernail into my cleavage and tugged at the bikini top, tearing it from my body.  That explains why the ceremonial finery gets repaired and reused, I thought, as he did the same for the bikini bottoms.

He used the same finger to trace up and down my body, at first prodding and probing at my flesh as if to test its firmness or fullness, then gliding his fingers over me to feel my curves and caress my softer bits.  His smallest finger curled upward and nudged between my thighs, separating them and hooking upward to tug against my rear.

The dark beast grunted then, apparently in approval.  With his other hand he plucked my chain off its hook and pulled me aloft.  He raised me up until my eyes were level with his, and his hot breath warmed my naked skin.  Then he took a long, deep sniff of my body and held his breath in like he was savoring the bouquet of an expensive wine.

He let his breath out with what sounded like a snort.  Then, to my surprise, he muttered under his breath in the common tongue:  “Girlie not a virgin…”  Then he sighed.  “They never are…no matter…means girlie know what to do.”

With the chain between my wrists hooked over his finger, he turned me around and rested the back of his hand on his shoulder, with me slung over his back like a topcoat on a warm day.  He turned and ambled back into the rainforest and I bounced along with his movements, dangling by my wrists on his furry backside.

I was facing away from him, so I could see the villagers watching as I was carried away.  Many of them began to cheer, knowing their village was safe until the dark beast returned for another offering.  The shamanka cackled in glee.  Mansa and his men, though, waved forlornly.


A few days later I emerged from the jungle, disheveled and dirty, and made my way into the port city.  I headed directly to my hotel, ignoring the disdainful looks of passers-by on the street.

I found my partner, Dirk, lounging in the sun by the hotel pool, sipping on a drink, and eyeing the female swimmers.  At first I seethed with anger when I saw him relaxing and working on his tan.  Then my eyes wandered over his broad shoulders and chiseled abs and his tight swim trunks, and my temper eased.

It really was a nice tan.  And they really were nice abs.

I stood blocking his sunlight until he looked up and squinted at me.  “Ay, love!” he chirped with a broad grin, which faded as he noticed my appearance.  “Ya look rough, mate…where ya been?”

“It’s been a week, Dirk…” I growled through clenched teeth.  “Did it even occur to you to come looking for me?”

“Naw,” he waved, and took a sip of his drink.  “I knew whatever you’d gotten up to on yer mission, you could handle yourself.  And ya did!”

“I did,” I muttered.  “But that’s beside the point.  I could have used some backup.”

“Aw, sorry, mate.”  He handed me his drink.  “Here, have a sip and relax and tell me all about it.”  He looked at my disheveled appearance again.  “Or, perhaps you should freshen up in the pool…or we could head back to the room, and…”

I tossed the remainder of his drink at him.  “You’re an ass, Dirk!”  

I stood up again.  “I’m going to get out of this disgusting dress and take a shower–alone–in my own room.  Maybe I’ll catch up with you later, and maybe you can buy me some apology drinks and an expensive dinner.”

“Sure, love, sure.  What is that you’re wearing, by the way?”  He wrinkled up his nose.  “Smells awful…is that gorilla fur?”  

I grinned wryly.  “Yeah.  Made it myself.  I’ll tell you about it over drinks.  Many drinks.  You’re buying tonight.”


If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Evie soon!



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