Betting on Red

artwork and story by menchimenagerie

Evie and Laressa make a bet who can put the other in more intense kinky distress.

Laressa went first in this story by Menchi: Pt 1: Betting on Red

Evie will get her chance in Pt. 2: Betting on Gold

Laressa is the OC of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


Evie was beginning to wonder just how good an idea this was.

Of course it was not exactly a good time to vocalise such a thought, what with the rubber ball bulging out her lips, the tight latex hood so snug and tight over her face.  She couldn’t do much more than moan as another tug pulled her further and further along the path she couldn’t see.  The only gracious thing was that Laressa – the one she knew to be holding the leash – wasn’t dragging her forcefully, it was more of a gentle stroll than anything.  Evie was just glad for the hood after all.  They had begun the trip from Laressa’s own shop, walked through the town and out into the wilderness if the sounds and texture under her feet were any indicator.  Her training under the Cryptae had made her especially good at skills such as tracking, attention to surroundings as well as knowing of slight changes to ensure she could avoid being caught unawares, but in this situation all it did was make her all the more flustered and embarrassed to know she was paraded around town like some kind of pet, an anonymous thing purely for Mistress’ own pleasure, and Laressa loved it so much.  Evie couldn’t help a shiver as she thought about it, even as they kept walking.  The cold air on her bare breasts wasn’t the only reason for her stiff nipples, and Laressa knew that so well, she had come to know all about how Evie ticked.

“What is the matter, my sweet?  Are you already regretting agreeing to this bet?  You could always withdraw of course, I would not hold it against you for making such a bet like this.” The mirth in Laressa’s voice was clear as day, clearly having fun at teasing Evie so.  Evie huffed into her gag, firmly shaking her head.  Laressa simply chuckled, followed by a tug on the leash.  “Good, I would hate to think My precious girl was one who gave up so quickly, and look on the bright side…” As the tug on the leash ceased, Evie stopped in place.  She gasped sharply as silk gilded hands squeezed her breasts firmly, rubbing warmth back into them.  “I even gave you a chance after all, I wanted to give you a chance to understand just how far I am going to go, and I want to see how far you’re willing to sink.”  Evie couldn’t help her panting, her own growing excitement slowly getting the better of her.  She was like the canary in the claws of a very playful and mischievous cat, one who had all the time in the world.

Of course she knew Laressa would go all out for such a bet, not one to hold back in the least.  What were the terms again?  Oh yes, to see who could put the other into the most Kinky Distress.  It seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time, but she was starting to wonder if she should have chosen to go first.  Well, far too late for that now!  Of course hooded as she was she couldn’t tell where they were save for the rustling of the wind through the leaves, and there was… something else?  For all she had experienced in these woods, this sound was new.  Of course the sounds gave way to a sudden creeping sensation over her sealed feet and lower legs.

Evie let out a sharp gasp as something that felt like tendrils hugged tightly around her ankles, gripping and immobilising her in place.  She went to struggle in confusion only to feel a hand wrap around her throat, not squeezing in a manner that would hurt or cut off air, but it was a very commanding, possessive grip.  Evie gave a whimper as she felt a tongue slide along her cheek, a mirthful chuckle in her ear as it was nibbled through the fabric.

“Trust me.” Came the words from her Mistress, Evie moaned, closing her eyes under the hood as she accepted what was happening to her.  Laressa, for all her wicked cheekiness and teasing words, was not one to harm her possessions.  Evie knew she could trust Laressa with her life, especially with the antics they had both gone through.. Though not being able to see just what was doing this was a little unnerving.  Moaning with want into her gag at the sensation of being made so helpless under the redheads auspicious gaze, her hips bucked without thinking as more tendrils squeezed her thigh and held her in place.  “Now, be a good girl and raise your arms, you’re going to be so pretty in such a helpless pose…” Evie lifted up her arms, the tendrils squeezing her legs as if making sure she wouldn’t fight with her moving.  As soon as her arms were raised up she felt something gooey and sticky clinging to them, yanked sharply up over her head and stuck to the branches above.

“There, perfect!” A happy timber from the redhead, and with a sharp yank the hood covering Evies’ face was yanked clear off her head.  Face to face with Laressa, a warm smile on her lips as she leaned in to kiss the gag of the helpless beauty.  “I spent a while thinking ‘what would be the perfect way to keep you on edge, helpless but to melt with desire and pleasure all for My amusement?’ and then I remembered there was a certain garden a friend of mine took good care of.  I just knew you would enjoy it.”  Evie blinked her eyes with the light blinding her, her vision coming back into focus as she saw the trees and plants surrounding her.  Various unique species of plants in different locations, a sort of ordered chaos to it all.  She then looked down to see what were clearly roots creeping up her thighs, and from the centre of a flower bloomed a violet-pink bulb.  With how it was growing, there was little doubt about just what it was seeking.

“Mmmpph!” Came the muffled moans from Evie, panting as she looked to Laressa meekly, certainly feeling both equal measures of helplessness and arousal from all this attention.  Laressa was clearly very amused at how Evie was responding, with one hand rolling a breast and teasing the nipple with playful flicks, the other snaking down to squeeze and spank Evie on her lucious ass, and eager lips licking and kissing her gag.  Laressa never hid how much she adored the sight of her darling in such a helpless position, a low moan from her own lips as she was positively grinding into Evie. 

“Now, I wonder how long you can last.  The Daedrina Dulicent bloom can work anywhere from a few hours to a week, depending on the virility of the subject caught in its hold.  And knowing you…” Her hand sharply slapping across Evies’ full breasts, drawing out a whimper and whine into the ballgag.  “ could easily be a month, I am sure you will have so much fun.”  Of course, it was only a half truth.  The plant could last for weeks, but it did tend to let go of its victim before they were too worn out – but Evie didn’t need to know that now, did she.

Laressa moved her hand down to Evie’s crotch, with surprising strength she tore at the latex suit she wore and gave the plant an opening.  It seemed to tolerate Laressa’s presence enough to continue its designs upon Evie’s gorgeous figure, the bulb growing out and raising until it delicately brushed against Evie’s folds.  Evie could feel it was like many little soft feather heads, each one intensifying the sensations she felt.  Gasping and mewling, her chest rising and falling as it worked like very soft fingers to spread her folds and tease over the skin.  Like brushes they moved along the wet skin, one pushing up and giving the tender bud a very delicate flick – enticing another mewl from Evie.  Breathing so deeply through her nose, she looked to Laressa with such want and need, wanting it so badly, even with what Laressa told her this entailed.  Shuddering, bucking her hips as the bulb spread those folds wider still until it itself pushed inside of Evie.

Evie couldn’t help herself, closing her eyes as she moaned louder and louder still into her gag, her body surrendering to the pleasures put upon her as the bulb felt like it was fusing with her inside – intensifying every stimulus as the bulb pushed back and forth.  Unable to help herself as her body spasmed between the hug of tendrils and the sticky webs Laressa wove, closing her eyes that much tighter as she surrendered to her own lusts and came on the spot, squealing into her gag as her lust dripped down her thighs, left gasping for breath for several moments – yet the plant did not stop, Evie trying to get her bearings until a firm hand cupped her chin, Laressa stood eye to eye with her.

“Oh my sweet morsel, I hope you know exactly what you are in for.”  Evie arched her back, there was a very real possibility, she thought, that she would be walking funny for a while when all this was over.



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