Agent Katie Sundae

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

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‘hold the whipped cream’ version below

Image created by Alucard.  Go check out his page!

Story and image follows on from these posts:

Part 1: I Just F*cking Sat Down!!

Part 2: F*ck, Now What??

Part 3: Bedroom Ambush

Part 4: Up, Up and Away!

Part 5: Victory Lap!


The boglins carried me off into the passageways of the ship, continuing their noisy celebration and continuing to gratuitously grope and fondle my naked form. There was a brief kerfuffle when other boglins insisted on ‘getting their turn’ carrying me, though.

I endured much jostling and jolting as one set of boglins traded places with the other. I tried to point out that it might be easier to set me down and have the new group pick me up again, but my suggestions went unheeded amidst the raucous banter and laughter.

The thing I noticed about being manhandled by amphibians- or bog-handled?? –  was the cold hands of the new group…apparently my body heat warmed the hands of the first group, so the new group’s cold fingers raised gooseflesh on my body all over again!

At least that’s the reason I told myself that my nipples were getting hard and I was gasping from cold hands grabbing at me. Certainly not because I was getting aroused from being bog-handled and carried around helplessly like a championship trophy. 

NOPE! It was the cold hands, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

The boglins took me back to the ship’s galley we’d passed earlier. Of course, they took the long way around again, making almost another complete circuit of the ship. Along the way, more boglins joined in the procession and cheering, following along behind us.

I had to admit, being taken into and through a kitchen was a little unnerving, with the implications of cooking and preparing meals…but that was NOT what ‘The Chef’ was known for doing with his human female captives. He was much more interested in creating his culinary works of art. So far, that seemed to be their plan for me as well.

Through the galley we entered a large mess hall. As we entered, I saw tables and chairs pushed aside to create an open area with a large table in the center. Other boglins were standing around the table, which held the wriggling figure of Junior Agent Natalie.

Of course, even before we entered the large room I could hear Natalie’s loud cries and gasps. She was making quite curious sounds – they were somewhere between anguished tormented wails, and the sounds of a woman in the throes of passion.

As we got closer, I could see why. Junior Agent Natalie was stretched out on the tabletop on her back. Her fair skin was covered in a thick brown glaze of sorts, with small flakes of white on its surface. And a quartet of boglins was licking it off of her!

A fifth boglin was standing on the tabletop, pouring more glaze onto the parts of Natalie that had been licked clean…mostly her breasts and inner thighs, of course. He looked up as the procession entered the room.  “Chef!” he called out. “We’re out of sea salt again!”

Grime gestured toward Natalie and her eager tormentors. “As you see, Agent Katie, your pretty young agent makes a very sexy and entertaining Salted Caramel Cheesecake. I provided the caramel and salt, she’s the cheesecake!” He laughed loudly at his own joke.

“You cretin!” I snarled at him. “Tell your minions to stop torturing her this instant!”

Grime put a hand to his ear. “Torture? Those don’t sound like the noises of a human female being tortured…no, sounds to me as if Agent Natalie is enjoying herself immensely. According to the telemetry from her collar…” He paused as he consulted a flickering screen. “…she’s had…seventeen orgasms since her capture.”

“Fiend.” I muttered. “She’s just a junior agent…she doesn’t deserve this!”

“On the contrary,” he retorted with an amused smirk. “You offered her as bait for me, and I took the bait – just as you intended. It’s not my fault you weren’t there to spring the trap. We’ve actually been kind, entertaining her while she waited days for you to rescue her.” 

He chuckled as I looked at Natalie, squirming on the table, looking at me with pleading eyes. “And I must agree she does make effective bait…she lured you here, after all.”

“Yes, and here I am. I submitted, as you demanded. Now set her free, like you promised!”

Grime took on a surprised look. “Oh, no, no, dear Agent Katie. I never promised to set her free. I only agreed to let you take her place. And you will…here on this table, right now.”

“You lying, no-good, scum-sucking, sorry excuse for a space frog, mother-f….”

“Agent Katie!” Grime interrupted. “Please, let’s be civilized about this. One more vulgar outburst, and I’ll have the boys wash your mouth with soap along with the rest of you!”

Grime turned to the boglins still happily lapping at Natalie’s glaze-covered flesh. “That’s enough for now, boys…it’s time for Agent Katie to take her place. Take Agent Natalie to get cleaned up and restrained inside a sleep pod…I’m sure she could use a break.”

The boglins on the table groaned, but followed orders. They lifted her to a sitting position and tried to help her to her feet, but she was too weak to stand. A few more boglins joined them and together they carried the softly moaning girl out of the room.

“Be strong, Natalie!” I called to her as she disappeared. “I’ll get us out of this!” I hoped I sounded more confident to Natalie and the boglins than I did to myself. 

Grime pushed a button and the table cleaned itself of the residue that had dripped off – and from – Agent Natalie. His minions laid me on my back on the table and stretched my arms and legs out toward the corners. I heard my shackles click as they turned red and attached to the tabletop. No amount of tugging or squirming could make them budge.

“You boys get the lovely Agent Katie washed while I go collect our ingredients,” Grime instructed before walking away to a chorus of ‘Agent Girl Sundae! Agent Girl Sundae!’

“Dammit, Grime, I will make you pay for this…” I looked anxiously at the boglins stepping closer with buckets of water, soap, and scrub brushes. “I’ll make you all pay for this!”

I’ll say one thing about Grime’s boglin minions, they took their jobs seriously. When he instructed them to ‘wash me,’ they took their time and were extremely thorough. I thought I was pretty clean when the first group gave me a once-over, but then a second group stepped up to start the process all over again. Such attentive little creatures!

Grime, Gorman and Brat soon returned with pitchers and small containers. Grime shooed the cleaning boglins back, but let them stay for his ‘next culinary masterpiece.’

I eyed them warily. “Grime, I’m as kinky as the next girl, but this is ridiculous. You think a little bit of groping and licking is going to break me? I just need to hold on until Director Alucard gets ahold of your boss! You’ll never get me to talk, you perverted freak!”

Grime replied with a sneer. “I don’t need you to talk at all, Agent Katie.” He motioned to Gorman. “I actually find gagged moaning just as alluring as loud begging. And if you’re silenced I don’t have to listen to your insults any more.” He grinned as Gorman stuffed the plug part of a panel gag into my mouth and buckled it tightly into place.

I ‘mmmphed’ angrily and tugged against my restraints. I know the little show of defiance was exactly what he wanted to see and hear. But it made me feel a little better.

‘The Chef’ began by pouring a thin cream over my abdomen, coating my breasts and making a puddle of it on my tummy. “This is the finest dolce de leche,” he explained while Brat and Gorman spread it all over my flesh with their bare hands. “I prefer it to ice cream because despite the nice effect cold has on human female nipples, ice cream makes captives flail about too much. I prefer to see my artwork writhing sensually.”

He had a point. The warm cream moistened my skin and made the boglins’ hands feel slick as they roamed all over me. I suppressed a sigh. I couldn’t deny that it felt like a warm oil massage. If I closed my eyes and imagined a hunky masseuse, anyway.

Next, Grime poured lukewarm chocolate sauce in thin strips and little puddles everywhere. I saw Gorman and Brat with wide eyes and broad grins, licking their lips.

“Not yet, boys,” Grime warned after seeing their eagerness. “We still have to add the finishing touches.” He produced a colorful aerosol can and popped off the red plastic top. “One of my favorite human inventions,” he mused, shaking the can and then shooting a stream of whipped cream directly into his mouth.

He leaned over me and moved the nozzle in circles to create little mounds of whipped cream over both my breasts and between my legs. Now THAT was cold! “Sorry about that,” he chuckled as I flinched. “It has to be cold to create a firm, perky little mound.” 

I glared at him as the cold made me flex my hips and my chest rose and fell rapidly.

He set the can down and picked up a small container. “And now, for the ‘pièce de résistance’ that might cause you to lose your ‘résistance.’ He plucked out individual cherries and carefully placed them on top of the mounds of whipped cream.

“Voila!” He cried, making a ‘chef’s kiss’ motion while ginning down at me. All the boglins watching from around the room cheered. “Agent Girl Sundae! Agent Girl Sundae!”

I was filled with apprehension as the three closed in around me. My eyes flickered between each, wary of what was to come next. I could see the rest inching closer to get a better view. I began tugging against my restraints and twisting my shoulders and hips.

I heard a click and noticed that the lights on my shackles had turned green. Suddenly, I could twist and pivot my arms and legs, although the shackles still clung to the tabletop.

“Oh, yes, my dear Agent Katie,” Grime teased. “Please feel free to writhe and wriggle to your heart’s content. In fact, I encourage it! The more energetic your struggles, the more my boys and I will try to make you squirm. And the more delightful work of art you’ll be!” 

“Mmmmm…Mmmmh!!” I pleaded through the gag. I instinctively tried to scoot away, but the shackles wouldn’t let me lift my arms or legs, or move myself across the table.

Gorman was the first to make contact with me. He met my gaze as he stuck out his long thin tongue and began to lap at the sole of one of my bare feet. It tickled, especially with the slick cream on my smooth skin, and I squealed into the gag. I tried desperately to pull my foot away from him, but I was helpless to do any more than flex my foot around. My thigh began to tense and tremble when I couldn’t escape his relentless foot licking!

I saw movement to my side and saw Brat leaning over the edge of the table toward me. I recoiled with a squeaking noise into the gag and tried to slide my upper body away. 

He laid his wide flat tongue against my side and licked up the line of my ribs until he reached the side of my breast. The scratchy surface of his tongue made me flinch and try in vain to roll my body away. If I turned and lifted my body away, he continued tickling my ribs. When I’d fall back onto the table, he’d continue to tease and lap at my breast.

“Nnnngh! Unnnh…ahhh!” I couldn’t keep myself from crying out as I squirmed and flailed between the fast-moving tongues of my assailants. “Nnnnuhh! Nuh! Nuh!” I was actually grateful for the gag, or I’d be screaming and wailing much louder than Natalie had!

Grime paused and watched his boys get me worked up and writhing before he joined in. When he was ready, he climbed back on the table and stood ominously between my splayed legs. He waited until I made eye contact and then gave me a wicked look. He was enjoying seeing me thrashing about and hearing my increasingly agitated cries.

My eyes grew wide when I saw the triumphant look on his face. He was more than just a proud artist at the moment. He was more than a hunter toying with his prey. 

He was savoring every moment of my defeat. I’d thwarted and humiliated him for so long. He was going to take his time and indulge in dominating and humiliating me.

“Why, Agent Katie,” he sneered. “You look deliciously helpless. I already know how those ingredients on top of you will taste. I want to know how you taste on the inside.” He pointedly looked down between my legs as he knelt and put his hands on my legs.

“Nnnnuhh! Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!” I shrieked, beginning to panic. Brat and Gorman already had me close to a sensory overload. If he joined in…by licking and lapping at me…I’d lose it!

Holding on to my shins, he ducked his head between my thighs and used just the tip of his tongue to probe at my most vulnerable intimate spot. I squealed and tried to scoot further up the table, but his tongue reached much further than I could move away!

“Unnnngh…unf…unnhh…ungh…” My muffled protests were giving way to whimpers and moans. He’d just begun, and I was already losing control over my own body. Before long I’d succumb to what would likely be the first of many orgasms. Oh, no…I’m going to cum screaming in front of all of them! How in the hell did Natalie endure this for three days??

My body was trembling uncontrollably, my legs and arms tensing. My abs clenched. This was it, I was going to capitulate and give Grime the submission he wanted. 

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?” A booming voice came from just above me and echoed in the room. Grime froze and his head snapped up toward the giant holo-screen that had lit up just over my head. An angry-looking boglin stared down at me.

“Boss!” Grime said, shocked and fearful. “I was just gonna call you! Look who I caught!”

“I just had an unpleasant call from Earth,” the ‘boss’ continued. “Hunting treaties with Earth help keep the peace and protect Earth’s human female supply from depopulation. The MiB are willing to overlook a little over-hunting, but you’ve gone too far this time!”

“But boss!” Grime protested. “This is Agent Katie! She’s been preventing us from filling our hunting quotas…she’s in violation of the treaties, too!” he whined.

The boss looked thoughtful. “You do have a point. This does warrant further discussion.”

“Great! So we can continue enjoying our Agent-girl Sundae?” Grime said hopefully.

“NO.” the boss replied forcefully. “Bring her to me.”

to be continued…


Ok, ok, this one went really long…but I was having so much f’n fun with the scene I just kept going!

Will there be another image? Not sure…we’ll have to see.

See my WordPress site for a version without the whipped cream topping…

Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard.


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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