Lisbeth: The Thief

Crop of Artwork by Saurian-Shade, vignette and two images here:

Full image and story here!

I’m proud to introduce Lisbeth, a wily thief who makes the mistake of trying to steal from a wise old dragon.  Her terrifying initial encounter, a collaboration with my friend Saurian-Shade , will evolve into an uneasy detente and cooperation with his OC, Lord Zhain. 

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite…Zhain’s appetite is already whetted.


I stared at the razor-sharp tip of the claw as it hovered above me.  My head turned to follow it wherever it went, and my body squirmed in his grip in the opposite direction.  After the dragon moved the claw side to side and in a circle above my head, I realized he was playing with me!  

He knew I was utterly helpless and vulnerable in his grip, he knew I was frightened, and yet he was playing with me like a cat plays with live prey!  He wanted to show me just how small and powerless I was!  I shot him an angry look of defiance.  I wasn’t some toy for his amusement!

“What do you want from me?” I demanded angrily.  The dragon didn’t react as if he understood my words, but my tone must have been clear to him.

He responded by gently placing the tip of his claw onto my sternum and pressing me firmly back into his left palm.  He stared me down as he did so, as if to say, “It would take nothing for me to push this right through you.”  He didn’t have to say it; I knew it was true.  

At the same time, he closed his left hand around me a little tighter, enough for me to cease my squirming. I was utterly motionless now, afraid to even take a breath he might see as resistance.

I tensed as he moved the tip of the claw higher, to my throat.  I swallowed hard and waited for a slash that would flay me open like a fish.  Instead, with incredible precision, he hooked the claw into the neckline of my black knit shirt…and slowly drew down the center of my torso, slicing open my fitted top without leaving so much as a scratch on my bare flesh.


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Evie: Dark Beast

Crop of artwork by ArtOfVenus, full story and two images here:

Full image, nude variant, and story here!

Evie’s latest adventure takes her deep into the rainforest, where she (of course) finds some peril and ends up the ‘offering’ to a dark beast!

here’s a teaser snippet:


A dark shape was moving through the rainforest, silhouetted in the early morning light.  As it came a little closer, the figure took on the shape of a large ape lumbering between the trees, casting low brush aside.  Then it kept getting closer.  And bigger.  It wasn’t just a large ape.  It was a great freaking big-ass ape!

The shamanka took a step forward.  “Oh great dark beast,” she intoned, arms raised above her head dramatically.  “We offer you this virgin…”

“Umm….” I began to interrupt, but my words were lost among the wave of snickering that rolled through the villagers.  “HUSH!”  she snarled, giving them a withering glare before continuing.  “We offer you this golden-haired beauty…”

The rest of her words were lost to me as the great ape approached, just over my right shoulder.  He was massive, towering over me, each of his arms longer than my entire body.  I was paralyzed, helpless and vulnerable, mesmerized by the gleam of his eyes and the cloud of hot breath coming from his enormous mouth.  He really needed some of that spearmint, too.


The saucy and sexy full story and two images including a nude variant can be read here for free:  Evie: Dark Beast

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