Wrap Battle

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie invites Millie over for some holiday cheer and shenanigans ensue…who would have guessed, amirite?

This story is a gift for my good friend The Jaded Entity, with deep gratitude. He recently stood by me during a prolonged illness and checked in on me daily, and supported me through an emotionally trying time–even at a time he was dealing with his own challenges.

Plus, it’s a great reason to get our girls together for some holiday fun!

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


“Thank you for inviting me over for the evening, Evie,” Millie said, shrugging her cloak from her shoulders so that her friend could hang it by the door.  She stomped the snow off her cute black ankle boots and slid them off, standing just inside the door in her striped stocking-clad feet.

“My pleasure, Millie!” Evie replied warmly, giving her friend a fond embrace.  “I couldn’t leave you stuck in that creepy old castle with that creepy old wizard of yours right before Christmas.”

“Oh, he’s not so bad,” Millie shrugged.  “He got me a nice new dress again for Christmas.”  Then she wrinkled up her nose.  “Although the hem seems to get a little higher with each new one.”  

“I rest my case,” Evie grimaced.  “But enough about that old perv.”  Her expression perked up as she thought about her plans for their evening.  “I hope he’s not expecting you back tonight.  I don’t want to let you go…um…I mean, make you have to go back out in the cold and snow.”

Millie grinned.  “I don’t have to be anywhere until the morning of Christmas Eve.  I’m all yours until then…I mean, you can keep me…I mean…”  A hot blush brightened the brunette’s cheeks.

“I know what you mean, sweetie,” Evie grinned.  “Go get settled by the fire, I’ll make us some warm drinks.  I have eggnog, and hot cocoa…and I can put something strong in either one.”

“Ewww…not eggnog,” Millie scrunched up her nose.  “What do you put in hot cocoa?”

“Oh, I have a special peppermint liqueur that gives it a little kick.  Want to try some?”  Evie smiled and wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

“Yes, please!” Millie nodded eagerly, and headed for the couch facing the flames in the hearth.  As she settled into the warmed cushions, she noticed some garments hanging near Evie’s bedroom door.  “That red holiday outfit with the black belt sure was sexy, Evie.  But what is that leather jacket hanging there, the one with all the straps?”

“Oh, that?” Evie asked, glancing at it nonchalantly while carrying steaming mugs to Millie.  “I’ve told you about the Cinchmaster restraints my fellow Codex Cryptae agents use on prisoners, right?”  She handed the cocoa to Millie with a warm grin. “Immobilizing enemy spies, and such?”  

Mille blinked twice and cleared her throat.  “Yes, yes you have…several times.  In great detail.”

“The boys in R&D came up with what they call a ‘recreational model.’  It’s more comfortable, so it can be worn longer, or during…other activities. Yet still very secure.” Evie said, matter of factly.

“Hmmm,” the pretty brunette said, a hint of blush returning to her cheeks.  “And you have it here in your home, because…?”  Such things about Evie and her job rarely surprised her any more.

“Oh, they wanted me to take it home and try it out, do some ‘stress testing,’ as they called it.”  Evie was doing her best to maintain an indifferent air.  “They want me to make sure it is effective, while still being versatile and comfortable enough for civilian use.”

“I see…so you and Will…are going to…test it, then?” Millie looked down, staring into her mug.

“No,” Evie said glumly.  “Will won’t make it back from assignment before the new year.  So…”

“You need someone else to help, then.”  Millie was now studying something in her mug intently.

Evie feigned a surprise reaction.  “Why Millie!  Are you asking me to try it on you??”  The twinkle in her eye told Millie she was anything but surprised, it was exactly the response Evie wanted.

“What?” Millie gasped.  “No!  I…I was just…ummm…I just wondered…”  She sighed, red faced.  Millie knew Evie loved provoking embarrassed reactions from her, and she’d done it once again.

“Tell you what, sweet girl,” Evie grinned, placing her hand on the flustered girl’s knee. I had a fun little game planned for tonight.  What if the winner gets to put the Cinch-Jacket on the loser?”

Millie looked at Evie suspiciously.  “Why do I feel as if I just wandered into an elaborate trap?”

“Trap?  Whatever do you mean?”  Evie asked with a mischievous grin.  She paused before cocking one eyebrow, and asking:  “That wasn’t really a ‘no,’ was it?”

“No…I mean, yes…I mean…grrrr!  Ok!”  Millie took a deep breath.  Evie was irrepressible when she got like this.  “What kind of game do you have in mind?”

Evie grinned triumphantly.  This was working out well.  “Have you ever heard of a wrap battle?”

Mille gave Evie a questioning look.  “You mean, like when people yell poems at each other?”

Evie giggled.  “No, like a gift-wrap battle.”  She held up two large rolls of ribbon, one blue and one red.  “We try to wrap each other up until one of us can’t continue.  Then the winner gets to do anything they want to the loser until they can escape.  Or…”  Evie nodded toward the strap-covered leather jacket.  “If they can’t escape, they submit to going into the Cinch-Jacket.”

“This doesn’t sound very fair…” Millie said quietly.  “You’re stronger, and you’re a trained fighter.  I can’t out-wrestle you.  I’ll never be able to tie you up first.”

“Tell you what,” Evie said, standing up and holding out the spool of blue ribbon for Millie to take.  “You can use one spell of your choosing, and that’s how we’ll start the game.”

Millie thought for a moment, chewing her lip.  Suddenly she brightened up.  “Ok, deal!”  She hopped to her feet and took the ribbon from Evie.  She moved a few steps back and raised one hand toward Evie.  “Vestimentum Evanescet!”

Abruptly, the clothing from both women disappeared.

“Eeep!” Millie cried out, and started to cover herself with her hands.

Evie laughed.  “I’m guessing you meant to stand back further so you didn’t expose yourself?”

Millie straightened up and gave a little defiant shake of her head.  “No.  I meant to do that.  I wanted to distract you.  Ha-HA!  I see it worked!” she said with bravado, taking a step forward.

Evie put one hand on her hip and struck a seductive pose.  “Are you saying, my dear girl, that you tried to distract a distraction blonde?”  She tilted her chin down to one side and looked upward at Millie through her eyelashes and a few stray strands of golden hair.  “Are you sure you’re not the one…distracted?”  She smiled alluringly and spoke in a slow, sultry voice.

“Operculum oculis!”  Millie cried abruptly.  Evie’s long blonde locks suddenly flew up from both sides of her head and criss-crossed across her eyes.  Strands intertwined and tightened down to form an effective blindfold.

“Hey!”  Evie cried out, trying to pull her hair from her eyes.  “That’s cheating!”

“Using your Codex Cryptae spy training and seductive gaze on me is cheating!” Millie retorted.  

Millie wasted no time grasping her friend and beginning to wrap blue ribbon around her upper body, trying to pin down Evie’s flailing hands.  Millie could only get a couple wraps around Evie’s upper arms, so she focused on wrapping around Evie’s torso and making her way down her body.  She knew if she could get Evie’s legs pinned together, she had a good chance.

By the time Evie got her hair pulled from her eyes, Millie was beginning to wrap ribbon around Evie’s hips.  While Millie was stooped over to begin wrapping Evie’s thighs, Evie took the opening to begin wrapping Millie’s body, working from her waist up, intending to pin her arms together.  

“I’ve got you now, you naughty little sorceress!”  Evie laughed. 

“Not yet, you don’t!”  Millie retorted defiantly.  “You’ll be mine in a moment!”  

Both women continued furiously grappling and wrapping, trying to restrict the other’s movement.  By the time Evie reached Millie’s shoulders, she could feel Millie’s ribbons pulling her own knees together.  Evie knew that if Millie got her ankles together, she’d lose all leverage and balance.  

Desperately, Evie shot out her hand and snagged Millie’s wrist, wrapping up Millie’s arm as she did.  “Aha!” she cried.  “I’ve got your hand, it’s only a matter of time before you submit!”

Evie invites Millie over for some holiday cheer and shenanigans ensue…who would have guessed, amirite?

Millie gasped as she felt her hand being taken away from her.  She looked down at the small amount of blue ribbon left in her other hand.  It would be barely enough to wrap Evie’s ankles, and Evie still had both hands free.  If Millie didn’t do something quickly, she was going to lose!

“Funem confineo!” she shouted impulsively.

Immediately, all the ribbon around Evie constricted tightly.  Her thighs, knees and calves were drawn tightly together.  The strands on her upper arms suddenly pinned them to her sides.  Evie gasped as the ones around her chest squeezed her breasts tightly in a most distracting way.

It was Evie’s turn to gasp in surprise.  She was so caught off guard she lost her balance and began to topple forward.  Fortunately, Millie still had enough freedom of movement to catch Evie and slowly lower her to the floor.  Millie then straddled over her friend, pinning Evie’s forearms along her sides under Millie’s knees.  She leaned forward and gave Evie a peck on the cheek.

“Well, are you ready to submit?”  Millie asked.

“You…you cheated!  I said ONE spell!  You…”

“Silentium, flava!”  The last scrap of blue ribbon flew between Evie’s teeth, cutting her off mid-sentence.  It settled deep in her mouth, pulling Evie’s cheeks back as the loose ends knotted themselves behind her head.  Millie found Evie’s wide-eyed surprise delightful.

Millie giggled and booped Evie on the nose with her fingertip.  “All’s fair in love and…ribbon wars??”  She giggled again.  It was rare for her to claim dominance over the blonde warrior without some consent on Evie’s part, and she wanted to savor it.  

Evie growled into the gag, narrowed her eyes, and tried to give an angry look.  But staring up into Millie’s emerald eyes flashing with excitement, and seeing the happy grin on her adorable face, Evie couldn’t stay mad for more than a few seconds.  

Sure, Millie had tricked her and used extra spells.  But Evie knew she’d tricked Millie into playing along with what Evie figured would be an easy win.  She deserved to have Millie flip the odds.

After all, Millie was right:  all WAS fair in love and wrap battles.

“Now, let’s try this again,” Millie said, making a serious expression and putting some mock severity into her tone.  “I’ve captured you, Cryptae spy.  Are you ready to submit?”

“Yesh…’oo ‘in,” Evie yielded.  She grinned despite the ribbon between her teeth.  “Aye hubmitt.”

“Good!”  Millie exclaimed brightly.  “Now be still, my lovely prisoner.  It’s going to take me a few minutes to figure out how this Cinch-Jacket of yours works!”

~~~the end?  Oh, we all hope not!~~~


Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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2 thoughts on “Wrap Battle

  1. Tia: That’s an … interesting use of ribbon.

    Prim: Are you thinking we should have one, too?

    Tia: Oh, be serious.

    Prim: Wrap battles are serious business, Hot-Tits!


    Excellent, imaginative little story. I’m so jealous at the wrap battle story concept, haha! Wish I’d thought of it! xD

    Well done, my friend. Awesome interplay between them. I especially enjoyed how they both broke whatever rules they felt like AND accepted all the results in a “well, we DID both cheat” way. Very playful and showed the pair were more interested in the fun and being together than piddly rules.

    Also, fun to see Millie on top haha.


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