Evie and Elle After Hours

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie is always wiling to help Elle (Agent L) in the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs with testing and Quality Assurance. 

Is it a coincidence, though, that Elle always invites Evie for testing on Friday nights–so that she can keep her for the whole weekend? 

Probably not a coincidence!

This awesome image is a birthday present from my friend MenchiMenagerie and works as a great follow-up to the 11 page/4 image story and art we collaborated on–which can be read on my site starting here:  Testing, Just Encase


Meanwhile, After Hours with Evie and Elle:


“What, you did say you would help with an experiment of mine. I never said it wouldn’t involve seeing how pretty you look in our spare restraints.”


“Thats a good girl.”

Thank you, Menchi!

The full 11 page story includes 4 full size sexy images by menchimenagerie

Want to see the full story and full size images together?  Grab a PDF of the full story with images on my Gumroad for only $2. katied.gumroad.com

Evie is my OC, drawn here by MenchiMenagerie and with original design elements by CallMePlisskin



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