Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 8

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Agent Katie is taken into custody by mysterious men in black.

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Agent Katie wailed into her gag as she watched Glob the Space Toad disappear around the corner.  She couldn’t believe she had let down her guard and let him play her like that! ‘It was as if I couldn’t resist him at all,’ she thought.  ‘Everything he said made perfect sense at the time.’

She wriggled and tested her bonds for a moment.  She knew instantly she wasn’t going to make any progress–the fibers of the cotton bedsheet clung together with too much friction to loosen the knots.  She couldn’t even dislodge the gag with her shoulder…it was wrapped tight, and the panties in her mouth kept her from moving her jaw around.

Eventually she gave up and went limp on the mattress.  ‘You’ve really done it this time, Katie,’ she scolded herself.  She had convinced herself she’d be able to impress her bosses and advance her career by interrogating the Space Toad and getting him to talk.  

She knew he had a thing for human women.  She thought she could exploit that.  Instead, he’d turned it all around on her and used her to make his escape.  No wonder he was able to get human women to leave with him.  He was such a smooth talker.  She felt utterly humiliated!

Of course, her humiliation was really only beginning, wasn’t it?  Stripped naked, bound and gagged, stuck alone inside the containment cell where the high-value prisoner was supposed to be.  And missing a shoe.  With nothing to do but wait for the guards on duty to find and free her.

She knew she was going to be in so much trouble.  She would be blamed for letting the most valuable prisoner in the entire complex escape.  At best, she’d look foolish for letting him trick her.  More likely, she’d be labelled incompetent and probably lose her job.  At worst, she’d be prosecuted for helping him get away.  At the moment, Agent Katie expected all of the above.

It was ironic, though: it was in her best interests for the guards to find her bound and trapped in the cell.  It might make her more credible as she insisted she wasn’t complicit in his escape.  She’d really have to sell the story that she was tied up against her will and tried to resist.

Fortunately she didn’t have to wait long to be found.  An alarm sounded elsewhere, and then guards came rushing into the high value target room, firearms drawn.  Agent Katie sat up on the bed and yelled as loudly as she could into the well-packed gag.  She couldn’t wave, but she flipped her blonde hair around, trying to catch their attention.

Despite that, it took a moment for the guards to notice her, and only after they’d swept the room with their red laser targeting beams.  One guard suddenly froze and gawked to see a naked woman tied up inside a cell.  His jaw dropped as low as his chin-strap allowed, and he nearly dropped his rifle as his shoulders and arms suddenly went slack.

He walked over to her cell, still staring, and not bothering to call out to his mates.  It was another moment before a second guard noticed his partner had wandered off, and he called excitedly to the rest.  In seconds, four pairs of eyes stared at Agent Katie through the containment field.

Agent Katie stared back at them, waiting for them to move to help her.  She ‘mmmphed’ loudly and twisted her body so she could hold her bound wrists out toward them.  “Hhhulp!” she called out.  “Het ‘ee hout uh hirrrr!”  She gave them an indignant look and a frustrated gagged grunt.

The guards just watched for a moment, following the movements of her naked body, their eyes swaying in time with her free-swinging breasts.  Finally, her angry glare shook one of them out of his trance, and he raised his radio to his mouth.

“Uh, control…”

“Go ahead, Team 2.”

“Uh…will you page Director Alucard down to the high-value target room…we have a situation he needs to see.”

“Copy that, Team 2.  What’s going on down there?”

“I…uh…we have…umm…just send Alucard down, ok?  I’ll tell you over a beer later.”

“Copy that, Team 2.  Director Alucard is on his way.”

The guard resumed his curious stare, along with his mates who had yet to look away.

“Uhh…you think we should go in there and untie her?”

“Hell no.  We wait for the Director.  We don’t want to disturb any evidence…but mostly, because he’d feed us to the Rancor if we didn’t let him see this first hand.”

The others nodded in silent agreement, continuing to watch the embarrassed agent sitting forlorn on the side of the bed, her bound ankles dangling over the edge.  Her humiliation worsened when one of them took out his cell phone and took a few shots—followed by the rest..


It was Director Alucard himself who stepped into the cell to free Agent Katie.  He took a knee in front of her first, working to untie her ankles while looking up at her with a wry grin.  She tried to hold his gaze but had to look away in embarrassment, finding something else to stare at.

The Director sat beside her to untie her wrists while glancing at her gag.  He stood again when he started to remove the cloth wrapped around her head, shielding her from view of the guards.  When the final wrap was coming off, he held out his palm under her chin so she could spit out the wad of soaked panties into his hand.  

“The guys didn’t need to see that,” he said quietly, and slipped them into his pocket.

“Thank you, Director,” Agent Katie replied meekly, wiping drool from around her mouth.

“I take it the toad is long gone?”

“Yes, Sir.  A good half hour ago.  I…”

The Director cut her off with a wave of his hand.  “Not here.  Get your clothes back on, and we will chat in my office.”  He continued to stand between her and the guards, who were still doing their best to discreetly look past him.

“Where is your other shoe?” he asked suddenly.

“I…um…I think he…”

“Let me guess, the space toad took your shoe?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Total pervs, those toads are,” he muttered, shaking his head.  “You’re lucky he didn’t try to suck on your toes or anything like that.”

Agent Katie blushed red and looked away while buttoning her blouse.  “Um…yes, I was lucky…”

“Let’s get you back to my office and get you de-briefed.”  He offered a kind and warm smile.  “Or perhaps I should say re-de-briefed.  I’m guessing you could use a drink, too.”


Director Alucard led the way to his office, with Agent Katie walking just behind and to one side of him deferentially.  Two guards trailed along behind them, enjoying the bounce of Agent Katie’s skirt while she hobbled along wearing only one shoe.

Just as the group got back to the administrative wing, they were stopped by two men in black suits blocking their path.

“Director Alucard,” offered one, flashing a badge.  “I’m Agent Smyth.  This is Agent Smythe.  We’re here to interview Agent Katie.  We will be taking her back to the containment wing.”

“No.” said the Director flatly.  “She’s my responsibility, I will handle her interview.”

“Oooh, ‘fraid we can’t allow that,” he replied in a condescending tone. “She’s coming with us.”

Director Alucard squared his shoulders.  “NO.  She’s my agent, and you can’t have her.”

“Easy now.”  The other man in black held up his hands, palms out, in a patronizing manner.  “Director Alucard, your loyalty and protection of your team is admirable, and I respect that.”  His tone was anything but respectful.  “However, you well know that we have jurisdiction in all matters of alien contact. Your agent has had more than incidental contact with an alien criminal.”

“Trust us, Director,” assured the first.  “We will handle your agent with dignity and respect, and she’ll be returned to you in good condition.  But we are taking her with us.”

Agent Katie stood there, feeling alone and small, while the three men discussed who she belonged to as if she wasn’t even there.  She wasn’t looking forward to facing Director Alucard’s ‘interview’ or whatever consequences he had planned for her.  But at least he was familiar, and seemed to care about her.  

The two men in black were frightening to her.  Their agency was shrouded in mystery.  And they had a reputation for being ruthless and above the law.  Agent Katie didn’t like how they were discussing her—and she didn’t like the implications of being returned ‘in good condition.’

Agent Katie could see the resigned look on Director Alucard’s face even before he nodded silently and stepped aside.  He definitely wasn’t happy about being outranked and overruled.  “I’m sorry, Agent Katie, but they’re correct…you will need to go with them for now.”  

He then turned to Smyth and spoke in a calm firm tone.  “Two hours.  I want her back here, unharmed and with all her memories intact, in two hours.”

“We’ll do our best,” Smyth replied.  The two men in black stepped forward and stood imposingly in front of her.  “Your wrists, Agent, if you will.  We would appreciate your cooperation.”

Agent Katie held up her hands with her wrists parallel in front of her.  Smythe’s handcuffs clinked as he withdrew them from his pouch, and Agent Katie could hear the familiar ratcheting sound as they closed down around her wrists, the cool metal feeling heavy on her arms.

Smyth gestured with his hand for her to turn and walk back toward the containment wing.  As she turned, he touched her upper arm with his hand as if to guide her.  He then slipped his hand down to her elbow and held it with a light grip.  The other man, Smythe, fell in step on the other side of her and gently grasped her other elbow.

As they led her away, Agent Katie shot a look back over her shoulder.  The two guards were still standing there, staring as if in shock from what had just happened.  Director Alucard, however, had already turned away and was walking toward his office with a deliberate stride.

Suddenly, Agent Katie felt very vulnerable and very alone.  And as she was taken away into the unknown by two strange men, she was more than a little worried about what might lie ahead.



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