Lisbeth: The Thief

Artwork by Saurian-Shade

I’m proud to introduce Lisbeth, a wily thief who makes the mistake of trying to steal from a wise old dragon.  Her terrifying initial encounter, a collaboration with my friend Saurian-Shade , will evolve into an uneasy detente and cooperation with his OC, Lord Zhain. 

Here’s a teaser to whet your appetite…Zhain’s appetite is already whetted.



He squeezed me a little tighter, just for a moment, to remind me he could crush me in his grip at any time he wished.  It was enough to convince me to be still.  I looked up at him, undisguised worry on my face now, knowing this could be the last moment of my life.

The dragon stared back down at me with his gold reptilian eyes.  He sort of turned his head to one side as if studying me with curiosity.  I was shocked to see there was intelligence in those bright eyes.  Was he a sentient creature instead of some beast, some brutal killing machine?

Instead of pulling me closer, he leaned down toward me, and took a long slow intake of breath.  I could feel cool air drawn around me and up into his nostrils, blowing my hair about.  With a gasp of horror, I realized what he was doing.

Legends had it that once a dragon caught a scent, they would remember it forever…and he’d be able to find me, anywhere in the world.  There was nowhere I could run or hide that he couldn’t eventually track me down.  He was, in a way, claiming me and imprisoning me all at once.

While I was still trying to figure out what he had planned for me, the dragon extended his other hand, a single claw extended toward me.  Was this it?  Was he going to dig his claw into me, and tear me apart, maybe skewer me and tuck me in his mouth?

I stared at the razor-sharp tip of the claw as it hovered above me.  My head turned to follow it wherever it went, and my body squirmed in his grip in the opposite direction.  After the dragon moved the claw side to side and in a circle above my head, I realized he was playing with me!  

He knew I was utterly helpless and vulnerable in his grip, he knew I was frightened, and yet he was playing with me like a cat plays with live prey!  He wanted to show me just how small and powerless I was!  I shot him an angry look of defiance.  I wasn’t some toy for his amusement!

“What do you want from me?” I demanded angrily.  The dragon didn’t react as if he understood my words, but my tone must have been clear to him.

He responded by gently placing the tip of his claw onto my sternum and pressing me firmly back into his left palm.  He stared me down as he did so, as if to say, “It would take nothing for me to push this right through you.”  He didn’t have to say it; I knew it was true.  

At the same time, he closed his left hand around me a little tighter, enough for me to cease my squirming. I was utterly motionless now, afraid to even take a breath he might see as resistance.

I tensed as he moved the tip of the claw higher, to my throat.  I swallowed hard and waited for a slash that would flay me open like a fish.  Instead, with incredible precision, he hooked the claw into the neckline of my black knit shirt…and slowly drew down the center of my torso, slicing open my fitted top without leaving so much as a scratch on my bare flesh.


If you enjoyed, go give Saurian-Shade a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon.

And watch for more with Lisbeth soon!



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