Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play

story by KatieD in response to Wyland. Read his tale first HERE.

Back in January my good friend and fellow writer Wyland scribed a little tale about his characters Prim and Tia ambushing my Evie and having a little fun/taking a few liberties with her in A Friendly Meeting Tale.

Evie, of course could not let that go unaddressed. She did decide to bide her time and dish out her ‘turnabout’ cold…(and not at all because I got busy and couldn’t finish the story in a timely manner).

Whatever the reasons…enjoy Evie’s ‘Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play.’

BUT BE SURE TO READ WYLAND’S TALE HERE FIRST…not only is it important to have ‘PART 1‘ context first, but it’s a quick fun and sexy romp with (blatant teaser) Evie dressed up and treated like their girl-pony, “Honeydew Sparkles.”

Evie’s response includes more descriptions of the events of Part 1, then details Evie’s attempt at giving Prim and Tia their comeuppance. Of course no one can ever really ‘get ahead’ with Prim…

Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play

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