A Little Nudge for her Behavior!

crop of artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie fails to let Laressa in on her plans…and earns a little punishment as a result!

Story at the WordPress link!

A quick and fun little collaboration between MenchiMenagerie and me. 

I love commissioning and collaborating with MenchiMenagerie, because our best ideas come from us riffing on new and saucy interactions between our characters.  A sizzling hot idea will pop up, and suddenly we both know we MUST DO IT!


“Laressa!  Help!”  Evie cried.  “This…ohhhhh…this slime creature’s tentacles are….unffffff…are very um…nnnngggghhhh…invasive!”

“Well, perhaps I’d be more inclined to assist you, Evie, if you had let me in on the finer details of your plan,” retorted Laressa.  “Such as how I was just a distraction to keep the Witch busy while you raided her workshop.”

“Honestly, Laressa,” the Witch added.  “If you two had simply asked nicely, I would have happily shared.  You may take what you wish.”

“That is most gracious of you,” Laressa replied to the sultry sorceress.  “And again, I must apologize.  Such treachery is the way of these Cryptae Ranger types…always sneaking about instead of using their social graces.  She actually told me you were an evil old crone!”

“Laressa!  I’m sorry!   UNNNFFFF!!!  That’s what my intel said!  Please! OHHHHHH!   This creature is insatiable!!  Nnnnnngghhhh!”

The Witch laughed.  “Laressa, it’s been a pleasure meeting you. I wonder though, before you go, if you wouldn’t let my pet feed on yours just a little longer?”

“I see no reason not to,” Laressa replied.  “A little extra lesson for her not to keep things from her Mistress, I am sure we can find some way to enjoy the time.”

“Your pet does indeed seem to be enjoying my pet’s attentions…she is making such delightful noises. Shall I put on some tea and we can listen in?  Perhaps some biscuits, too?”

“Laressa!  Please!” Evie cried desperately.  “Forgive me!  This creature is AIIEEEEEE!!”

“Oh, you really know how to treat a guest well, it will be a delight to talk and enjoy her delicious moans,” Laressa said politely.  

She used the toe of her brand new adventuring boots to nudge Evie down into the slime creature’s grasp a little further.  “There’s a price to be paid for deceit, Evie…I’m sure in a few hours you’ll have learned a lesson or two.”


Please go give @MenchiMenagerie  a visit over on his page and show him some love!  He’s definitely worthy of your kinky fun times commission budget!  See the full image on his page: DeviantArt.


Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt. He’s definitely worthy of your kinky fun times commission budget! 

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