Rewarding the Bold

artwork by menchimenagerie

Mistress Laressa amuses herself with Millie and Evie after their night out in Laressa’s new dresses

Laressa amuses herself with Millie and Evie after their night out in Laressa’s new dresses.

This story is part of a birthday surprise for my friend and artist Menchi. I commissioned the image above for him and then wrote the story as his present.

It comes as part 3 of a story that started with A Bold Move by The Jaded Entity, which I followed up with Gifted, and both had commissioned images from Menchi.

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


The night before, Evie had taken Millie to a decadent party at the home of her friend, the Rithian Ambassador to Varala.  She had enjoyed introducing Millie (and showing her off) to some of the most influential people of Greytrade.  The other attendees were all dressed in elegant and formal wear, and thanks to their gorgeous new dresses from Laressa, they fit right in.

Millie had been worried she would be too exposed in the dress Evie had designed and Laressa had masterfully created.  It was clingy and tight from her shoulders to her hips; the open back plunged all the way to the base of her spine, and the side slit revealed her leg from her ankle to her hip–allowing a glimpse of her delightful rear cheeks with every step she took.  Evie grinned and Millie blushed every time another partygoer admired the view.  

The most notable feature, though, were the sleeves that laced together behind her back, pinning her arms together from her elbows to her wrists.  An alluring effect, which many guests also noticed, was how that drew Millie’s shoulders back and highlighted her lovely curves even more.

Still, the dress was elegant and classy.  And as Evie had predicted, there were women there even more exposed than Millie.  A number of the women were also restrained, wrists in cuffs and bracelets, or led on leashes–though as many women held leashes of others as wore them.

Evie hadn’t felt the need to collar or leash Mille–she simply kept a protective arm around her shoulders and waist, ensuring that none of Millie’s new admirers got too bold.  If Evie’s hand often slipped down to rest on Millie’s rear or gave it a little slap, that was surely accidental.

Whether it had been Evie’s goal to show Millie a grand time, or just to show Millie off to her friends, the evening was an enjoyable success.  The ambassador himself thanked them for being the highlight of his party.  And Evie handed out at least a dozen of Laressa’s business cards to both men and women who insisted on meeting the creator of Millie’s dress.

In the carriage back to the cottage, Evie relented and released Millie’s sleeves from the lacings.  She told Millie it was so that they could cuddle closer in the carriage to ward off the cool night air, but Evie also wanted to give Millie’s arms a rest…she knew their night was far from over.


The next morning, the two lay entwined on the plush bed of the cottage.  They’d enjoyed their intimate alone time together well into the wee hours, so when the first light of dawn snuck through the curtains on Evie’s side, she wasn’t ready to wake yet.  Evie gently nudged Millie, who had been sleeping with her head on Evie’s chest, and they both rolled away from the sun.  

It was Sunday, and they still had another full day at the cottage before their special weekend was over.  Laressa had been invited to join them for brunch, but it would be a couple hours before she was due to arrive.  Evie took position as the ‘big spoon,’ and gently stroked Millie’s forearm until they both went back to sleep.


From the shadows of the doorway, Laressa looked in on her sleeping beauties.  Judging by the state of the room, she assumed they’d had quite the interesting evening.  Half the bed’s pillows were on the floor, there were empty wine glasses on the bedside table, and a matched set of Ranger-issued handcuffs hung from the bedposts.  It wasn’t clear which of the girls had been wearing the open links…perhaps both of them, in turns.

And apparently they had been in a hurry to get to the bed.  Closest to Laressa was one of Evie’s high heels, then one of Millie’s, then another of Millie’s, and Evie’s other heel was next to the bed.  Laressa noted with dismay that their lovely evening gowns, on which she had worked so hard, lay in puddles on the floor.

Laressa grinned.  She did have to admire their youthful enthusiasm, though.  She really couldn’t be angry at them for being so eager to get naked in bed that they didn’t pause to hang up their clothing.

Of course, she wasn’t going to tell them that…


Some time later, Evie awoke again.  Judging by the angle of the sun, it was nearly mid-morning and Laressa would be there in a couple hours.  Millie stirred as well, so Evie gave her a peck on the cheek and told Millie to sleep some more while she went downstairs to start some breakfast.

While Evie pulled on some panties and a camisole, she noticed that their dresses had been carefully placed on wooden hangers and hung from hooks on the wall.  Their pairs of shoes were neatly arranged directly below them.  ‘Millie must have straightened while I slept.’


An hour or so later, Mille woke again.  She sat up in bed and stretched.  Evie wasn’t there, but she didn’t hear anything from downstairs and didn’t smell anything cooking.  She noticed, however, that their dresses had been neatly hung.  ‘Evie must have straightened while I slept.’

Millie picked a halter top and panty set from her bags and slipped them on, then padded downstairs in her bare feet.  The kitchen was also quiet, and there was no evidence Evie had put any food on yet.

She noticed that the cellar door was open, though.  Hewn wood steps surrounded by stone walls led to a landing that turned the passage back below the cottage and hid whatever was at the bottom from view.  Millie scrunched up her nose at the musty smell and was about to go check the garden for Evie when she heard an unmistakable soft groan.

Millie froze.  She wasn’t sure what to do.  This was the point where usually Evie or Aly would take the lead to investigate.  But chances are, it was Evie who had groaned.  Yet if something was down there to make Evie groan…it was the last place Millie wanted to venture.

Millie knew it was time to be brave.  She took a deep breath and began tentatively descending, pointed toes on the wood steps first to keep from making a sound.  She clutched at the stone wall, trying to make herself even smaller and inconspicuous.

She thought she was doing well until she reached the landing and was making her way around the outer wall of the turn.  She heard a gasp that was definitely Evie’s, before a voice called out from the darkness below.


It was Laressa’s voice that echoed in the stone stairwell.  “Millie, my dear, don’t be shy, come and join us.  But stop at the bottom of the stairs and go no further.”

Millie remained frozen for a moment.  She trusted Laressa, but there was something about her that made Millie feel a little on edge–there was something mysterious just below the surface.   

It wasn’t until she heard Evie’s voice that she felt brave enough to move.  “It’s ok, sweetie, it’s safe to come down.  Just do everything Mistress Laressa says.”

Evie’s voice was calm and reassuring, without a hint of distress.  But her choice of the word “Mistress” told Millie a lot about what to expect at the bottom of the stairs.

As she descended the last steps, Evie came into view at the opposite end of the room.  She was kneeling in her underwear, sitting back on her heels, with her arms up and hands clasped behind her head.  She was blindfolded, but her chin was raised as if she were listening for Millie’s approach.  And her parted thighs gave some hint as to why she’d been groaning.

She couldn’t see Laressa in the room–until she suddenly stepped in front of Millie.  With a wry smile and mischievous eyes, she held up a strip of silk that matched Evie’s blindfold.  After covering Millie’s eyes, she led the brunette girl across the floor and moved her into the same position just to Evie’s right.


Kneeling in the darkness, the two girls listened intently to Laressa’s words, punctuated occasionally by her light teasing touch on their bodies.  She never lingered long, moving from one to the other, while she alternately complimented and chastised them.

“You both looked radiant in your dresses last night, I imagine you were quite the pair at your lovely party.  It was a shame I wasn’t invited, but I must say, Evie, I was surprised to find four inquiries for my services in my letter box when I awoke this morning.  Very early this morning.”

“That makes me very happy to hear, Mistress,” Evie said in a proud voice.

“Don’t get too full of yourself, Evangeline.  I was equally disappointed to see the disrespectful manner in which you treated my gowns, dumping them on the floor like that.  As such, if you can’t respect what I make for you, you’ll not wear proper clothing the rest of the day.”

“We are sorry, Mistress!” the pair choroused.

“I’ll forgive you…eventually…but first I’m going to have fun teaching you both some lessons.”


Millie heard Evie moving–or being moved–just off to her left.  She heard the whisper of silk sliding over skin while Evie made soft moaning sounds.  Then, abruptly, Evie gasped loudly and laughed.  After some more giggles and gasps, she broke out into uncontrolled laughter, crying out, “no, Mistress, please, please, I can’t take any more!”

“Millie,” Laressa said calmly while Evie’s laughter and pleas continued, “did you know Evie’s secret weakness?  That she’s absolutely reduced to silly helplessness when tickled?”

“No, Mistress, I didn’t,” Mille responded quietly.  But I’m sure going to remember it!

Evie’s torment continued for several minutes more.  Then Millie felt Laressa’s light touch as she guided Millie to her feet and stretched Millie’s arms out over her head.  She felt the soft touch of silk around her own wrists as her hands were pulled out and upward toward the ceiling.  When both wrists were spread and secure, Laressa did the same with her ankles, wrapping them tightly and anchoring them to the floor.

Millie felt Laressa’s nimble fingers dance across her flesh in the cool air of the cellar, and felt goosebumps rise on her skin and the hairs of her neck stand up.  ‘It must be a trick of the cool air,’ she thought, but it seemed as if Laressa were touching her in many places all at once.

“So, Millie,” Laressa whispered in her ear from behind.  “Are you as ticklish as Evie?”


Evie and Laressa will return in The Silken Trap, pt. 2

For more Evie and Laressa fun, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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4 thoughts on “Rewarding the Bold

  1. Prim: But … how can it just end like that?

    Tia: What do you mean?

    Prim: It left a super important question unanswered. How could it?

    Tia: Probably to annoy you.

    Prim: That must be it! I must know: Is Millistripes ticklish?? IS SHE???

    Tia: Calm down, or we’ll use your cute tender feet for a demonstration…


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