The Jaded Entity

“Jaded” is a very loyal friend who is both a writer and an artist. His original character Millie–sweet and demure assistant to a pervy wizard–is one of the most beloved characters in the world of Alynnya Slatefire. He’s also another core supporter of CallMePlissken.

Jaded is very protective of Millie in terms of what she can and can’t experience, with whom, and how she is treated…he’s been a great example for me of creating ‘rules’ for your character.

Jaded and I recently collaborated on a fun exchange between my Evie, and his recent creations the “Totally Not Wizards.” It played out in four parts over the course of a few days. Here they are, in order:

And Jaded has an epic story of his own in the works. Here are some samples of his work:

Jaded was an important contributor to our Naughty Nights and Kinky Tales group project with his story, Ward of the Forest.

AND!! Jaded surprised me on my birthday with a lovely story of Millie and Alynnya springing a little suprise on Evie before their Christmas party…then he partnered with CallMePlissken to pair some artwork with it! Enjoy it here: Christmas Pre-lewd

More recently, Jaded graciously allowed Evie to borrow his Millie for a two-part tale of an encounter–an evening during which MenchiMenagerie’s character Laressa ‘drops in.’ See Part 1 and Part 2 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

And now, Millie is becoming more self-assured and she makes A Bold Move!

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