Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 2

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 1 HERE


“I insist that you tell me exactly what you did to them–with them–in explicit detail!”  Agent Katie demanded, her pen pressed to the clipboard and at the ready.  She hoped she sounded tough.  She knew the alien Space Toad was responsible for the missing women.

“Ok,” he replied.

Agent Katie was taken aback at the unexpected answer.  “Ok…ok what?”

“Ok, I’ll tell you, in explicit detail.  But I want, how do your earth criminals say…a quid pro quo.”

“What do you want?”  She asked, suspicious of his sudden eagerness to cooperate.

“I want your panties that you’re wearing right now.”

“What?!?!?  No!  I can’t do that!”  Agent Katie was genuinely indignant at the demand.

“Ok.  Then I have nothing more to say to you.  Run away in failure, little perky blonde agent.”

“What?  Wait, no…”  the young agent was really flustered now.  She knew this one case could make her career.  She knew this smug creature wasn’t likely to crack for anyone else under any interrogation.  But she couldn’t compromise her integrity like that, could she?  Could she?

Glob piques Agent Katie’s interest by offering a deal for his confession

Glob just stayed quiet, watching, waiting.  He could see the turmoil whirling in her mind.  He didn’t even need to give her a nudge.  He knew she would capitulate before she did.

“Fine…but no tricks!” Agent Katie warned.  

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Glob answered.

She hiked up her skirt and reached under it, up behind her back, and began to tug the elastic band of her thong down.

‘Bend at the waist,’ Glob said silently in his own mind, and grinned as the woman did.  ‘Pointed away!’ he added quickly, and watched as she pivoted on her heels so he could watch the thin wisp of cotton slide down the back of her bare legs.  ‘Yessssssss….’

Agent Katie stepped out of the tiny white thong and held it in her hand for a moment.  ‘Am I really going to do this?’ she asked herself.  ‘Yes, you are,’ she heard a voice return.

She pushed a button and the meal-delivery tray popped open.  She deposited her panties inside and sent the tray through to Glob’s side of the containment field.  

He eagerly grabbed them and held them to his nostrils, taking a deep whiff.  He sighed and blinked his eyes a few times.  “I caught your scent, and yours alone, out of 10 people in the room before, but I never imagined it would be so delightful…I’ll never forget it again.”

“Ok yeah, that’s a little creepy,” she murmured.  “Now tell me about the women,” she said, straightening and smoothing her skirt. She didn’t know why he made her so uneasy, like he could see through her.

“Which one?” he said coyly, and dropped the panties on the floor of his cell in front of him.

“Uhh…” Agent Katie said, staring at her panties on the floor.  “Aren’t you going to hide those or put them away somewhere?”

“Why would I?” he asked.  “I think I should leave them right there for all the guards and your boss to see.  I think they’d be impressed I charmed the panties right off you.”

“No!” she cried out, before trying to compose herself.  “Hide those somewhere, now!”

“I don’t see why I would,” he replied.  I’m quite proud of getting them.”

“You can’t…I’d be so…” she looked around furtively, as if already worried someone would walk in and see them.

“Tell you what.  You come in here, and let me smell your hair and skin, and you can have them back.  That’s all, I promise.  Just a sniff, maybe a tiny lick, and you can take them and be on your way.” 

He paused, and narrowed his gaze.  “Or, you could sit down on the bed here beside me and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the missing women.”

Agent Katie sighed.  He had played her so well.  She was already vested in cracking this case, and he seemed to know it…and now she was compromised with her undergarments lying there in plain view.  She sighed again.  ‘They’re right there, you can do this…’



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