Elle’s Discovery, pt3

artwork by menchimenagerie

Elle learns a secret that few other know…story below!

This is part 3 of 4 of the latest collaboration between @MenchiMenagerie and me. 

Elle’s Discovery, pt 1
Elle’s Discovery, pt 2

I love commissioning and collaborating with @MenchiMenagerie, because our best ideas come from us riffing on new and saucy interactions between our characters.  A sizzling hot idea will pop up, and suddenly we both know we MUST DO IT!

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As a preeminent scientist and director of the Codex Cryptae labs, Elle rarely found herself flustered by anyone or anything.  She carried herself with professionalism, confidence, and grace. There were very few things in her world she couldn’t explain.

So it was all the more remarkable that Director ‘L’ found herself dumbfounded and at a loss for words.  It wasn’t just that she was a bound captive, wrapped tightly in shiny sticky silk.  Or that the creature which held her prisoner defied credulity, much less explanation.

What truly had her flummoxed was that the creature holding the tethers to her silk bondage – the entity in the shadows on the ceiling, the one with the dark red eyes and spindly legs – had the voice of her friend (and occasional Mistress), Laressa Silverspun!

And the creature seemed equally surprised to find it was Elle caught in her webbing!

“Well, little Miss Elle, this is slightly awkward,” Laressa said calmly.  “I expected to find a cowardly little silk thief wrapped up in my web…not one of my favorite new friends.  And now it seems you’ve learned a secret about me very very few others are allowed to know.”

Elle stared in disbelief.  The being above her was indeed Laressa…her upper body and face, anyway, and her scarlet flowing tresses.  The lower half of her body was that of a spider-like entity.  ‘A drider,’ Elle thought to herself.  ‘Half woman, half spider…incredible!’

She’d heard stories of course, of life forms like this.  She’d seen sketches in field notebooks of Cryptae Rangers – not all of whom had survived to deliver their notes in person.  

As a scientist, she had always been skeptical.  Now, faced with first-hand evidence, she gawked openly at Laressa, her curiosity brushing away any fears for her own safety.

“Laressa…I…you’re…” Elle’s voice trailed off.

“I’m a nightmare, aren’t I?” Laressa cut in, without a hint of embarrassment.

“No…” Elle responded.  “You’re…beautiful…magnificent…a wonder…”  Elle couldn’t stop her curious nature from studying and noting every detail she could absorb of her friend’s unexpected appearance.  She was awed and entranced by what she saw.

Elle’s mind was already making the connections to things she already knew of Laressa.  The fine silks…her guarded responses about their origins…the way Laressa crafted apparel directly onto the bodies of her clients as if they were living mannequins… 

“Don’t go anywhere,” Laressa said with a wink and a nod toward Elle’s bondage.  “I’ll be right back.”  Laressa moved gracefully behind Elle and out of view.

A moment later, she walked back around Elle to stand in front of her.  Laressa had returned to her usual appearance, standing on two human legs and elegantly dressed in a lustrous burgundy off-the-shoulder gown.  Her expression held her usual calm and knowing smile.

Laressa appeared to Elle even more confident and in control than usual. If she had any uneasiness about Elle seeing her hidden nature or learning her secret, she didn’t show it.  In fact, it was Elle who felt uneasy to know a secret – after all, Elle was still a helpless prisoner.

“I imagine you have a few questions,” Laressa said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Yes…a few…” Elle replied cautiously.  Her mind was still putting together clues and coming to one realization after another.  It was more a matter of where to begin.

“I have a few of my own,” Laressa replied coolly, “but you first.”

“Umm…”  Elle the scientist was suddenly self-conscious about not asking anything that might offend her intimidating friend.  Elle decided to start with something related to how she got into her current compromised condition.  “Does Evie…does Evie know…this?”

Laressa cocked an eyebrow.  “Yes.  Evie has known for a while.  There was a time when she and I hunted each other, before we came to an…understanding.”  Laressa then came to a eye-widening realization of her own.  “Evie sent you here, didn’t she?” 

“Yessss…” Elle narrowed her eyes and her cheeks flushed as she clenched her jaw and seethed her words out between her teeth.  “I needed silk urgently.  Evie said I could find your silk storage here…she actually said, you were away, ‘hunting.’  Oh, that little…”

“Why am I not surprised?” Laressa snickered.  “So why didn’t she come here with you?”

“Uh…Evie is…somewhat tied up in my office right now.  She was doing some ‘advanced testing’ for me.”  Now it was Elle’s turn to laugh.  “Endurance testing.  Inverted.  In a straitjacket.  With a plug gag.  I imagine she’s getting a little uncomfortable by now.”

“Endurance testing on a Friday night?  Oh, you naughty girls having fun without me,” Laressa grinned.  “But Evie’s not impetuous.  She had to anticipate you’d be…detained here.  I imagine she’s either escaped – or she’s not as uncomfortable as she’d have you believe.”

“Oh!” Elle seethed.  “When I get my hands on Evie, I’m going to redden her ass so bright…”

“Elle…” Laressa said softly, cutting off the younger woman’s rant.  “While reddening her bottom is an appealing option – it’s a very nice bottom, isn’t it? – I think you have the capacity to come up with a much more creative response than that.”

“I suppose…” Elle said slowly.  “A more measured and meaningful response – consequences that directly relate to my current situation, perhaps?”

“Now you’re thinking,” her ‘Mistress’ smiled.  “Your submissive has challenged you and you need to teach her a lesson.  One that won’t fade as quickly as a little corporal punishment.”

“Thank you, Laressa…that’s good advice.”  Elle’s smile twisted as alternatives came to mind.

“You have the potential to be a formidable dominant mistress in your own right, Elle.  I’ve looked forward to mentoring you.”

“You…you have?” Elle blushed.  “I…thank you, Laressa…Mistress.”  

“Of course.  Take some time to think about what lesson you’d like to teach Evie, and let me know if I can help.  In the meantime, I’ll give you some more incentive toward her lesson.”

“What do you mean?” The cautious tone returned to Elle’s voice.

“Well, we still have to settle the matter of you trespassing and attempting to steal my silk.”

“But…but…no…it was Evie…she set me up…”

“Yes…yes she did.  Just keep that front of mind, it will help.”  Laressa stepped closer and traced the back of her fingers over Elle’s trembling cheek.  “Shhhh….just relax, little fly…”

Relaxing was an impossible task with the intimidating redhead standing so close, especially when Elle was so helpless and vulnerable.  Having Laressa touching her tenderly while looking at her so hungrily just made it all the more unsettling.

“I know you’ve been curious about my silk production secrets, Elle.  It’s time for you to learn a little more.  I’m sure you realize I couldn’t possibly produce enough on my own.”

“I was wondering about that, actually.”  Elle was still bound the same as when Laressa first snared her:  suspended off the floor, with her arms restrained behind her, and wrapped from her upper chest to her waist.  Her legs dangled free, toes just off the floor.

“Come, my little helpers,” Laressa called out into the darkness.  Elle barely registered that Laressa wasn’t speaking to her before she heard a skittering noise of more claws on stone.

Many, many more claws.

A dark shape emerged on the floor from behind Elle.  Instinctively, she tucked her knees up toward her body to pull her feet away.  As she rotated, she noticed another on the wall beside her…and two more on the opposite wall.  

Each was roughly the size of her own head…not counting the eight legs extending from beneath the bodies of each.  Once again, Elle’s fascination and curiosity brushed away her concern for her own safety.  “They…they listen to you?  Obey you?”

“Well of course…why wouldn’t they?  I treat them exceptionally well.  I reward them often.” Laressa traced a finger across Elle’s collarbone.  “They like to help when a captive cutie needs more wraps.” Laressa winked at Elle.  “They really like it when the captive struggles.”

Laressa savored the anxious look on Elle’s face for a moment before addressing her minions.  “Please help me finish wrapping Elle, my little ones.”

The four spiders didn’t hesitate.  They each shot strands of webbing out at Elle to start new bindings.  Elle tried to remain still and calm, but she couldn’t help wriggling and squirming when their little legs crawled over her wrappings…they were not only unnerving, they tickled!

Laressa supervised closely, occasionally directing them as they placed the final strands with precision.  She ensured they put just the right amount of tension in just the right places, and that the wraps constricted Elle’s soft flesh in the most delightful ways.

Soon Elle was webbed up the way Laressa wanted her – leaving just one eye uncovered so she could watch Elle’s reactions, and so Elle could watch what her mistress was doing next.  Then Laressa’s hands began roaming over the younger woman’s bound and wriggling form.  

Laressa squeezed curvy parts the silks accentuated, and tugged on those key final strands, until Elle was squirming and making the loveliest sounds through the wrap over her mouth. Laressa stopped and started up again until she could tell Elle was begging for release.

The sultry redheaded seductress smiled as she made strategic openings between the silk strands, exposing the flesh of Elle’s breasts so that Laressa could nibble and tease at them.  She made a few more openings lower, too, so Laressa could slip probing fingers inside Elle.

Only when Laressa was satisfied that Elle was truly desperate did she relent and push her to a climax.  She held the squirming woman close until her trembling subsided.

Laressa laid Elle gently on the cavern floor and opened up the wrapping over her face, allowing her to breathe a little more freely.  She settled beside Elle, leaning on one elbow.

“Do you feel you’ve learned your lesson about sticking your curious scientist nose into others’ private business?”

“Yes Mistress,” Elle rasped breathily.  “I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

“Very well,” Laressa said in a soothing tone. “I believe you. I expect that you’ll find a way to pass this message on to Evie for me?”

Elle nodded happily.  “Oh yes…yes, I’ll make sure she gets the message.”

“Wonderful!  Now then…you’ve made amends for your transgressions here today, but your Mistress has yet to receive any pleasure.”

“Mistress?” Elle asked, her curious look returning.

Laress pushed herself back up to her hands and knees and straddled Elle’s prone form.  She hiked up her dress and moved up Elle’s bound body until she was positioned directly over the helpless woman’s surprised face.

“Now, show your Mistress how much you appreciate her mentoring.”

~~~Definitely NOT the end!  Part 4 coming soon~~~

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