“Menchi” is an artist and writer who seems to get better and better with each piece he posts; he has a tremendous work ethic and is driving himself to improve and broaden his skills. He’s also a sharp wit with a penchant for puns, and a good friend.

His OC is Laressa, who has a dual places in the world of Alynnya Slatefire and in a contemporary world, too. In Alynnya’s world Laressa plays a more dominant role, as a beautiful and mysterious redhead with arachne-tendencies and the ability to make her own silk.   Which of course she uses to snare pretty Rangers. The more contemporary Laressa seems to be more of a switch, perhaps she is continuing to develop?

Recently Menchi included my Evie in his “kinktober 2020” series, along with We Are All Mad Here’s character Elspeth. Evie and Elspeth have developed a fun ‘frenemies’ relationship and Menchi decided to capitalize on it, showing them restrained ‘together’ in the same artwork.

As a ‘thank you’ for including Evie, I set out to write a quick little story which cast his Laressa as the friendly dominatrix who put Evie and Elspeth in the situation. The artwork and story together can be found here: A Private Affair

More recently, I commissioned Menchi for a two-part tale of an encounter between Evie and The Jaded Entity’s Millie–an evening during which his character Laressa ‘drops in.’ See Part 1 and Part 2 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

And now, with Laressa’s help, Millie is becoming more self-assured and she makes A Bold Move! That story continued in Gifted, and concludes?? in Rewarding the Bold.

And Menchi and I just finished a current collaboration, ‘The Silken Trap.’ Part 1 Part 2

A follow up to those is Satisfaction Guaranteed

Menchi has his own DeviantArt page.

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