We Are All Mad Here

My favorite writer among my closest friends, “Mad” is a larger-than-life character among the core supporters of CallMePlissken.

In addition to being the Keeper of the Lore for the world based upon The Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, Mad has two very popular original characters who inhabit that world, Elspeth and Aya. He also has another storyline set in contemporary times with Sexy Librarian/Adventurer Leilani Hawkins.

Mad is a master of rapid-fire storytelling and I’ve learned a lot about pacing a story from him. His blend of action scenes, sexy scenes, sexy action scenes, and stinging humor make the pages of his stories fly by and leave you wanting more. He’s also always up for a good pun war.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Mad on a series of exchanges around a ‘friendly’ and sexy conflict between his OCs Elspeth and Aya, and my OC Evie:

Mad invited me to contribute to a story of his with Aly, Aya, Elspeth and Evie: follow the link to the story here: Island Vacation and read the epilogue here: Epilogue-Island Vacation

And this is the story he wrote that immediately precedes it:

AND!! Mad surprised me on my birthday with a saucy and decadent story of Evie ‘enduring’ a little kidnapping and ‘interrogation’…then he partnered with CallMePlissken to pair some artwork with it!

Enjoy it here: Not as Expected

Aya and Elspeth Story PDFs:




Leilani Hawkins PDFs:




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