Katie’s Birthday Weekend pt3

Artwork by La-Loud

Loud invites Katie to her condo in the mountains for a little ‘getaway girls’ weekend’ as a birthday gift.

But what kind of kinky fun birthday plans does Loud have in store for Katie??


Loud positioned me up on her bed, seated, with my legs stretched out before me. She stared at me for a moment, as if unsure what to do next. 

Her eyes met mine for just a moment, and then they began to travel down my form, slowly, as if taking in my curves and appreciating what her ropes were doing to them. I watched as her gaze moved on down my legs to my bare feet and pointed toes.

Loud’s eyes sparkled and the corner of her mouth turned up all of a sudden, as an idea popped into her head. Apparently she subscribed to the ‘when in doubt, add more rope’ method, because she grabbed another coil and climbed up onto the bed with me.

She positioned herself sitting on my thighs facing away from me and reached forward to grasp my ankles. I kicked my feet playfully, wriggling and pointing my toes, pretending to try and keep them out of her control.

Loud responded just as I hoped she would, grabbing my ankles and gripping them hard, pressing them down firmly into the mattress. I gave a soft whimper to let her know it was exactly what I wanted, too.

She took her time with the rope, placing the strands artistically just so, cinching them between my shins and knotting them out of reach. She was a quick study of technique, too! 

Even after she was done binding them, she held her grip on my ankles while I flexed my feet and wriggled my toes in mock struggle. I could tell she enjoyed that, because she gripped me even tighter, and sat back more heavily on my thighs, reminding me I was pinned there.

I twisted and writhed my upper body, bending my arms around my sides and shaking my shoulders. The swaying of my breasts felt good, but what felt even better was the tugging of the long crotch-rope. I moaned and mmphed loudly into the gag.

Loud took a peek over her shoulder at me. I could see that sparkle in her eyes again, and a trace of a smile in her usual calm expression. She was enjoying herself, and enjoying the reactions she was drawing out of me.

I savored the intimate moment between us. I could smell her perfume, even the scent of her shampoo or body lotion – and the mingling scents of our shared arousal. I closed my eyes for a moment and drank in all the senses of having her this close.

The center of her backside aligned perfectly with the valley between my thighs. I became acutely aware of my knees pressing against the backs of her inner thighs, and I could feel the heat radiating from there…it matched the heat I felt growing between my own legs.

I sighed happily, and I thought I heard the same from her. If the evening went no further than this, I was content and quite pleased with my birthday present from her.

But I was hoping this wouldn’t be the end of the evening, either…


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @La-Loud and includes her OC.

Will this be the end of the evening? 

If you want more, like I do, let’s all go to Loud’s DA page and let her know!

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