Katie’s Birthday Weekend pt2

Artwork by La-Loud

Loud invites Katie to her condo in the mountains for a little ‘getaway girls’ weekend’ as a birthday gift.

But what kind of kinky fun birthday plans does Loud have in store for Katie??


Loud hesitated. “I…I liked it when you tied me up last time and took control of me. You could do anything you wanted to me and I couldn’t stop you…and I liked that I had to wait for you to decide what to do. I didn’t have a choice – so I could just enjoy what you chose.”

I smiled. “I’m glad you liked that…it made me happy to make you happy. So what are you thinking…would you like me to do that you again?”

Loud blushed. “Well…I thought since it was your birthday…maybe you’d like it if I did it to you instead. Maybe I tie you up and play with you?”

Now it was my turn to blush. “Oh my…you know…you know I would enjoy that a lot. Thank you! But why do you look so anxious?”

“Because I don’t know what to do,” she wailed. “I don’t know how to be the dominant one…I don’t want do disappoint you, and I don’t want to do it wrong.”

My expression softened as I empathized with her conflicted feelings. “Loud, sweetie…there is no right and wrong…there’s just what feels good, and what feels like fun.” I gave her a reassuring smile and winked. “Whatever you want to do with me, I’m yours.”

Loud gave me the slightest smile, and her soft dark eyes searched mine. “I don’t know where to start though. Or what comes next.”

I slipped out of my dress and folded it on the sofa. “Why don’t you start with my hands? After that, just do whatever idea pops into your mind. After all,” I gave her a broad smile. “Once you do that, I won’t have a say in what happens next, it’s whatever you choose.” I winked again. “Especially if you gag me.”

Loud laughed and I could see her visibly relax. “Ok,” she said. “Put your hands behind your back and keep them there.”

“Yes, Mistress!” I said enthusiastically.

Once Loud got started wrapping me up in rope, I could see her confidence building. She still looked at me warily, but I could tell she was having fun. And she’d clearly studied the aesthetic side of ropework – before long I was wearing a sexy and snug harness that wrapped my breasts and connected a rope collar at my throat down to a taut crotch rope.

As she attached a tether to my collar and began to lead me toward her bedroom, I couldn’t suppress breaking out into a huge smile – under the gag…


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @La-Loud and includes her OC.

If you enjoyed, go give her a look on her DA page and show her some love!

Watch for part 3 soon!

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