Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 7

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

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You never answered one of my first questions, Agent Katie,” Glob said quietly, letting the question hang out there while she saved her edited photos in a ‘hidden’ folder.

“What is that, Mr. Glob?” she asked, finding it hard to focus on the images while she was huddled so close to him.

“Why is it that you enjoy being a damsel in distress, Agent Katie?”  Glob repeated his earlier questions in his same suggestive tone.  “Why do you seek out danger and vulnerability?  Why does the thought of being bound and helpless arouse you?” 

The questions flowed easily, suggestively, persuasively.  He wasn’t really asking if she did–he was stating facts she already knew.  So her answers came just as easily, subconsciously.

“I suppose,” she said without looking up, “It’s the thought of surrendering control to someone who is stronger.  There’s freedom in not having a say in what’s going to happen next, and not feeling guilty about it if I like it.  It’s alluring having someone able to do whatever they want…and I can’t stop them.  Especially someone dangerous…”

“Hmmm…”  Glob said thoughtfully.  “Someone dangerous…someone stronger…someone like, for example, a Space Toad who is four times your size and has you cornered in a cell with him?”

“Umm, yeah…I…wait, what?”  Agent Katie looked up to see Glob sitting facing her now.  He had moved closer and towered over her, grinning confidently. “Ummm…” she stammered.  

Having him move closer was intimidating…Glob was dangerous, and she did feel vulnerable.  She’d already given up control by coming into this cell and letting down her guard.  She didn’t know what he might do next, and she couldn’t stop him.  Glob could demand she do whatever he wanted, and there was very little she could do about it.

It was undeniably as arousing as it was frightening.  ‘No, not frightening,’ the voice inside her head whispered.  ‘He’s not going to hurt you…’

“What…what are you going to do to me?” the young agent asked cautiously.  Just saying the words was a thrill.

“Nothing you don’t already want me to do,” Glob replied in a soft, reassuring tone.  He flooded her mind with all the random thoughts she’d been having since she stepped in the cell.  Thoughts of him taking her away in his ship.  Of kneeling, bound and collared beside him.  Or on a pedestal while he looked at her with desire. Thoughts of him using that tongue…

“Ok…” she conceded.  “But what is it you want?”  Agent Katie felt flushed and her breathing was quickening.  She knew whatever it was, if he didn’t take it, if he asked, she would give it.  She chewed her lip anxiously, waiting for his reply.

“I want to take you with me,” he said, and her eyes lit up.  “I want you to make that possible.”  Glob grinned and leaned in to whisper conspiratorially.  “I want you to help me escape.”

Agent Katie felt suddenly flustered.  “How…I mean…I mean, yes, I’ll go with you.”  The words, now spoken, filled her with excitement and anticipation.  But her thoughts were crowded out by concerns of guards, and alarms, and how to make it to his ship.  “I’m not sure how…”

“Shhhh, sweet girl,” Glob said softly.  “You leave all that to me.  Relax, and trust me. Breathe.”

Agent Katie closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and as she inhaled she felt a wave of calm wash over her, pleasant thoughts flooding her consciousness once again.  When she opened them again, Glob was smiling at her again.  

“Good,” he said.  “You’re wound so tight, special agent, you really must learn to unwind.”  He suddenly looked down at her feet.  “Those shoes are very sexy.  But I bet they hurt your feet after you’ve been on them all day.”

She looked down at her shoes, then back at him, confused by the abrupt subject change.  “A little, yes…”

“Why don’t you sit beside me on the bed and put your feet up in my lap?” he offered.  “I will rub your feet for you.  A toad’s fingers are quite dextrous, you know.”

Agent Katie grinned.  That did sound rather pleasant.  It had been a long day…what with preening and posing and trying to distract Glob in the meetings…then sneaking into the containment area…entering a high-value target’s cell…so stressful…

Glob set both her feet down across his thigh.  He removed one shoe and set it beside him, then began massaging her foot expertly, working the pads of his fingers over her muscles and tendons, caressing her heel and instep, gliding between her toes.

Agent Katie was leaning back on her elbows on his bed, watching him work for a while, then closed her eyes and leaned her head back, luxuriating in the sensual feel of his touches.  She was so relaxed, she didn’t even notice when he began using his tongue, too.

In fact, she didn’t stir at all until she felt cloth tightening down around her ankles.  She opened her eyes to see Glob neatly cinching the cotton strands.  “How…where did you get…”  She glanced at the shredded pillowcase and sheets of his bed.  “Ummm…”

“We have to make it look like I’m forcing you to help me escape, under extreme duress,” Glob explained nonchalantly.  “We don’t want anyone to think you went along willingly.”

“Oh.  Yeah, that makes sense.  Ummm…thank you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered,” Glob said with a grin.  “Now slide off your skirt, will you?”

“What?” Agent Katie asked.  “Why do I need to…”

“To distract the guards, of course,” he replied.  “Nothing like a naked blonde to confuse and distract men.”  He said the last part derisively, as he wasn’t included in that category.

“Oh. I see.”  She narrowed her eyes at Glob, as if trying to evaluate if he was serious or messing with her.  She wasn’t wild about anyone seeing her without the skirt–especially since she’d already taken off the panties.  Grudgingly, she slipped it over her hips and down her legs.

“And now, the blouse,” Glob continued, not bothering to hide the fact he was watching intently.

At this point, Agent Katie didn’t bother resisting any more.  Regardless of his reasoning, however suspect, she knew she was going to do it anyway.

“Good girl,” Glob said.  This time he actually licked his lips with his long tongue while gazing at her naked form.  “And if you’ll roll on your front, I can bind your wrists, to complete the look.”

“Of course,” the blonde agent replied, rolling closer to the edge and crossing her wrists behind her back.  ‘Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to do this in my career,’ she mused.

Glob binds Agent Katie so it doesn’t look like she helped him escape

“No, no, no,” Glob chuckled.  “Wrists parallel, insides together.  Everyone knows that’s more realistic.  Not to mention what it does for your posture.”

Agent Katie giggled and shot him a look over her shoulder.  “As you wish, Mr. Space Toad.  Make sure they’re nice and tight so it looks convincing.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he replied, while quickly and effectively binding her wrists.  He was straddling over her, one foot on the floor and one knee on the bed on the other side of her.  She was acutely aware of how close–and how significantly larger he was than her.  Being naked and bound just made her feel all the more vulnerable…and excited.

Glob dropped a strip of bedsheet on the mattress next to Agent Katie’s head.  “Now where did those panties go?  Ah yes, there they are,” he said, scooping them from the floor.  “Open up.”

“Wait…you don’t need to gag me…I won’t yell or call for help,” she promised.  ‘And definitely you don’t need to use my panties!’ she thought, but didn’t add.

“Oh, but that’s the point,” he shot back.  “If you were being kidnapped by a Space Toad for real, you’d be screaming your head off.  It wouldn’t look right if you weren’t expertly gagged.”

Agent Katie had to concede, once again, that Glob was right.  “True.  If you were going to carry me past the guards like a hostage, I’d have to be gagged as well as tied up.  Good call.”  She opened her mouth to accept the crumpled wad of cotton. ‘Still wish it wasn’t my panties, though.’

Glob pressed them firmly into her mouth and then wrapped the strip of bedsheet around her head a couple times before knotting it off in the back.  “Yes,” he said in a more even tone, “IF I were going to carry you past the guards.  Unfortunately, that’s not part of my escape plan.”

“MMMMPH?!?!”  Agent Katie wailed as emphatically as she could, eyes wide in alarm.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my dear agent.  I said I wanted to take you with me.  I didn’t say I was going to.”

Agent Katie writhed on the bed and ‘mmmmphed’ as vigorously as she could, shooting incredulous looks at him that were becoming more angry by the moment.

Glob stood and watched her writhing for a moment.  ‘She is making a good case for taking her with me,’ he thought wryly.  “Sorry, my dear, I fear you would simply complicate my escape.”  He picked up her phone and tapped at it for a moment.  “Sadly, I can’t leave you with these photos, either.  I can’t leave such evidence behind, as fond as I am of our memories together.”

The furious agent’s shoulders sagged for a moment as she realized how profound his deception had been.  He had played her, and played her well.  And now she was in a mountain of trouble.

“I will, however, take one souvenir,” Glob said, plucking her shoe from the bed.  He gave it a deep sniff and sighed.  “You have the most delightful feet and toes.  Perhaps someday I’ll learn what it would be like to nibble on them.”

Agent Katie watched him resignedly now as he prepared to leave her in the cell, naked and alone, for the guards to find…when?  They weren’t due for a while yet.  She sighed sadly.

Glob paused by the keypad that controlled the containment field.  “And really, Agent?  1127 isn’t a very good secret code.  Everyone knows it’s your birthday, even if most of your friends didn’t bother to celebrate it.”  He punched in the numbers deliberately and the field disappeared.

“MMUHK HEW!” she snarled with a glare and defiant thrust of her chin.

“Another time, another place perhaps, my lovely Agent Katie.”  Glob waved from outside the cell.  He punched the numbers again and the field was restored, sealing her in.  After one last lingering look, he disappeared around the corner and was gone.



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