Agent on Hold (pt 2)

Art by Alucard

Full image and vignette at WordPress link

Here’s part 2 of something a little different…this image and vignette follow on from the post ‘Agent in Waiting.’

But who is he, and why has he been watching her?  And why did it seem Agent Katie was trying to lure him?

Is this an undercover assignment?  Or simply an attempt to seduce a mysterious paramour? 

Read the vignette below and make up your own mind!

(but I’m curious how you all interpret it!)

This very sensual sexy image created by Alucard.  Go check out his page!


Perhaps I drifted off while reading my book, or got lost enjoying the saucy images within. Either way, I was so engrossed in the fantasies swirling in my mind that my vigilance lapsed.

I sensed his presence even before he revealed himself. A disturbance in the air of the room, a fleeting motion of shadow, a whisper of soft breath. A vague feeling something was different.

And then he was upon me, his weight pinning me down to the bed. A hand slipped over my mouth, while another gripped the wrist of my flailing arm. He was big, heavy, his grip strong. Even if I had any leverage I wouldn’t have been able to push him off or away.

“SHHH…” he said softly, a confident command with no overt threat. He waited a moment to see if I would obey before easing the pressure on my mouth. I gave a nod to signal my compliance. His weight shifted as his free hand moved to my mouth, a foam ball between his fingertips. 

“OPEN,” he commanded before removing his hand from my lips. As soon as I complied, he pressed the ball between my lips and tucked it behind my teeth. I clenched my jaw down to compress it, but the firm sphere expanded again to prop my jaw open.

While I was focused upon the foam between my teeth, a cloth fell over the outside of my mouth. The wide strip covered me from nose to chin when he pulled it back around my head. One hand flipped my loose hair up so the cloth could be knotted behind my neck underneath.

His weight shifted again as he slid down my back, allowing my shoulders to rise off the mattress though he still pinned my hips and legs down. I felt a gentle tap of his finger on each wrist. 

“BEHIND,” he commanded. His meaning was clear.  I placed both hands in the small of my back, palms together with thumbs pointed downward. I felt the all-too-familiar grip of thick rope enclose my wrists, double hitched to pull it snug, columns cinched by perpendicular strands. 

I anticipated a bite of pain from the tightening coils, but his skill was evident. I tested my bonds with slow twists and tugs and found them to be comfortable and secure. He didn’t admonish me for challenging my restraints; if anything, he seemed to expect it.

Only when we both knew that my arms were no longer mine to control did he lift his weight off my lower body. He laid his hands on my upper thighs and slid them down my legs with a hiss over my stockings. With the pressure of his fingertips alone he nudged my thighs, knees, calves and ankles into parallel so he could bind my ankles in the same way he’d secured my wrists.

After cinching several wraps of rope around my lower legs, he pulled the loose end upward until my heels touched my rear. He connected it to my wrists to pull them back into a tight hogtie.

I felt his fingers touching the insides of my forearms as he tucked the final knots away inside the columns of rope, keeping them safely out of the reach of my straining fingers.

Only moments ago I was resting comfortably on my bed alone. In a matter of minutes he had me bound, gagged, and at his mercy, helpless and vulnerable and completely in his control.

I hadn’t even offered token resistance, really. I could certainly claim I’d been overpowered before I could react and fight back. But the truth was, I was waiting for him. I expected him to find me and to make his move, and I still submissively gave in as he bound and controlled me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect next; my fantasies of him coming for me had never explored beyond this moment. The truth was, I wasn’t worried because it didn’t matter. Decisions were no longer within my control. He could do as he desired; he could make me comply with any whim. 

I was powerless to stop him – even if I wanted to.

He pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and sat down facing me. I turned my head to look at him, to meet his gaze, to try and anticipate his next move. He still gave no indication of his intentions. 

He merely sat there in silence, looking me over, studying my expression and watching my subtle movements as I squirmed anxiously. My heartbeat and breathing quickened in anticipation.

His silence, his inscrutable gaze, and his lack of action were as maddening as they were distressing.

How long would he make me wait before I learned what he had planned for me?


To be continued?  What do YOU think?  Thirsty for more?

And what’s your interpretation?  Is it an assignment?  A secret rendezvous?

Or just a lonely agent’s fantasy?

Enjoyed the image?  Go check out more from Alucard !!


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

If you’d like to join us in our Agents of SPANK discord server, send me a private message.

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