Agent in Waiting

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

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Here’s something a little different…Agent Katie’s not in peril in this image…(at least not yet, anyway).

I appears as if she’s trying to lure someone…for something…but is it an undercover assignment?  Or an attempt to seduce a mysterious paramour?  Or simply an attempt to feel sexy for herself in her down-time?

Read the vignette below and make up your own mind!

(but I’m curious how you all interpret it!)

This very sensual sexy image created by Alucard’s Spirit.  Go check out his page!


This would be my last weekend in the downtown condo for a while.  I had another week of wrap up on my current mission, and then I’d be moving on to another out-of-town assignment the week after.  I wanted to make the most of my last couple days in the city.

After a solid day filing reports at my little desk with the lovely view of the city, I decided to go out for a drink before I relaxed by myself for the evening.  It gave me a reason to get showered and do my makeup and hair, and wear some sexy lingerie under my cocktail dress.  Dressing up, even if just for myself, helped me feel good about myself, made me feel sexy and confident.

Of course, I wasn’t just dressing up for myself.  I’d sensed his presence earlier in the day, though I never saw him.  Sitting at my desk centered in the grand bay windows, I felt eyes on me.  I looked around outside briefly, scanned the balconies in the buildings around me, but I knew it would be in vain.  

I’d never actually see him, he was too good at what he did.  But it was flattering to know he was watching me and preparing.  

The trendy and expensive nightclub was only a few blocks away, so I walked there by myself, stiletto heels clicking on the pavement.  I got more than a few looks, and I saw someone turn and follow me to the entrance of the nightclub.  The bouncer ushered me right in, leaving my admirer stranded outside.  That was ok; he wasn’t the one I wanted following me.

One cocktail at the bar turned into three as I chatted with the bartender and the occasional would-be suitor.  Had I wanted, I could have brought any of them back to the condo with me, but they weren’t the ones I wanted, either.  They were amusing and their attention felt good, but it wasn’t the attention I was seeking.

I thought I might have caught a glimpse of him through the crowd, but the movement of people around the busy club obscured as quickly as they revealed.  It didn’t matter; he wouldn’t approach me in the club, anyway.  He was just observing, waiting, watching to make sure I followed my routine and ended up where he expected me to be.

A couple hours later, I broke the hearts of the last two guys chatting me up at the bar, and left alone—after sliding the bartender a massive tip for watching out for me.  You could never be too careful about spiked drinks and handsy drunks in this town.  

I walked briskly back to my condo building, heels skittering on concrete a little faster this time.  My confident stride kept anyone from approaching or following me this time, but I saw the glances as I passed.  I felt his presence again too, felt his eyes upon me as if they were something tangible.  I smiled at the comforting feeling of having him watch me—as if somehow he was watching over me protectively, even though I knew his intentions were anything but honorable.

Upstairs, I opened up the drapes of the condo and looked out over the city at night.  It was beautiful, all the lights outlining the shapes of the building and the avenue that followed the shoreline.  I lingered, enjoying the view and the hum of the city until I felt those familiar eyes upon me again.

I turned the lights down a bit, but left the curtains open.  I lit candles and placed them around the room, filling the space with a warm glow.  Then I slid off my heels and slipped out of my cocktail dress, letting it fall to the floor.  I’d pick them up later; for now, I wanted to enjoy being partially exposed and visible in my black lacy lingerie and stockings.

I put on some music and swayed to the rhythm, moving from room to room, making a fresh cocktail in the kitchen, dancing slowly back out to my desk in the bay window, then carrying my iPad back to the bedroom.  I set down my drink on my bedside and opened the iPad to the saucy book I was enjoying.  Then I stretched out on the bed, in full view of the open window.

I’d read for a while until my book and the images within heightened my arousal.   If I remained alone tonight, I’d find a hot passage and bring myself to a climax, or swipe through other sexy images until I came.  But somehow, I knew I wouldn’t remain alone tonight.

I knew he was out there.  And I had a feeling this would be the night he would make his move.


To be continued?  What do YOU think?  Thirsty for more?

And what’s your interpretation?  Is it an assignment?  A secret rendezvous?

Or just a lonely agent’s fantasy?

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Howling at the Moon – Teaser Edition

artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynnya submits herself to a long and arduous initiation process to join The Order of the Red Rose

Full uncensored image on my site. I’m hoping this two-page teaser will whet your appetite for another multi-chapter story and collaboration with CallMePlissken. Chapter 1 coming soon!

The following is an excerpt; the full story will be published here:


“You foolish girl!” Marcus sneered.  “You really thought you could play us, Alynnya?  You thought that a few days of wearing our collar and being our little plaything would be enough to get you into The Order of the Red Rose?”  

“The trials we’ve put you through were nothing compared to what the beast will do with you,” Louis added.  The other men nodded in agreement.  “Assuming he accepts you as tribute.”

Marcus turned my chin and made me look directly into his eyes.  “It’s time to let the beast know that you’re ready for the ritual.  And do you know how we let him know you’re ready?”

“You send him an engraved invitation?” I asked mockingly.

“Heh.  Amusing.  No.  Like most animals, the beast can smell when a female is ready to be mated.  You’re going to let him know you’re ready.”

Marcus reached out and slipped his fingers between my legs.  I could have resisted.  I could have clenched my legs closed, could have kicked at him.  I didn’t.  It was pointless.  

He knew as well as I did that I was already wet, that being tightly restrained and fondled and vulnerable would have me highly aroused.  He knew I’d been wet on the carriage ride here.

He looked me in the eye while he caressed me–as if daring me to object, to resist, to beg him to stop.  I did none of those; I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. I also didn’t want him to stop.

It became a battle of wills…one which I was, of course, destined to lose.  My body wouldn’t listen to my brain and my brain liked what he was doing to my body.  I couldn’t keep quiet any longer, and I let out a moan.

Marcus grinned.  “You’re close aren’t you?  Just seconds more, and you’re going to come, yes?”  

“Yes, Sir Marcus.”

“One more time, I want to hear you beg me to let you come.”

“Yesss…please, Sir Marcus…please let me come.”

Marcus stopped.  “Oh.  I’m so sorry.  I would…but that’s the beast’s decision now.”

I let out a wail of frustration.  As if in answer, a noise came from the woods.

“Hmmm.” Marcus whispered.  “I think the beast has caught your scent.”

He replaced the gag, and stepped from the pool.  He took one last wistful look at me and turned to take his place with the others.

Only a moment later, a rustling of the low brush signaled the arrival of the beast.  The council members remained silent and still off to one side.  Branches at the edge of the forest parted, and the beast stepped through into the clearing on his hind legs.

He appeared to be nearly eight feet tall, powerfully built with broad shoulders and chest that tapered down to a narrow waist and rippling abs.  His waist was almost the height of my chest, and the rest of him towered over me.  

Walking on his hind legs he looked remarkably human.  From the waist up he looked very human, if not for his canine head, glowing yellow eyes, and mouth full of sharp teeth.  From his hips down, he appeared to have the haunches and legs of a wolf.

He paused only a moment before striding up to me, never giving the council members a second look.  He lowered his face down to meet me, his eyes staring into mine, his hot breath blowing my hair back from my cheeks.  He sniffed once, twice, around my face, then sniffed my hair before lowering his snout down to my chest.

Warm drool escaped his maw and landed on my chest, running down the cleavage of my dress and dripping across my breasts.  He sniffed across my collarbone and up my neck, then plunged his nose between my breasts.  Then he clasped the front of my dress between his teeth, and tore it down the middle to my navel.

I gasped audibly at the sudden tearing and tugging.  At once I felt the cool air against my newly bared flesh, and felt his warm saliva cooling and drying down my front.  All the while I kept my eyes directly on him.  I felt a mixture of fascination and fear–and anticipation.

He licked at my bare breasts, which surprised me enough to make me flinch.  He raised one hand and lifted my breast with just one finger, then let it fall again, and lifted the other.  Carefully and gently he took one claw and traced it over my breasts.  I sucked in my breath and bit my tongue as the tip of his claw caught at my nipple, then traced back and flicked at it again.

Glancing down between my breasts, I saw his cock beginning to swell and emerge from its sheath of fur-covered skin.  Like everything else from his hips down, it had wolf characteristics and seemed to be growing directly out from his body.  Reddish in color with raised ridges and bulges, it was larger and longer than any human man I’d seen.

I must have been staring, because I heard the men snickering from their vantage nearby.  “Now she sees there’s more than one reason he’s called ‘The Beast,’” said Marcus.

To be continued–


Bound on the bed, Kelly can only hear one side of the phone conversation.

“Ya, i’m at the hotel by the air port room 1117… I’d say mid twenties, hazel hair and eyes… That’s why were in a hotel room, so you can try her first… ok, see you soon.”


Fortunately the Agents of S.P.A.N.K were listening in on the call because it was a sting operation. Agents Katie and Natalie wanted to rush to the room instantly to free Agent Kelly, but knew if they waited they could take down the buyer and seller at once!

The agent’s cover story as an outcall escort was enough to get her past the reception desk security guard. It was the motion sensor by the safe that tripped the alarm.

Her captor says her career as a real escort is about to begin.