Mistaken Identity

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Clayface does NOT like Halloween…impersonation is HIS shtick!


“Get back here, Canary!” Clayface roared.

“I’m not Black Canary!” I shrieked as I ran. “It’s just a costume…I was on my way to a party!”

“Nice try, Canary…I’m not buying it.” Sticky globs of clay caught at my ankles and tripped me to the pavement. I landed hard and skidded.

“OWWW!!! Dammit! I think you tore my fishnets! And if you scuffed my leather jacket, I’ll…”

“You’ll do nothing, I have you now, Canary!” he paused. “Hey, you changed your look. I like the glasses!”

“It’s Halloween, dumbass!…everyone is dressed up as someone else…MMMMMPH!!!”  I was silenced by a splat of something covering my mouth. At least it wasn’t white and sticky this time. But it smelled so much worse…

“That should keep that smart mouth of yours quiet.” he taunted. He picked me up effortlessly and tossed me over – well, INTO, his shoulder. My wrists were pinned behind me by more globs of his muddy flesh. And I could feel the grip of his ‘hand’ over my ass!

He brought me inside some building and sat me down on a chair, my wrists and ankles glued to the back and legs with rings of his smelly clay. “You can sit here while I figure out what to do with you.”

I mmmphed and glared at him while he looked me up and down. “Wait. You’re really not Canary, are you?

“Mmeh ‘ollh ‘oooo!”

“Huh.  So that Halloween party story was true, too?”


“Huh. Well, I don’t like it. I don’t like Halloween either. Everyone thinks they can just go around impersonating people. That’s my gig!”

“Emmm ‘orrryh?”

“Whatever. You sit here and think about what you’ve done. I’ll be back.”


I was stuck in the chair for close to an hour, wriggling energetically and trying to break free, to no avail. His clay had hardened and clung to me, sealing to the chair securely. I wonder if all parts of him get firm and hard, andNO!!!  STOP thinking like that!!!  Seriously, Katie, what is wrong with you??

My self-scolding was interrupted when my partner Susan came rushing into the room. My happiness to see her was momentarily derailed by the sight of her in her Halloween costume.

Susan was a gorgeous hardbodied bombshell on an average day; in a cowgirl outfit with shorty-shorts, a red plaid woven shirt knotted above her bare midriff, and her flowing blonde hair, she was utterly stunning. And where did she get those sexy boots??

“There you are!” she scoffed at me. “How did you get in trouble on the way to a party?” It took some time, but she freed me from the clay somehow.

“How did you find me??” I asked her. “Oh, and thanks, by the way.”

“Tracking chip in your costume.” she replied nonchalantly, helping me to my feet.

“You’re tracking me?? Wait…so you know…”

“Yeah, I know where you spent last night. We can talk about how much of security risk random hook-ups are later. Let’s get out of here, and get to the party, ok? I assume you still want to go?”

“Of course I do! I’m the Queen of Halloween, after all.”

“Alright, let’s get out of here before that mountain of mud comes back.”


In another room of Clayface’s lair, a stunning bombshell blonde squirmed and writhed in bonds of clay that held her to a thick post. She screamed into a thick brown gag, but barely any sound made it through the hardened mud.

Her writhing had popped all the buttons on the plaid top of her cowgirl costume (although the buttons had been working overtime already and were doomed to fail). Her heaving chest was bare except for traces of mud that looked suspiciously like groping hand prints…

‘Dammit, Katie,’ Susan angrily thought. ‘How can you get us in this much trouble on the way to a silly party?’


I hope you enjoyed this little slice of a Halloween tale and the fun artwork by AlucardsSpirit.

Many of you who know me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and I usually go all out on decor and creating a haunted garage for kids in my neighborhood to enjoy.

I usually do some specific stories and commission some artwork for Halloween too, I even got a group of friends to collaborate on a whole set of stories one year. This year, I don’t know…for reasons, I’ve had trouble getting into the spirit and I almost let the holiday pass without doing any posts at all.

Fortunately my friend Alucard picked me up out of my depressed funk, brushed me off, and kicked me in the ass to work with him on this little fun Agent Katie as Black Canary image. He knows she’s my favorite superheroine and the only one I’ve ever cosplayed.

(although some would consider CallMePlisskin ‘s Captain Catherine a superheroine, and I did go as her for Halloween last year)



Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard.


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

If you’d like to join us in our Agents of SPANK discord server, send me a private message.

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