Agent Katie Seductive Trap

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Agent Katie catches her mark with his pants down (literally) and it seems as though she’ll close the case and prevent the villain’s planned disaster.

Unless, of course, the villain has some counter-trap planned…


I had notorious eco-terrorist Dr. Noah Rainstein right where I wanted him…as my alter ego Katharine DikTeese, I had worked my way into his confidence and into his private residence – and into his bed.

Now before you get any ideas, nothing has happened yet – I’m not that kind of girl! Well, actually, I kind am, but THIS TIME nothing has happened yet!!

Rainstein had spent the last hour bragging about his ‘weather dominator’ machine and how he would use it to bring the country to its knees begging him to save them. There was a LOT of domination talk going on, actually. Probably compensating for something…

He of course included me as a target of his domination, but in a very different way. After undressing me, figuratively and literally, he left me naked in his bedroom while he went to refill our champagne glasses.

Well, as soon as he got back, I’d reveal my trap and put him under arrest. Although…the champagne was mighty tasty…and he was kinda handsome…I could spring the trap later…NOOOO!  Focus, Katie! Get the job done and get out of here without compromising yourself!!

When he returned to the room, I was ready.

“Where in the hell did you hide that gun?” was his only initial reaction.

“Trade secret.” I replied. “Thanks for monologuing all your plans, chump! But your evil plans have been foiled by the Agents of S.P.A.N.K. again!!”

“Oh, please,” he replied, still holding the champagne glasses – which was really tasty champagne, did I mention that? – and grinning his smug grin. “You don’t think I knew that you were Agent Katie from the beginning? I mean, at least change your glasses and hair!”

I kept the gun leveled gun on him. “And yet you monologued your plans, and walked into my trap. Not too bright, unless…”  UH OH…the realization hit me that I might not be as in control here as I thought I was…

Rainstein chuckled, then sighed. “Well, I usually prefer to enjoy an intimate evening of passion with you undercover agents before springing MY trap on THEM, but sadly I think we’ll have to forgo that step this evening…”

He set the champagne glasses on a side table and flipped the lid on a device on his desk with an ominous red button. His index finger hovered above it.

Aw, crap on a cracker...I wondered if it was too late to discuss the intimate evening of passion??


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