Agent Katie’s TOE-tal Failure

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Trapped by an intruder with a fetish, will Agent Katie remain ‘fleet of foot,’ or will she suffer a ‘toe-tal failure?’

Oh I think we all know the answer to that…


Thursday night, and another long day at work likely to be followed by another lost evening staring at the laptop screen, waiting for the words to flow.

I needed to do something to change my routine, get myself in the mood. I poured myself a glass of pinot noir and headed to my comfy writing nook in my home office. After lighting a scented candle I set my laptop on my bistro table and pushed the stiff wooden chair away in favor of my overstuffed leather ‘writing chair.’

‘Perhaps if I put on something sexy that will get me in the mood to write,’ I thought. ‘Even if only for myself.’  I shed my work clothes and put on a navy blue open-front babydoll negligee and thong. I decided to forgo the heels, preferring to pad around in bare feet. 

I was making my way back when I heard noises. I stealthily made my way down the hall and glanced through the door to my office. I stared, shocked, as an intruder rummaged through my desk drawers. 

I could see my open laptop and phone on the table by the window – not doing me any good there! I watched silently for a few more seconds while trying to figure out what to do. 

Just as I prepared to step away and call for help, I felt something solid poke under my ribs from behind.

‘Fuck…there are two of them…’


For the next half hour I struggled in bondage, seated in the bistro chair with a rope harness criss-crossing my chest and breasts, and my bound wrists attached to a crotch-rope from behind.  These intruders were either eagle scouts, or kinky, or both. 

I kicked and twisted my feet but the ropes at my ankles were as snug as the ones around the rest of me. If anything, the guy binding my legs spent a little extra time neatly wrapping the ropes and handling (and staring at) my bare feet. I squirmed involuntarily as his fingertips ‘just happened’ to trace across my soles and under my toes.

Worse, during my struggles the front of my negligee had parted, leaving little of me to the imagination. Any further struggling was likely to result in a wardrobe malfunction. I sighed with a loud ‘mmmhh!’ into my gag and tried to get comfortable on the stiff chair.

I could only watch in frustration as my captors went through my laptop and phone. I resisted giving up the passwords, of course, even when they threatened to rough me up. “Muhk hew!” was my repeated reply to their insistent demands.

Then they realized they could just unlock the laptop with my fingerprint and get into my phone using facial recognition – my stupid phone unlocked even though I was gagged!!

Eventually, they figured they’d gotten everything they could from my office. The first one left to search the rest of the house. The second one, the one who had enjoyed binding my feet, sat down in my writing chair and stared at me.

“Let’s play a game,” he said. He put my phone face up on the floor several inches in front of my feet. “If you can reach somebody and ask for help, my partner and I will be forced to leave right away. If you can’t…well, then maybe we’ll stick around a while.”

“Muhk hew!” I muttered again. I figured, though, even if he was lying it was better to try something than sit here doing nothing. Even if doing something meant giving him a nice jiggle show. I scooted forward in the chair and leaned my body back so I could stretch my feet for the phone.

Obviously facial recognition wouldn’t open it now, so with a dainty pointed foot and one extended toe, I tried to press in the right spots on the screen to enter my passcode.

After three failed attempts to enter my six digits correctly, I began to panic that my phone would lock up. Beads of perspiration formed on my forehead and upper chest while I concentrated and stretched as far as I could. I grunted and ‘mmmphed’  with the effort.

On the fourth try, it opened!  Now I just needed to try and place a call…I wasn’t sure my toes were dextrous enough to send a text! And I didn’t think Siri was smart enough to translate gag-speak.

I tried the speed dial button for Director Alucard, knowing he was fluent in gag-speak and would be able to help. Unfortunately I missed, and started a face-time call with him instead. Immediately I could see images of my own feet on the screen – in extreme closeup!

I saw his face appear on the screen and then his eyes went wide as he saw my bare soles and wiggling toes on his own screen. He stared for a minute, stunned, and then grinned.  I heard him say, ”very funny, Agent Katie, see you at work tomorrow”…and then he hung up!

I wailed in frustration into my gag as the call disconnected. Chagrined, I looked up expecting to see my captor grinning mockingly – and saw that he’d been recording me on his own phone!

“Well, you tried,” he said, scooping up my phone from the floor. “I‘m actually pretty impressed. You almost won. But since your director said, ‘see you at work tomorrow…I guess that means we have all night to hang out together.”

“Muhk hew,” I repeated while glaring at him. Then both of us looked to the door as we heard his partner return.

The second intruder was carrying a familiar tote, and I groaned loudly into my gag when I saw what it was. ‘Nnnnnnohh, nnnohhh,’ I muttered, shaking my head.

“Hey, this chick is super kinky!” the second intruder exclaimed excitedly. “Look at all these toys and bondage stuff she had hidden in her bedroom closet!”

It was going to be a long, long night…


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Not sure yet if this will have a follow up, or remain a fun one-off image.

If you want to see more of this one, let Alucard and me know.

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Catsuit Crew Captive

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Agent Katie investigates the Catsuit Crew and tries to rescue her former recruit – who seems to have been brainwashed by the Crew.

Will she complete her mission? Or will she be fitted for a catsuit of her own?


I sipped my coffee and sighed while staring at the open case files on my screen. The mug shot of a sultry redhead stared back at me, the sadness in her expression tugging at my conscience.

Lacey had been one of my best recent recruiting prospects. As a college grad, an athlete, and a successful fetish model and adult film actress, she had a lot to offer as an Agent of S.P.A.N.K. 

Plus she looked stunning in a bikini and could drink me under the table. Those were also valuable qualities for a S.P.A.N.K. agent.

And then…she had suddenly disappeared, without a trace. Weeks later, I was still studying her files, hoping to find a lead of any sort, trying to figure out what happened to her.

I was pulled from my deep thoughts when a new email alert pinged. It read: ‘Footage you’ll want to see. The Catsuit Crew hit another bank.’

I clicked the attachment to find security footage from the bank. Four female figures in masks and slinky shiny black catsuits appeared on camera. I saw a flash of bright red hair. It was Lacey! 

The all-girl Catsuit Crew received a lot of attention for their brazen crimes. It certainly didn’t hurt that they were all supermodel hot with perfect hair and dressed in black leather. The security guard handed over his gun and got on his knees without even being told to!

I’d seen the tall blonde, the slender brunette, and the curvy girl with the spiky platinum hair in other crime footage. Lacey moved smoothly in unison with the others as if they’d been a practiced squad forever.

We’d linked the Catsuit Crew to a legitimate modeling and talent agency. That must have been how they found Lacey. I did a little more digging and discovered that their agency was holding a model recruiting event on the local college campus tomorrow night. 

Time for some undercover work!

It had been a while since I’d done any fetish modeling myself. Well, voluntarily, anyway. If you knew where to look on the internet, you could find plenty of content featuring me – photos, video and audio – taken in ‘less than voluntary’ circumstances.

I glanced down at myself in my typical short black skirt and my white fitted blouse that showed off plenty of cleavage. I bet I could still rock a bikini and heels and strut on a catwalk. 

I wondered if I could still rock a black leather catsuit, too.


An hour into the recruiting event, I found myself in an interview with Lexi, a spunky girl with platinum blond hair in a side-undercut style. She was definitely one of the women in the bank surveillance video – she was unmasked tonight, but she was wearing the same leather catsuit!

“You’re a little…old…for a college girl,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I’m a grad student,” I replied quickly. “And I do have some…on-camera experience.”

She raised one eyebrow at my phrasing. “Voluntarily, I hope.”

“Mostly.” I said with a wink.

She giggled. “Well, you’ve done well in all the interviews so far, and you do fill out that bikini rather nicely.” She paused to look me up and down again. “If you’ll follow me into the back hall, we have one more test before we can offer you a contract.”

Without waiting for my agreement, she turned and held a door open for me. I stepped through, my eyes drawn down a curving hallway with odd green lighting. I was so intrigued by the strange passageway that I didn’t notice the red haired woman until I collided with her.

“Agent Katie,” Lacey said with a patronizing sneer. “Isn’t this ironic? You worked so hard to recruit me into S.P.A.N.K., and yet it’s been so effortless to turn you to our side.”

Lacey’s mocking words helped me quickly overcome my shock. “Turn me?” I shot back. “I’m here to bust up your little crime ring, not join you.”

“Oh I think you’ll see things differently soon,” I heard Lexi say from directly behind me. She grasped one arm while Lacey moved to grab hold of my other. “A couple days in the mind-reconditioning device and you’ll be one of us.”

“Yes, one of us,” Lacey added in what seemed a reflexive response. “The mind-molder helped me see the way, to become one of us.”

Together they turned me and began to propel me down the hall. I felt Lexi’s hand slip around my breast and give it a firm squeeze. “Oh yes,” she cooed. “We’re going to have so much fun with you, once you’re one of us.”

“One of us,” Lacey repeated. “Now, what size catsuit do you wear?”


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Not sure yet if this will have a follow up, or remain a fun one-off image.

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Mistaken Identity

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Clayface does NOT like Halloween…impersonation is HIS shtick!


“Get back here, Canary!” Clayface roared.

“I’m not Black Canary!” I shrieked as I ran. “It’s just a costume…I was on my way to a party!”

“Nice try, Canary…I’m not buying it.” Sticky globs of clay caught at my ankles and tripped me to the pavement. I landed hard and skidded.

“OWWW!!! Dammit! I think you tore my fishnets! And if you scuffed my leather jacket, I’ll…”

“You’ll do nothing, I have you now, Canary!” he paused. “Hey, you changed your look. I like the glasses!”

“It’s Halloween, dumbass!…everyone is dressed up as someone else…MMMMMPH!!!”  I was silenced by a splat of something covering my mouth. At least it wasn’t white and sticky this time. But it smelled so much worse…

“That should keep that smart mouth of yours quiet.” he taunted. He picked me up effortlessly and tossed me over – well, INTO, his shoulder. My wrists were pinned behind me by more globs of his muddy flesh. And I could feel the grip of his ‘hand’ over my ass!

He brought me inside some building and sat me down on a chair, my wrists and ankles glued to the back and legs with rings of his smelly clay. “You can sit here while I figure out what to do with you.”

I mmmphed and glared at him while he looked me up and down. “Wait. You’re really not Canary, are you?

“Mmeh ‘ollh ‘oooo!”

“Huh.  So that Halloween party story was true, too?”


“Huh. Well, I don’t like it. I don’t like Halloween either. Everyone thinks they can just go around impersonating people. That’s my gig!”

“Emmm ‘orrryh?”

“Whatever. You sit here and think about what you’ve done. I’ll be back.”


I was stuck in the chair for close to an hour, wriggling energetically and trying to break free, to no avail. His clay had hardened and clung to me, sealing to the chair securely. I wonder if all parts of him get firm and hard, andNO!!!  STOP thinking like that!!!  Seriously, Katie, what is wrong with you??

My self-scolding was interrupted when my partner Susan came rushing into the room. My happiness to see her was momentarily derailed by the sight of her in her Halloween costume.

Susan was a gorgeous hardbodied bombshell on an average day; in a cowgirl outfit with shorty-shorts, a red plaid woven shirt knotted above her bare midriff, and her flowing blonde hair, she was utterly stunning. And where did she get those sexy boots??

“There you are!” she scoffed at me. “How did you get in trouble on the way to a party?” It took some time, but she freed me from the clay somehow.

“How did you find me??” I asked her. “Oh, and thanks, by the way.”

“Tracking chip in your costume.” she replied nonchalantly, helping me to my feet.

“You’re tracking me?? Wait…so you know…”

“Yeah, I know where you spent last night. We can talk about how much of security risk random hook-ups are later. Let’s get out of here, and get to the party, ok? I assume you still want to go?”

“Of course I do! I’m the Queen of Halloween, after all.”

“Alright, let’s get out of here before that mountain of mud comes back.”


In another room of Clayface’s lair, a stunning bombshell blonde squirmed and writhed in bonds of clay that held her to a thick post. She screamed into a thick brown gag, but barely any sound made it through the hardened mud.

Her writhing had popped all the buttons on the plaid top of her cowgirl costume (although the buttons had been working overtime already and were doomed to fail). Her heaving chest was bare except for traces of mud that looked suspiciously like groping hand prints…

‘Dammit, Katie,’ Susan angrily thought. ‘How can you get us in this much trouble on the way to a silly party?’


I hope you enjoyed this little slice of a Halloween tale and the fun artwork by AlucardsSpirit.

Many of you who know me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and I usually go all out on decor and creating a haunted garage for kids in my neighborhood to enjoy.

I usually do some specific stories and commission some artwork for Halloween too, I even got a group of friends to collaborate on a whole set of stories one year. This year, I don’t know…for reasons, I’ve had trouble getting into the spirit and I almost let the holiday pass without doing any posts at all.

Fortunately my friend Alucard picked me up out of my depressed funk, brushed me off, and kicked me in the ass to work with him on this little fun Agent Katie as Black Canary image. He knows she’s my favorite superheroine and the only one I’ve ever cosplayed.

(although some would consider CallMePlisskin ‘s Captain Catherine a superheroine, and I did go as her for Halloween last year)



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Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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Agent Katie Seductive Trap

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and more at WordPress link

Agent Katie catches her mark with his pants down (literally) and it seems as though she’ll close the case and prevent the villain’s planned disaster.

Unless, of course, the villain has some counter-trap planned…


I had notorious eco-terrorist Dr. Noah Rainstein right where I wanted him…as my alter ego Katharine DikTeese, I had worked my way into his confidence and into his private residence – and into his bed.

Now before you get any ideas, nothing has happened yet – I’m not that kind of girl! Well, actually, I kind am, but THIS TIME nothing has happened yet!!

Rainstein had spent the last hour bragging about his ‘weather dominator’ machine and how he would use it to bring the country to its knees begging him to save them. There was a LOT of domination talk going on, actually. Probably compensating for something…

He of course included me as a target of his domination, but in a very different way. After undressing me, figuratively and literally, he left me naked in his bedroom while he went to refill our champagne glasses.

Well, as soon as he got back, I’d reveal my trap and put him under arrest. Although…the champagne was mighty tasty…and he was kinda handsome…I could spring the trap later…NOOOO!  Focus, Katie! Get the job done and get out of here without compromising yourself!!

When he returned to the room, I was ready.

“Where in the hell did you hide that gun?” was his only initial reaction.

“Trade secret.” I replied. “Thanks for monologuing all your plans, chump! But your evil plans have been foiled by the Agents of S.P.A.N.K. again!!”

“Oh, please,” he replied, still holding the champagne glasses – which was really tasty champagne, did I mention that? – and grinning his smug grin. “You don’t think I knew that you were Agent Katie from the beginning? I mean, at least change your glasses and hair!”

I kept the gun leveled gun on him. “And yet you monologued your plans, and walked into my trap. Not too bright, unless…”  UH OH…the realization hit me that I might not be as in control here as I thought I was…

Rainstein chuckled, then sighed. “Well, I usually prefer to enjoy an intimate evening of passion with you undercover agents before springing MY trap on THEM, but sadly I think we’ll have to forgo that step this evening…”

He set the champagne glasses on a side table and flipped the lid on a device on his desk with an ominous red button. His index finger hovered above it.

Aw, crap on a cracker...I wondered if it was too late to discuss the intimate evening of passion??


Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard.


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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Aurora Rush: Gentlemanly Grey

Aurora Rush cover artwork by CallMePlissken

Aurora Rush is wined, dined, and romanced by a rather dashing and gentlemanly alien

Full image and excerpt at This Aurora Rush cover was the work of my friend CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following and is a favorite of Alynnya Slatefire and her friends. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 33: Gentlemanly Grey

“Ahh, my delectable Miss Aurora, I know you are awake…please open your eyes and behold me.  It is time to prepare you for our date.”

I didn’t hear the voice so much as felt it in my mind, compelling me to emerge from the darkness of a deep sleep.  Without opening my eyes, I assessed my situation as I’d been trained to do.  

  • Lying on my back, check.  
  • Strapped down to a hard surface, check.  
  • Completely naked, check.

In other words, a typical mid-mission assessment. 


See the full image and read more from Fannda’s book on my site here: Aurora Rush: Gentlemanly Grey

And see Aurora’s other adventures here:

Aurora Rush: Taken by Tentacles

Aurora Rush: Synthetic Seductresses

Stolen into the Night

art by Alucard’s Spirit

Agent Katie has caught the attention of Glob the Space Toad.  And as many of you know, if he wants you, he’ll get you at some point!

My friend AlucardsSpirit and I brainstormed some ideas for our respective characters and came up with a fun little art and prose collaboration…what do you think?  Think we should expand the idea some more??  Good!  Because this is part 2, part 1 is here: Out for a Moonlit Stroll (art by Alucard’s Spirit

See his post here:  Stolen into the Night


Several hours later, Glob was stealing away in the moonlight with his delectable captive.  He’d spent a few hours with her inside the cabin, alternately charming and seducing the lovely agent into compliance, and then chasing and nabbing her when she became feisty again. 

Finally, he determined it was time to return to his ship with his prize. He took his time intricately binding his wriggling prey, and then gratuitously fondling her curves whenever she became too quiet and still.  He preferred the wriggling. 

As much as he enjoyed her little squeals and moans, he thought it best to gag her for the short walk to his landing site. Then it was off into the moonlight with her, slung over his shoulder and squirming delightfully. 

~~~~~~Part 1 is here:  Out for a Moonlit Stroll (art by Alucard’s Spirit

The agent’s cover story as an outcall escort was enough to get her past the reception desk security guard. It was the motion sensor by the safe that tripped the alarm.

Her captor says her career as a real escort is about to begin.