Testing, Just Encase-pt 3

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie visits the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs to assist them with testing a new restraint system, and finds herself enveloped in their project!

Evie visits the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs to assist them with testing a new restraint system, and finds herself enveloped in their project!

The full 11 page story includes 4 full size sexy images by menchimenagerie

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Evie is my OC, drawn here by MenchiMenagerie and with original design elements by CallMePlisskin



When it reached my knees, the two separate columns joined and began climbing my thighs together.  My legs were becoming encased separately, but it was forming a tight seal between them.  In fact, I could feel it tugging at my calves, and looking down I could see tendrils reaching between my shins to pull them together!

Its climb was slow and methodical, but steady and relentless.  When it neared my hips, I began to wriggle nervously.  It was getting close to some very sensitive bits, and I wasn’t sure I trusted that it wouldn’t try to get inside.  The more I squirmed, though, the faster it seemed to move.  Especially on the inside of my thighs!

“Note that as Agent Evangeline exerts herself and perspires, the specimen is reacting to her heat and…moisture.”  A murmur of knowing assent spread through the crowd of scientists.

‘What?  I’m not getting moist!’ I thought, feeling the slime squeezing my hips and thighs as it encased them.  ‘Am I?  Oh geez…I am!  This is turning me on as much as wearing the Cinchmaster does!’

I felt the leading edge of the slime flow between my legs, gliding over my front and parting the clenched cheeks of my rear–but thankfully not penetrating any further than that.  Still, I looked on anxiously as tendrils reached up my tummy toward my breasts, and the rest flowed over my rear and swallowed up my waist.

I noticed that the leading edge was formed by new material flowing over the top of the slime that was already hugging my legs.  The underlying layer was already becoming firm and restrictive, constricting my flesh into as small a form as it could without pinching or harming me.

I took a deep breath, filling my lungs to keep them from being compressed, and preparing for the moment the slime would reach my face.  Tendrils formed around the curves of my breasts, lifting and moulding them against me just before they became coated.  The amusing thought occurred to me that it wanted my more ‘squishy bits’ made as firm and compact as it could.

After that, I was far too anxious to have any more amused thoughts.  The tendrils diverged again when they reached my shoulders and neck, traveling up my arms separately and flowing slowly up toward my ears.  As the thin viscous layer reached my scalp, it pushed my hair along to lay flat against my head before flowing over the top, coating me in the thinnest of layers.

A glance down into the tray revealed that nearly all of the slime was now either clenched upon me, or crawling up me.  It wouldn’t be long before I was completely enveloped–a point reinforced by the tickle of slime upon my chin.


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