Vrobx1 is an artist who is primarily a writer – who then began creating artwork for his own stories.

He’s been experimenting with blending AI styles to create some very unique looks.

You’ll see from his page he’s not just churning out dozens of cookie-cutter AI images with the same model over and over.

He’s adding a genuine artistic flair to his work, and displays some nice variety on his pages.

Though I’ve not known him very long, he’s brought an infectious enthusiasm to our Agents of S.P.A.N.K. server and to the comments sections of my DA posts.

He recently asked if he could create his own Junior Agent character and have her inhabit the AoS world.

And he’s done so carefully and respectfully, trying to learn the lore and canon to ensure Blair fits in well.

Blair has already starred in one full story about her first mission on an undercover modeling gig:

A Cosplay Concern by vrobx1

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