Be A Hero: Stay Home!

YOU can be Alynnya’s hero!

My friend CallMePlissken created this saucy PSA featuring his OC Alynnya reminding us all to practice social distancing (I’ve been proactive in that regard) and protect the first-responders and vulnerable among us!  

What’s even better is that there is a LINGERIE version and STOCKINGS ONLY version on his site…trust me, you want to see them!

CallMePlissken’s Free Comic site

CallMePlissken’s Patreon

My site:

The new EviePad

My beloved laptop is in for service. I can’t imagine being without the ability to write or watch streams or chat with friends (other than on my phone).

So, a trip to Best Buy and voila! A new iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard. And who better to grace the welcome screen than Evie?

Then my friend CallMePlissken saw this setup and pronounced it the “EviePad.” And so it shall be called!!

(I even renamed it in the settings so it shows up that way in my network).


When He first placed me in front of the mirror, I tried to cover up, to avoid looking at all my flaws.

Eventually, though, His whispered words of affirmation began to reach me, and I could see myself through His eyes. More than just a scared little girl; a willing yet cautious fledgling with the potential to soar.