Evie: Dark Beast

Crop of artwork by ArtOfVenus, full story and two images here:

Full image, nude variant, and story here!

Evie’s latest adventure takes her deep into the rainforest, where she (of course) finds some peril and ends up the ‘offering’ to a dark beast!

here’s a teaser snippet:


A dark shape was moving through the rainforest, silhouetted in the early morning light.  As it came a little closer, the figure took on the shape of a large ape lumbering between the trees, casting low brush aside.  Then it kept getting closer.  And bigger.  It wasn’t just a large ape.  It was a great freaking big-ass ape!

The shamanka took a step forward.  “Oh great dark beast,” she intoned, arms raised above her head dramatically.  “We offer you this virgin…”

“Umm….” I began to interrupt, but my words were lost among the wave of snickering that rolled through the villagers.  “HUSH!”  she snarled, giving them a withering glare before continuing.  “We offer you this golden-haired beauty…”

The rest of her words were lost to me as the great ape approached, just over my right shoulder.  He was massive, towering over me, each of his arms longer than my entire body.  I was paralyzed, helpless and vulnerable, mesmerized by the gleam of his eyes and the cloud of hot breath coming from his enormous mouth.  He really needed some of that spearmint, too.


The saucy and sexy full story and two images including a nude variant can be read here for free:  Evie: Dark Beast

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Wrap Battle

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and image here:

See the full story (and saucy artwork) by MenchiMenagerie here!

This story is a gift for my good friend The Jaded Entity, with deep gratitude, with artwork by friend and artist Menchi.

here’s a teaser snippet:

Millie looked at Evie suspiciously.  “Why do I feel as if I just wandered into an elaborate trap?”

“Trap?  Whatever do you mean?”  Evie asked with a mischievous grin.  She paused before cocking one eyebrow, and asking:  “That wasn’t really a ‘no,’ was it?”

“No…I mean, yes…I mean…grrrr!  Ok!”  Millie took a deep breath.  Evie was irrepressible when she got like this.  “What kind of game do you have in mind?”

Evie grinned triumphantly.  This was working out well.  “Have you ever heard of a wrap battle?”

Mille gave Evie a questioning look.  “You mean, like when people yell poems at each other?”

Evie giggled.  “No, like a gift-wrap battle.”  She held up two large rolls of ribbon, one blue and one red.  “We try to wrap each other up until one of us can’t continue.  Then the winner gets to do anything they want to the loser until they can escape.  Or…”  Evie nodded toward the strap-covered leather jacket.  “If they can’t escape, they submit to going into the Cinch-Jacket.”

“This doesn’t sound very fair…” Millie said quietly.  “You’re stronger, and you’re a trained fighter.  I can’t out-wrestle you.  I’ll never be able to tie you up first.”

“Tell you what,” Evie said, standing up and holding out the spool of blue ribbon for Millie to take.  “You can use one spell of your choosing, and that’s how we’ll start the game.”

Millie thought for a moment, chewing her lip.  Suddenly she brightened up.  “Ok, deal!”  She hopped to her feet and took the ribbon from Evie.  She moved a few steps back and raised one hand toward Evie.  “Vestimentum Evanescet!”

Abruptly, the clothing from both women disappeared.


The saucy and sexy full story and image can be read here for free:  Wrap Battle

Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 4

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Visit the artist Alucard’s Spirit on deviantArt!

Agent Katie envisions herself as Glob’s next object of interest.


Agent Katie of S.P.A.N.K. is back, and on an exciting new mission!

See the full image and read chapter 4 HERE

Here’s an excerpt:


I looked over at Glob incredulously.  “You…you ate her?”

He shrugged.  “Well, yes…but to be fair, she asked me to.”

I stared back at the screen.  In the video, Glob was pushing the girl’s rounded bottom and shapely thighs into his mouth.  I would see her writhing a little in his grip, but not from a panicked resistance–she was moving slowly, sinuously, as if she were enjoying it.

“It…it looks like she is enjoying it,” I mumbled to Glob while unable to look away from the screen.

“Oh yes, she enjoyed it very much.  I daresay she had another orgasm on the way down…and probably a couple more afterward.”  Now only her lower calves and feet were still showing, and she was fluttering her toes and flexing her bound ankles while his tongue caressed them again.

“And you…you ate her,” I repeated, still not quite comprehending.  “She’s gone.”

“Wellllll…she’s not really gone,” he said with a curious look on his face.  “She’ll always be a special part of me.”  He paused and looked down at me.  “And you could be, too.”

“Me?  Oh no no no no…” I said, recoiling slightly from him.  “I’m not letting you eat me…I mean…not like…NO!  You’re NOT eating me!”  I glared at him like he was insane.

Glob shrugged again, as if nonplussed by my rejection.  “Your loss, as far as I’m concerned.”


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Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 3

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Visit the artist Alucard’s Spirit on deviantArt!

The charming Glob begins to charm Agent Katie into letting her guard down…


Agent Katie of S.P.A.N.K. is back, and on an exciting new mission!

See the full image and read chapter 3 HERE


“Where are you going?” Glob asked nonchalantly.  

“I’m getting back on the other side of the containment field,” she responded.

“I kept my word and didn’t move.  You can trust me.”  He patted the surface of the bed beside him.  “Don’t you want the answers to all your questions?”  The question circled in her brain.

“I…I don’t…”  Agent Katie was flustered.  Two steps and the push of a button, and she’d be safely outside the cell with him locked in again.  But she also desperately wanted answers.  And she desperately wanted to be the one to solve the disappearances.  ’You need to do this…’

‘Oh, go on,’ the voice in her head prodded.  ‘If he was going to do anything, he could have already.’  She looked at Glob warily.  Finally, she looked about the lab nervously, and sighed.  

“Ok, but no tricks…keep your hands where I can see them.”  It was an odd thing to say to a creature in a sterile cell wearing only a flimsy pair of shorts.  But it made her feel better.

“Of course,” he replied with a broad smile.  He tucked his hands behind his head and leaned back further against the bed.  ’See?  Nothing to worry about…he’s being a perfect gentleman…’


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Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 2

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Visit the artist Alucard’s Spirit on deviantArt!


Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 1 HERE


“I insist that you tell me exactly what you did to them–with them–in explicit detail!”  Agent Katie demanded, her pen pressed to the clipboard and at the ready.  She hoped she sounded tough.  She knew the alien Space Toad was responsible for the missing women.

“Ok,” he replied.

Agent Katie was taken aback at the unexpected answer.  “Ok…ok what?”

“Ok, I’ll tell you, in explicit detail.  But I want, how do your earth criminals say…a quid pro quo.”

“What do you want?”  She asked, suspicious of his sudden eagerness to cooperate.

“I want your panties that you’re wearing right now.”

“What?!?!?  No!  I can’t do that!”  Agent Katie was genuinely indignant at the demand.

“Ok.  Then I have nothing more to say to you.  Run away in failure, little perky blonde agent.”

“What?  Wait, no…”  the young agent was really flustered now.  She knew this one case could make her career.  She knew this smug creature wasn’t likely to crack for anyone else under any interrogation.  But she couldn’t compromise her integrity like that, could she?  Could she?

Glob just stayed quiet, watching, waiting.  He could see the turmoil whirling in her mind.  He didn’t even need to give her a nudge.  He knew she would capitulate before she did.

“Fine…but no tricks!” Agent Katie warned.  

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Glob answered.

She hiked up her skirt and reached under it, up behind her back, and began to tug the elastic band of her thong down.

‘Bend at the waist,’ Glob said silently in his own mind, and grinned as the woman did.  ‘Pointed away!’ he added quickly, and watched as she pivoted on her heels so he could watch the thin wisp of cotton slide down the back of her bare legs.  ‘Yessssssss….’

Agent Katie stepped out of the tiny white thong and held it in her hand for a moment.  ‘Am I really going to do this?’ she asked herself.  ‘Yes, you are,’ she heard a voice return.

She pushed a button and the meal-delivery tray popped open.  She deposited her panties inside and sent the tray through to Glob’s side of the containment field.  

He eagerly grabbed them and held them to his nostrils, taking a deep whiff.  He sighed and blinked his eyes a few times.  “I caught your scent, and yours alone, out of 10 people in the room before, but I never imagined it would be so delightful…I’ll never forget it again.”

“Ok yeah, that’s a little creepy,” she murmured.  “Now tell me about the women,” she said, straightening and smoothing her skirt. She didn’t know why he made her so uneasy, like he could see through her.

“Which one?” he said coyly, and dropped the panties on the floor of his cell in front of him.

“Uhh…” Agent Katie said, staring at her panties on the floor.  “Aren’t you going to hide those or put them away somewhere?”

“Why would I?” he asked.  “I think I should leave them right there for all the guards and your boss to see.  I think they’d be impressed I charmed the panties right off you.”

“No!” she cried out, before trying to compose herself.  “Hide those somewhere, now!”

“I don’t see why I would,” he replied.  I’m quite proud of getting them.”

“You can’t…I’d be so…” she looked around furtively, as if already worried someone would walk in and see them.

“Tell you what.  You come in here, and let me smell your hair and skin, and you can have them back.  That’s all, I promise.  Just a sniff, maybe a tiny lick, and you can take them and be on your way.” 

He paused, and narrowed his gaze.  “Or, you could sit down on the bed here beside me and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the missing women.”

Agent Katie sighed.  He had played her so well.  She was already vested in cracking this case, and he seemed to know it…and now she was compromised with her undergarments lying there in plain view.  She sighed again.  ‘They’re right there, you can do this…’


Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 1 HERE

Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 1

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

Agent Katie of S.P.A.N.K. is back, and on an exciting new mission!

Story and images here:


Agent Katie avoided the guards on duty and slipped quietly into the high-value-target room.  She tried to be quiet while approaching the containment cell holding the alien creature, but high heels on a tile floor don’t lend themselves to stealth very well.  

It wouldn’t have mattered much; the alien had ultra-sensitive hearing and the ability to pick up on vibrations.  But more importantly, he’d already been probing the mind of the pretty blonde since the first group interrogation.  He knew she was coming before she opened the door.

Glob the Space toad sat up on his bed and studied her with the appraising eye of a hunter.  He noticed, of course, the way she held her shoulders back, her back straight, and kept her jaw set with no trace of a smile on her lips.  He also noted, however, that her pulse was elevated and that her chest rose and fell in rapid short breaths.  And thanks to his intense scrutiny of her rising bosom, he noted a faint sheen of perspiration in her cleavage.

“Yesss…to what do I owe this pleasure?” he said in a low vibrato voice.  The timber and tone of his voice, as alien as it was, seemed to curl and echo around her.  She might have noticed the hairs on the back of her neck standing up if she wasn’t trying to bravely focus on her plan.

“Mr. Space Toad,” she began, staring down at the sheet on her clipboard as if she hadn’t rehearsed her words a dozen times.  “I’m here to talk about the missing women who…”

“Call me Glob, my dear agent,” he interrupted.

“Mr. Glob…I’m here…”

“No, just Glob.”

“F-fine,” she stammered, already getting flustered.  “Glob.”

“I see you changed your outfit, agent…”  he paused, letting the title hang out there until she gave her name.  As if he didn’t already know it.

“Katie.  I’m Agent Katie, and I’m here to…”

“I see you changed your outfit, Agent Katie.  It’s much more…revealing…than the one you wore in the group sessions this week.”  He grinned a knowing grin.

It was true.  She had put on an exceptionally low-cut and fitted sleeveless top that showed just a peek of midriff, and left her jacket behind.  Her skirt was relatively short for government agency standards, and her heels were above-regulation tall.  

It seemed like a good idea at the time–he obviously had a fondness for human women, and she’d caught him leering at her during the previous interrogations.  Perhaps if she presented herself as prey, she’d get him to give up some information on the prey he’d already taken.

Her intention had been to get the space toad off guard and keep him distracted.  Unfortunately, he seemed to be having that effect upon her.  The alien creature grinned a proud and devious grin.  After all, he was the one who had planted the thought in her head to dress up as prey.

Agent Katie took a deep breath.  “Mr…Glob.  I’m not fooled like my simple-minded male counterparts.  I know you are involved in the disappearances of those women.  I can even envision exactly how you did it!”

“And who–or what–put those ideas in your pretty little head?” he asked patronizingly.  Those subliminal images were also his work.  Some of his better ones, actually.


Stolen into the Night

art by Alucard’s Spirit

Agent Katie has caught the attention of Glob the Space Toad.  And as many of you know, if he wants you, he’ll get you at some point!

My friend AlucardsSpirit and I brainstormed some ideas for our respective characters and came up with a fun little art and prose collaboration…what do you think?  Think we should expand the idea some more??  Good!  Because this is part 2, part 1 is here: Out for a Moonlit Stroll (art by Alucard’s Spirit

See his post here:  Stolen into the Night


Several hours later, Glob was stealing away in the moonlight with his delectable captive.  He’d spent a few hours with her inside the cabin, alternately charming and seducing the lovely agent into compliance, and then chasing and nabbing her when she became feisty again. 

Finally, he determined it was time to return to his ship with his prize. He took his time intricately binding his wriggling prey, and then gratuitously fondling her curves whenever she became too quiet and still.  He preferred the wriggling. 

As much as he enjoyed her little squeals and moans, he thought it best to gag her for the short walk to his landing site. Then it was off into the moonlight with her, slung over his shoulder and squirming delightfully. 

~~~~~~Part 1 is here:  Out for a Moonlit Stroll (art by Alucard’s Spirit

Out for a Moonlit Stroll

art by Alucard’s Spirit

Agent Katie tempts fate by walking alone in the woods at night wearing… next to nothing!

My friend AlucardsSpirit and I brainstormed some ideas for our respective characters and came up with a fun little art and prose collaboration…what do you think?  Think we should expand the idea some more??  Good!  Because this is part 1, part 2 is here:  Stolen into the Night (art by Alucard’s Spirit)

See his post here:  Out for a Moonlit Stroll


Agent Katie leaned against the railing and took a deep breath of the clear night air.  The scent of pine and the sweet aroma of the lilacs calmed her. There was nothing like a trip to her family cabin in the woods to ease her stress, and standing on the porch at midnight looking at the stars was a favorite peaceful activity. 

After several weeks straight of intense casework (and one colossal lapse in her judgment), her superiors at the agency had insisted she take a two week vacation.  At first she had resisted because she was so heavily vested in her case. But now that she was here, she was grateful for the time away to de-stress, reflect upon her mistakes, and put the whole sordid deal behind her.

The full moon lit up the woods well enough to clearly see the paths, so on impulse she decided to go for a stroll.  There weren’t any neighbors for a half-mile in any direction, so she felt free to set off in her bare feet and blue silk robe–and once she was away from the cabin, she opened her robe to let the cool air caress her bare skin.  


Glob the Space Toad grinned as he watched the video feed from his favorite drone.  His targets never evaded him for long. When you’re an intergalactic hunter with advanced technology, almost unlimited resources, and an insatiable appetite, not even hiding in a remote cabin in the north woods will keep your prey hidden long. 

“Ahh, yessss…there you are, my delightful Agent Katie…did you really think you could run from me?”  He admired her shape in the blue silk robe she wore, and more than that, he appreciated the effect the cool night air seemed to be having on her through the thin fabric.  

“Soon, my dear, you will be all mine…”


Continued in part 2 here:  Stolen into the Night (art by Alucard’s Spirit)

Rewarding the Bold

artwork by menchimenagerie

Mistress Laressa amuses herself with Millie and Evie after their night out in Laressa’s new dresses

See the full story (and saucy artwork) by MenchiMenagerie here!

This story is part of a birthday surprise for my friend and artist Menchi. I commissioned the image above for him and then wrote the story as his present.

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.



artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie commissions Laressa to create a beautiful evening gown with a special feature

See the full story (and saucy) artwork by MenchiMenagerie here!

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.

This story and commission were a gift to The Jaded Entity, and follows a story he wrote about Millie and Evie.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get his permission to share the story or art for his portion of the exchange, and so sadly their story ends here.


Evie and Millie were relaxing in the garden of the little cottage Evie had rented for the weekend.  Both had enjoyed a decadent lie-in after being up entirely too late the night before, and a simple breakfast on the patio had led directly into lounging in the midday sun.

“I think I could just lie here and bask in the sun all day,” Millie purred.

“An appropriate desire for an adorable kitten, no doubt…” Evie replied without opening her eyes.  “But we have big plans for the evening, and an appointment to keep before then…so it’s about time we stop lazing about, and get ourselves cleaned up and dressed.”

“Oh??”  Mille inquired, perking up.  “What do you have planned for us?”

“We are going out for a nice evening at the home of a friend.  He is the ambassador to Varala, and he’s hosting a formal event.  He told me to bring a ‘plus-one,’ and I chose you, sweetie.”

“A formal event?  With an ambassador?”  Millie’s eyes were alive with excitement.  “I’ve been to a governor’s ball before, but I’ve never met an ambassador.”  

Millie suddenly looked thoughtful.  “But I don’t have anything packed to wear to a formal event.”

“You leave that to me,” Evie replied, giving the pretty brunette a wink.  “That’s the appointment we have to keep.  You’ll need an exquisite full-length gown to wear, so I’m going to take you to Mistress Laressa’s.  She’s already been working on a gown that she and I designed especially for you.  My treat, of course.”

“Evie, I don’t know what to say…”  Millie looked like she wanted to cry and scream with excitement all at the same time.  “I’m not sure I deserve something like this..especially after…”

“Sweetie, it makes me happy to spoil you a little.  And after that incredible evening you boldly arranged for me?  I felt as though I needed a way to express my happiness and gratitude.”

When they arrived at Laressa’s shop, the proprietress escorted them directly back to the private fitting area.  “Millie,” she said as she drew back the curtain and gestured toward the plush seating, “this dress might be one of my favorites.  Evie came up with a delightful idea and it was a wonderful challenge for me.”

Evie grinned proudly and made herself comfortable in an armchair where she would have a good view of the fitting area.  “Only the best for our lovely Millie.”

“What about you, Evie?  Are you getting a new dress, too?” Millie asked.

“Mine is that gorgeous blue one on the mannequin over there.  Laressa will help me into it when you’re done.  It fits so snugly she practically has to sew me into it.”  She gave Laressa a wink.

“Oooh!”  Millie gasped.  “It is gorgeous.  And that mannequin…it’s like it has your exact proportions, Evie!”

“Hmmm, I suppose you’re right..it is as if it was moulded over me,” Evie replied.  She shot a sly grin toward Laressa, who smirked and winked back. 

Soon Laressa emerged from her back room carrying a dress made of a lavender gossamer fabric.  It had a subtle sheen to it that seemed to shimmer as it moved in the light.

“All right, Millie,” she called out.  “I’ll need you to disrobe for the fitting.”

Millie blushed.  “Of course.”  She looked around nervously, realizing that Laressa and Evie would both be watching her.  She saw Evie cross her legs and sit back into the armchair.

The nervous look on Millie’s face was accompanied by the slightest grin as she removed her sweater and skirt.  She placed one foot up on the fitting platform and rolled her striped stockings down.  When finished, she stood to face Laressa and clasped her hands demurely before her.

“You’ll need to remove your camisole, dear,” Laressa said softly.  “The gown is backless.”

“Oh…oh…ok,” Millie stammered.  She slipped it from her shoulders and held one forearm over her bare breasts.

“Panties, too.  The dress is a very snug fit and we don’t want panty lines, do we?”

Millie gasped.  “I’ll wear it without any underwear?”

“Well of course, dear!  I won’t allow anything to come between you and one of my dresses.”

“You’ll love how the silk feels on your bare skin,” Evie offered.  “Especially in certain spots.”

Millie’s jaw dropped and she turned a bright red.  

Evie just grinned.  She was taking a special satisfaction from watching Millie squirm.  ‘Just returning the favor, sweetie,’ she thought to herself.

Laressa slipped the dress over Millie’s head and helped her slide her arms into the long sleeves.  While Millie stood there practically trembling, Laressa slid the gown down her sides, over her hips, and let the fabric drape around her legs.

“Wowwww!” Evie cried out and clasped one hand against her chest.  “You look stunning!”

Millie flashed her a proud grin and looked down at the dress.  She could see how the fabric tucked in at all the right places, and stretched to hug all the other places.  She stroked her hands down her sides, the sleek feel of the fabric grazing her skin as it shifted under her touch.  

She glanced over her shoulder at the open back of the dress, the back neckline plunging almost to the base of her spine.  It seemed quite daring to be worn to a fancy event.

She could just see her toes poking out from beneath the hem.  Then the slit up the side caught her eye, and she followed it upward from her bare ankle to her bare calf, her bare thigh, and…just how high did this slit go???

Millie realized that she could just glimpse the curve of her lower cheek below where the fabric came back together at her hip.  When she walked, surely her rear would peek out.  And without underwear??

She looked up at Evie and Laressa again.  Surely they didn’t mean for her to show so much skin?  The two of them were silent, simply staring at her admiringly.

“But…my rear is half exposed!”  Millie hissed at Evie.

“Yes…and it’s a lovely rear, too.”

“But…I can’t…”

“Millie.” said Evie.  “Don’t be silly.  You’ve got a lovely figure and Laressa’s dress shows it off tastefully–and tantalizingly–at the same time.  Trust me, there will be other women there tonight much more exposed, and much less tastefully.  You will look confident, elegant and refined.”

Millie took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  “Ok…I’m trusting you…”

Laressa had been moving gracefully around her, making tiny adjustments as she went.  The silken fabric seemed to respond to her fingertips and re-fit itself.

“Evie, your idea for the long sleeves was inspired,” Laressa said.  “You can see how they accentuate Millie’s delicate shoulders and pull the underbust area inward.”

“I do see that,” Evie said in a tone that suggested she was appreciating the effect.

“Let’s make sure the front looks good when you pull your arms back, too, Millie.  Can you reach behind you with both hands, please?”

“What are the laces on the sleeves for?”  Millie asked as she complied.  What looked like shoelaces extended from the wristlines of the dress, and eyelets ran along the outer sleeve.

“Ahhh, this is a special feature that was Evie’s idea,” Laressa said.  “Let me show you.”

Laressa drew Millie’s wrists together and rapidly began threading the laces through the eyelets–criss crossing from one arm to the other, working her way up to Millie’s elbows.

“Wait…what…what is this?”  Millie asked. 

“This is my favorite part!”  Evie called out.  “Laressa thought so, too!”

Millie’s initial confusion gave way to understanding, and then acceptance that Evie had played her well.  “Evie!  I should have known there was a catch to this gift.”

“You’re going to look so lovely on my arm tonight…and all eyes will be on you when I lead you into the party.”

“What??  I’m going to walk in like this?”

“Why of course, sweetie!  You’re MY plus one…I have to make sure everyone knows it!”