Victory Lap!

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

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Image created by Alucard’s Spirit.  Go check out his page!

Story and image follows on from these posts:

Part 1: I Just F*cking Sat Down!!

Part 2: F*ck, Now What??

Part 3: Bedroom Ambush

Part 4: Up, Up and Away!


I did my best to stay still and passive and let the tractor beam pull me up into Grime’s ship. Once I rose higher than my house, though, I began to fidget nervously again. 

The problem was, since I was ‘floating’ I had no leverage, nothing to push against. My shackles were still rigidly clamped together. As I wriggled, my hips, waist and shoulders pivoted in different directions but my ankles and wrists stayed locked in parallel. 

That kinda freaked me out, but the more I tried NOT to move, the more I fish-tailed around! When I moved my head, my hair swished slowly around and into my face. And when I pulled my shoulders back, my breasts began lifting up into the beam’s pull!

By the time I passed through the ship’s portal and into a cargo area, I was contorted and still rising, as TV personality Ms. Maisel would say, ‘tits-up!’ When I could see inside, I saw more of Grime’s crew waiting to receive me like a welcoming party. How sweet!

The ‘sweet’ little boglin minions were all too happy to grab ahold of me and pull me out of the green beam, causing me to roll and pivot even more. When I felt the tug of gravity return, I dropped into their arms face down. 

I could feel little hands holding my shins, thighs, hips, shoulders – and cupping my breasts! My rear was jutting up into the air, and a boglin was grabbing me there, too! And I think one was caressing my bare feet! No…he was licking my feet!

“Hey!! You little monsters! Stop that!” I cried out, wriggling and squirming as hands grabbed and groped everywhere. “Get your hands off me, you damn dirty…amphibians!”

They replied with a chorus of laughter and then a couple started chanting: “We got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-gent Ka-tie!”

What the…how do all these guys know who I am…and why are they so excited? 

I knew this did not bode well for me.

They slowly rolled me over onto my back, their hands now cupping under my shoulders, knees and rear…and still playing with my bare feet. Then I saw something that helped explain how they knew me by sight: there was a huge wanted poster of me on the wall!


“WHAT??” I cried. “I am NOT difficult to work with!”

“We got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-gent Ka-tie,” they continued as they carried me out a side door leading from the cargo hold into a long passageway. 

We passed a doorway where I heard anguished female cries begging for mercy. It didn’t sound like Junior Agent Natalie though – how many women did they have on this ship? 

We took a left turn, and then another. We passed a control room where other boglins waved and cheered.  Then another left turn, past a galley and a sauna that smelled like a putrid swamp. And then one more left turn, and…

…we were back in the cargo hold, entering through a door opposite the one we exited.

Grime, Gorman and Brat were standing there, looking impatient. “Where did you idiots go?  Where did you take her?” Grime demanded.

“Victory lap! We got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-get Ka-tie!”

“You mean I got Agent Katie, you morons!” Grime face-palmed with his long fingers. “Whatever. Let’s take her to her other agent so she sees what we have planned for her.”

“Agent-girl Dessert tonight!” one cheered jubilantly. 

“We gonna have an agent-girl cherries jubilee, Chef?” one asked hopefully. “Or agent-girl berries and cream?”

“Oh! What about agent-girl a-la-mode?” asked another.

Grime grinned and motioned for his crew to settle down. He stood next to me and looked slowly up and down my naked form still resting in the arms of his minions. 

“No, I think we need to think bigger than that…something very special, a way that we can all enjoy her for a very long while…”

“AGENT-GIRL SUNDAE!!!!” Brat and Gorman yelled enthusiastically, and high-foured each other again. The rest of them joined in another chorus while they carried me away again.

“We got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-gent Ka-tie, we got A-gent Ka-tie!”

to be continued…


Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard’s Spirit


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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