Katie’s Birthday Weekend pt1

Artwork by La-Loud

Loud invites Katie to her condo in the mountains for a little ‘getaway girls’ weekend’ as a birthday gift.

But what kind of kinky fun birthday plans does Loud have in store for Katie??


Our little holiday in the mountains had been wonderful so far…we spent the day walking around the picturesque resort town, sampling some epicurean foods, doing some wine tasting, and even doing a little clothes shopping. After a light dinner at Loud’s favorite bistro, we headed back to her condo with a fresh bottle of wine, cheese, nuts and chocolate for more ‘tasting.’

We chatted amiably for a while, lounging in the living room, relaxing and having a lovely evening in. I could tell Loud had something on her mind, though, so after refilling her glass I encouraged her to spill. “What are you thinking about, sweet girl?” I asked.


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @La-Loud and includes her OC.

If you enjoyed, go give her a look on her DA page and show her some love!

Watch for part 2 soon!

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