Merry Christmas from KatieD headquarters

Warm Christmas (or holiday) wishes to all my kinksters out there, from me and from all my favorite ‘girls.’

As my different artist-collaborator relationships have grown and developed, so has the sheer number of my characters.

Thankfully all the main ladies agreed to join me in showing gratitude to my artist friends for their unconditional support and positive reinforcement during this ‘fun yet challenging’ year.

The lineup above is, from left to right:

Agent Katie Classic Cutie by loraxxx

Agent Katie Bestie Babe by La-Loud

Author Katie Slinky Seductress by AlucardsSpirit

Agent Katie Saucy Siren by AlucardsSpirit

Evie Bombshell Vixen Vamp by CallMePlisskin

Lysette Snow Bunny by WarewolfBarMitzvah

    (and her snowman ‘friend’)

Evie Frisky Flirty Fun by ArtofVenus

Lisbeth the Temptress Thief by Saurian-Shade

Evie Sassy and Suggestive by MenchiMenagerie

Junior Agent Natalie the Eager Newbie by SchulzWorld

Quinn the Badass Beauty by WarewolfBarMitzvah

Please go and check out all these amazing artists and explore their galleries, you’ll find so much more to enjoy.

Drop them some comments and faves, please, that positive reinforcement means SO MUCH to us creative types.

And have an outstanding Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


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